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Day Two: Facilitated Cross-Disciplinary Discussions

On the second day of the Workshop, participants divided into cross-disciplinary breakout groups to propose policy measures to address some of the issues identified the previous day. Each of the groups began by selecting which issues they wanted to address before developing recommendations through a facilitated discussion.

Group 1 Breakout Session
Facilitator - Joe Schilling, ICMA

Group 2 Breakout Session
Facilitator - Susan Sladek, U.S.EPA

Group 3 Breakout Session
Facilitator - Maureen Findorff, Marasco Newton Group

Group 4 Breakout Session
Facilitator - Catherine Allen, Marasco Newton Group

Group 5 Breakout Session
Facilitator - Bruce Engelbert, U.S.EPA

Federal Facilities Group
Facilitator - Larry Zaragoza, U.S.EPA

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