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Federal Facility Clean Up

Federal agencies provide the lead on cleanup at any federally-owned land designated as a Superfund site. They often have unique issues to deal with relative to other Superfund sites. EPA's Federal Facility Restoration & Reuse Office provides oversight, consultation, and approvals of federal facility cleanups under CERCLA authority.

Key Federal Facility Guidance

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"Streamlining Federal Facility Cleanup" (September 1998)
Summarizes findings from the report entitled "Streamlining Initiatives: Impact of Federal Facilities Cleanup Process". These initiatives demonstrate cost, timesaving, and quality improvements and result in new, more flexible Superfund cleanups under the current regulatory and statutory frameworks. [3 pp]
OSWER 9272.0-12, NTIS: PB97-963310

"Coordination between RCRA Corrective Action and Closure and CERCLA Site Activities" (September 1996)
Describes approaches for overcoming the three areas that often pose coordination difficulties at contaminated sites: acceptance of decisions made by other remedial programs, deferral of activities and coordination among RCRA, and CERCLA and state/tribal cleanup programs. [5 pp]

"Fitting the Pieces Together: The Role of EPA Offices in Federal Facilities Cleanup and Reuse" (June 1997)
Details the role and purpose of the various EPA offices that are often involved in cleanup of contaminated federal facility sites. [21 pp]
EPA 505-F9-7001
PDF Searchable (1.8 MB)

"Institutional Controls and Transfer of Real Property Under CERCLA Section 120(h)(3)(A), (B), or (C)" (February 2000)
Designed to implement the President's policy of promoting, encouraging, and facilitating the redevelopment and reuse of closing military bases while continuing to protect human health and the environment. This guidance requires that the transferring federal agency demonstrate prior to transfer that certain procedures are in place, or will be put in place, that will provide EPA with sufficient basis for determining that the institutional controls will perform as expected in the future. [9 pp]
PDF Searchable (157 K)

"Federal Facilities Streamlined Oversight Directive" (March 1996)
One of the 1996 Superfund Reforms focused on reducing oversight activities at sites where there are cooperative private parties that are performing quality work. This Directive focuses on streamlining the regulatory oversight processes at federal facilities in a systematic, planned manner based on site-specific factors and general streamlining techniques. [3 pp]
OSWER 9230.0-75

"Guidance for Evaluation of Federal Agency Demonstrations" (August 1996)
Addresses the approach EPA should use in evaluating a federal agency's demonstration that a remedial action is "operating properly and successfully" as a precondition to the deed transfer of federally-owned property, as required in section 120(h)(3). [17 pp]

Other Guidance and Information

Federal Facilities Restoration & Reuse Library
Provides centralized access to comprehensive information about Federal Facilities Restoration and Reuse. Browse FFRRO Documents, Laws and Regulation, Newsletters, Presentations and Speeches, and more.

"Interim Final Policy on the Use of Risk-Based Methodologies in Setting Priorities for Cleanup Actions at Federal Facilities" (August 1998)
Attempts to standardize prioritization of clean-up activities based on established risk factors while integrating budget management for Federal Facilities. [10 pp]
OSWER Memorandum
PDF Searchable (1.2 MB)

"Compendium of Federal Facilities Cleanup Management Information"
Outlines key hazardous substance and waste remedy publications, guidance, databases, CD-ROMs, and Internet home pages for Federal facilities' remedial managers to use as key references to guide their supervision of the remediation of hazardous waste sites.
EPA 540-R-98-004

"Guidance on Non-NPL Removal Actions Involving Nationally Significant or Precedent-Setting Issues" (March 1989)
Outlines the defining criteria to determine which non-NPL removal actions require Headquarters concurrence, and which non-NPL removals are subject to other policy procedures. Federal Facility removals should be handled according to the policy procedures specified. [9 pp]
OSWER 9360.0-19
PDF Searchable (32 K)


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