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RI/FS and Treatability Studies Overview

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"Guidance for Conducting Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies under CERCLA, Interim Final" (October 1988)1
Revises the 1985 guidance on Remedial Investigations (RI) and Feasibility Studies (FS). It reflects provisions of SARA, presents management initiatives to streamline the RI/FS process, and incorporates improvements learned from previous projects. [186 pp]
EPA 540/G-89/004, OSWER 9355.3-01
PDF Searchable (2.54 MB)

"Conducting Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies for CERCLA Municipal Landfill Sites" (February 1991)
Utilizes the Presumptive Remedy approach for addressing the RI/FS processes at municipal landfills. Defines site characterization strategies, identifies remedial action alternatives, and recommends containment as the preferred remedy. [305 pp]
EPA 540/P-91/001, OSWER 9355.3-11
PDF Searchable (2.76 MB)

"Feasibility Study Analysis for CERCLA Municipal Landfill Sites" (August 1994)
Presents an evaluation of the technologies considered in the Feasibility study at 30 municipal landfill sites. The evaluation concludes that certain technologies were routinely screened out based on effectiveness, implementability, or excessive costs. This document is intended to be used as a key reference in the Administrative Record as technical basis for limiting analysis of remedial alternatives to those technologies recommended in the OSER Dirctive 9344.0-49FS entitled "Presumptive Remedy for CERCLA Municipal Landfill Sites." [262 pp]
EPA 540/R-94/081, OSWER 9356.0-03, NTIS: PB95-963301
PDF Searchable (2.80 MB)

"Getting Ready: Scoping the RI/FS" (November 1989)
Summarizes Chapter Two of "Guidance for Conducting Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies Under CERCLA - Interim Final." It provides information on how to manage the scoping phase of the RI/FS process. [9 pp]
OSWER 9355.3-01FS1, NTIS: PB90-274390INX
PDF Searchable (186 K)

"The Feasibility Study, Development and Screening of Remedial Action Alternatives" (November 1989)
Provides a summary of Chapter 4 of the "Guidance for Conducting Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies Under CERCLA - Interim Final" which discusses the development and screening of alternatives for Remedial Action. [7 pp]
OSWER 9355.3-01FS3, NTIS: PB90-274416INX
PDF Searchable (198 K)

"The Feasibility Study: Detailed Analysis of Remedial Action Alternatives" (March 1990)
Provides a summary of Chapter 6 of :The Guidance for Conducting Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies Under CERCLA" (Directive No. 9355.3-0l) which addresses the detailed analysis of remedial action alternatives. [7 pp]
OSWER 9355.3-01FS4, NTIS: PB90-272675INX
PDF Searchable (144 K)

"The Remedial Investigation, Site Characterization and Treatability Studies" (November 1989)
Summarizes Chapters 3 and 5 of the "Guidance for Conducting Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies Under CERCLA. - Interim Final" It discusses site characteristics and treatability studies, and how to manage these aspects of the RI. [7 pp]
OSWER 9355.3-01FS2, NTIS: PB90-274408INX
PDF Searchable (204 K)

"Land Disposal Restrictions as Relevant and Appropriate Requirements for CERCLA Contaminated Soil and Debris" (June 1989)
Until treatment standards have been set, OSWER has concluded that LDRs generally should not be considered as ARARs for soil or debris not containing restricted RCRA wastes. This directive suggests appropriate language for documenting the feasibility study. [13 pp]
OSWER 9347.2-01, NTIS: PB91-214973INX
PDF Image (481 K)

"Guide For Conducting Treatability Studies Under CERCLA, Final" (October 1992)
Focuses on treatability studies conducted in support of both remedy screening/selection and remedy implementation. A three-tiered approach is described and includes: 1) remedy screening, 2) remedy selection testing, and 3) RD/RA testing. An 11-step generic protocol is included. [83 pp]
EPA 540/R-92/071A, NTIS: PB93-126787INX

PDF Searchable (769 K)

"Treatability Studies Under CERCLA: an Overview" (December 1989)
Provides a synopsis of information to facilitate the planning and execution of treatability studies in support of the RI/FS and the RD/RA processes. [8 pp]
OSWER 9380.3-02FS

PDF Searchable (118 K)

Superseded Documents

1 This document supersedes and consolidates:

Guidance on Remedial Investigations Under CERCLA (May, 1985)
Guidance on Feasibility Studies Under CERCLA (June, 1985)
Section of the document has now been superseded by:
"A Guide to Developing and Documenting Cost Estimates During the Feasibility Study" (July, 2000) (OSWER 9355.0-75)


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