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Key Principles of Remedy Selection

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"Rules of Thumb for Superfund Remedy Selection" (August 1997)
Describes key principles, expectations, and best practices (based on program experience) that should be considered during the Superfund remedy selection process. Three major policy areas are covered: human health risk; remedial alternatives; and ground water. [27 pp]
EPA 540/R/97-013, OSWER 9355.0-69, NTIS: PB97-963301INX
PDF Searchable (141 K)

"A Guide to Selecting Superfund Remedial Actions" (April 1990)
Summarizes the statutory requirements of CERCLA remedy selection as specified in the revised NCP of 1990 and provides the corresponding EPA guidelines for analyzing and selecting Superfund remedies. [7 pp]
OSWER 9355.0-27FS, NTIS: PB90-273863INX
PDF Image (664 K)

"A Guide to Principal Threat and Low Level Threat Wastes" (November 1991)
Explains considerations of categorizing waste for which treatment or containment will generally be suitable. Provides definitions, examples, and ROD documentation requirements for waste that constitutes a principal or low level threat. [4 pp]
OSWER 9380.3-06FS, NTIS: PB92-963345INZ
PDF Image (228 K)

"The Role of Cost in the Superfund Remedy Selection Process" (September 1996)
Summarizes the current role of cost in the Superfund program as established by CERCLA, the NCP, and current guidance. [8 pp]
EPA 540-F-96-018, OSWER 9200.3-23FS, NTIS: PB96-963245
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"Role of the Baseline Risk Assessment in Superfund Remedy Selection Decisions" (April 1991)
Provides guidance on how to use the baseline risk assessment to make risk management decisions such as determining whether remedial action under CERCLA Sections 104 or 106 is necessary. Clarifies the use of the baseline risk assessment in selecting appropriate remedies under CERCLA Section 121, promotes consistency in preparing site-specific risk assessments, and helps ensure that appropriate documentation from the baseline risk assessment is included in Superfund remedy selection documents. [10 pp]
OSWER 9355.0-30
PDF Searchable (27 K)

"Selecting a Combined Response Action Approach for Noncontiguous CERCLA Facilities to Expedite Cleanups" (April 1992)
Section 104(d)(4) of CERCLA allows EPA to treat noncontiguous facilities as one site for the purpose of taking actions when the facilities are related geographically, or on the basis of the threat to human health or the environment. This fact sheet provides a series of questions and answers designed to explain the factors, benefits, and limitations associated with taking a "combined" response action approach. [6 pp]
OSWER 9355.3-14FS
PDF Searchable 133 K)

"Streamlining Federal Facility Cleanup" (September 1998)
Summarizes findings from the report entitled "Streamlining Initiatives: Impact of Federal Facilities Cleanup Process". These initiatives demonstrate cost, timesaving, and quality improvements and result in new, more flexible Superfund cleanups under the current regulatory and statutory frameworks.
OSWER 9272.0-12, NTIS: PB97-963310

"Coordination between RCRA Corrective Action and Closure and CERCLA Site Activities" (September 1996)
Describes approaches for overcoming the three areas that often pose coordination difficulties at contaminated sites: acceptance of decisions made by other remedial programs, deferral of activities and coordination among RCRA, and CERCLA and state/tribal cleanup programs.
HTML PDF Searchable (9pp, 553K)

"2005 RCRA CERCLA Coordination memo" (December 2005)
OSWER 9272.0-22
PDF Searchable (4pp, 1.6M)

"Focus Areas for Headquarters Support for Regional Decision-Making" (May, 1996)
Identifies selected issue areas that represent the current focus of OSRTI's national Regional coordination effort. A discussion of presumptive remedies is included as one of the focus areas. [24 pp]
OSWER 9200.1-17
PDF Image (1 MB)

"Fitting the Pieces Together: The Role of EPA Offices in Federal Facilities Cleanup and Reuse" (June 1997)
Details the role and purpose of the various EPA offices that are often involved in cleanup of contaminated federal facility sites. [21 pp]
EPA 505-F9-7001
PDF Searchable (1.8 MB)

"CERCLA/Superfund Orientation Manual" (Oct, 1992)
Serves as a guide to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), and assists EPA and state personnel involved with hazardous waste remediation and emergency response. It provides a basic overview of the Superfund process with an emphasis in Superfund regulations and policies. [177 pp]
EPA 542/R-92/005, NTIS: PB93-193852INZ
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