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San Antonio Workshop Format

The workshop took place over three days. On day one, participants were divided into breakout groups by discipline for the purpose of identifying barriers or other issues of concern associated with the implementation, monitoring, and enforcement of Institutional Controls (ICs). The five disciplinary breakout groups were:

  •   Superfund;
  •   The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA);
  •   Federal Facilities;
  •   State/Tribal; and
  •   Local government.

Each group began with a brainstorm session where participants identified issues and suggested whether the issue represented an implementation, monitoring, or enforcement issue. Some of the groups elected to add additional categories such as "IC planning" or "IC selection." The facilitator worked for a consensus on the categorization of these issues. At the end of the disciplinary breakout sessions, each group selected the most important of those issues identified and reported out those issues to the full group that afternoon.

On day two, the participants divided into cross-disciplinary groups for the purpose of developing policy recommendations on the key IC issues developed in day one. To facilitate the selection of issues for discussion, a summary of the key issues that were identified in the disciplinary breakout sessions was prepared. Each of the cross-disciplinary groups then voted on which issues it wanted discussed.

On day three, The Office of Superfund Remediation Technology Innovation (OSRTI) staff and organizers of the workshop provided an overview of the recommendations made by participants and discussed next steps for addressing the issues.

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