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Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements (ARAR) Waivers

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"Use of Alternate Concentration Limits (ACL's) in Superfund Cleanups" (July 19, 2005)
This memorandum provides EPA policy related to the use of CERCLA ACLs in Superfund cleanups and supersedes any previous guidance on this matter. CERCLA section 121 provides authority to use ACLs under certain circumstances. This memorandum reiterates the statutory requirements and provides several factors to consider in evaluating whether use of CERCLA ACLs may be appropriate under site-specific circumstances. [4pp]
OSWER Directive 9200.4-39
PDF (340 K)

"Consistent Implementation of the FY 1993 Guidance on Technical Impracticability of Ground Water Restoration at Superfund Sites" (January 1995)
Clarifies the role of EPA Headquarters in ground water Technical Impracticablity decisions. Emphasizes that these decisions should be made as soon in the Superfund process as sufficient information is available. [7 pp]
OSWER 9200.4-14, NTIS: PB95-963221
PDF Searchable (29 K)

"Superfund Ground Water RODs: Implementing Change This Fiscal Year" (July 1995)
Discusses the importance of consistent national implementation of policies concerning sites with ground water contamination. Emphasizes that Technical Impracticability (TI) waivers will generally be appropriate for sites where restoration of ground water to drinking water standards is technically impracticable. [2 pp]
EPA 540/F-99/005 OSWER 9335.5-03P, NTIS: PB99-963220
PDF Searchable (20 K)

"Guidance for Evaluating Technical Impracticability of Ground-Water Restoration" (September 1993)
Clarifies how EPA determines whether ground water restoration at Superfund and RCRA sites is technically impracticable and, if so, what measures must be undertaken to ensure protectiveness. Attention is given to dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs). [27 pp]
EPA 540/R-93/080, OSWER 9234.2-25, NTIS: PB93-963507

"ARARS Q's and A's: The Fund Balancing Waiver" (January 1991)
Addresses the Fund-balancing waiver, which is one of six statutory waivers that may be invoked to allow the selection of a remedy that does not meet all ARARs. [4 pp]
OSWER 9234.2-13FS, NTIS: PB91-921321INX
PDF Searchable (44 K)

"Use of the Interim Measures ARAR Waiver" (April 1991)
Transmits the appropriateness of incorporating an "Interim" ARAR waiver during a remedial action in order to facilitate a cleanup plan. [2 pp]
EPA Memorandum
PDF Searchable (19 K)

"Guide to Obtaining No Migration Variances for CERCLA Remedial Actions" (April 1991)
A "No Migration" Variance allows land disposal of restricted wastes not meeting the Land Disposal Restriction (LDR) treatment standards. This guide outlines procedures for obtaining a No Migration Variance for RCRA hazardous wastes when the LDRs are ARARs during a CERCLA response.
[4 pp]
OSWER 9347.3-10FS, NTIS: PB91-921367INZ
PDF Searchable (50 K)


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