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Site Type-Specific Remedies

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Building Contamination

"Response Actions at Sites with Contamination Inside Buildings" (August 1993)
Addresses the use of the CERCLA authority to conduct response actions within buildings that are contaminated. Includes a flow-chart that defines the appropriate steps to take when addressing indoor contamination. Headquarters consultation requirements are defined. See updated policies concerning mercury contamination in "Concurrence Policy For Mercury Removals" (May 1998). [6 pp]
OSWER 9360.3-12, NTIS: PB94-963269INX
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"Response Actions that Affect Residential or Commercial Structures" (May 1998)
Specifies for Regions to consult with OSWER, through their OSRTI Regional Accelerated Response Center, before making any final decisions regarding a response which will impact a residential or commercial building. [2 pp]
EPA 540/F-98/029, OSWER 9360.3-20, NTIS: PB98-963243
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Municipal Landfills - Presumptive Remedies
Offers several topics, including "Municipal Landfills", that link to standardized guidance for remedy selection. Superfund's past experience in site remediation of landfills has given the EPA the expertise to develop several landfill remedies based on typical site characteristics.

"Conducting Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies for CERCLA Municipal Landfill Sites" (February 1991)
Utilizes the Presumptive Remedy approach for addressing the RI/FS processes at municipal landfills. Defines site characterization strategies, identifies remedial action alternatives, and recommends containment as the preferred remedy. [305 pp]
EPA 540/P-91/001, OSWER 9355.3-11
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"Feasibility Study Analysis for CERCLA Municipal Landfill Sites" (August 1994)
Presents an evaluation of the technologies considered in the Feasibility study at 30 municipal landfill sites. Concludes that certain technologies were routinely screened out based on effectiveness, implementability, or excessive costs. This document is intended to be used as a key reference in the Administrative Record as technical basis for limiting analysis of remedial alternatives to those technologies recommended in the OSER Dirctive 9344.0-49FS entitled "Presumptive Remedy for CERCLA Municipal Landfill Sites." [262 pp]
EPA 540/R-94/081, OSWER 9356.0-03, NTIS: PB95-963301
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"Technical Guidance for RCRA/CERCLA Final Covers"
Guidance document coming soon!

Mining Operations

"Abandoned Mine Site Characterization and Cleanup Handbook" (August 2000)
This Handbook has been developed by the EPA as a resource for project managers addressing the environmental concerns posed by inactive mines and mineral processing sites. This information was developed primarily for EPA staff, but may also prove useful to others working on mine site characterization and cleanup projects. This Handbook is not policy or guidance, and users are encouraged to refer to appropriate agency guidance and/or policy. EPA 910-B-00-001

Handbook [129pp]    Appendix [280 pp]
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"Consideration of RCRA Requirements in Performing CERCLA Responses at Mining Waste Sites" (August 1986)
Delineates how Superfund will address mining waste problems taking into account Subtitle D requirements as well as options for addressing risks not addressed by Subtitle D requirements. For more information there is an attached Code of Federal Regulations: 40 CFR Part 261 entitled "Regulatory Determination For Wastes From the Extraction and Beneficiation of Ores and Minerals." [20 pp]
OSWER 9234.0-4
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"Guidance on Non-NPL Removal Actions Involving Nationally Significant or Precedent-Setting Issues" (March 1989)
Outlines the defining criteria to determine which non-NPL removal actions require Headquarters concurrence, and which non-NPL removals are subject to other policy procedures. Mining site removals should be handled according to the policy procedures specified. [9 pp]
OSWER 9360.0-19
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"Considering Wetlands at CERCLA Sites" (May 1994)
Aims to provide Superfund site managers and regional wetlands program personnel with policy guidance that will be useful when considering potential impacts of response actions on wetlands at Superfund sites. [46 pp]
EPA 540/R-94/019, OSWER 9280.0-03, NTIS:PB94-963242
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Wood Treater Sites

Wood Treater - Presumptive Remedies
The industrial sites of wood treater industries often contain soils, sediments, and sludges contaminated primarily with creosote, pentachlorophenol, and/or chromated copper. Because these pollutants are common among most wood treater activities, the EPA has developed presumptive remedies to expedite the remedy selection process associated with this industry.


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