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Mine-Scarred Lands Initiative Tool Kit: Creating a Vision for Revitalization

Soliciting stakeholders’ input at project onset allowed the MSL Initiative communities to identify innovative and realistic options for reuse. The MSL Initiative partners gathered information both through informal conversations and more formal interviews and meetings.

People to Talk To

The MSL Initiative partners collected a broad range of perspectives by interviewing stakeholders such as:

  • Individual citizens
  • Local government officials
  • Civic groups, such as watershed organizations
  • Homeowners associations
  • Historic and cultural organizations
  • Social service organizations
  • Environmental organizations
  • Recreation and tourism interests
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Business and industry interests
  • State and tribal environmental and economic development officials
  • Federal officials
  • Mine owners

In many cases, obtaining stakeholders’ perspectives at the beginning of the project and continuing to work with stakeholders throughout the process contributed to the success of the project. Learn about ways to engage partners and stakeholders in the Building Project Teams section.

Questions to Ask

The type of information that the MSL Initiative partners gathered to identify revitalization opportunities includes:

Community Background

  • What are the economic drivers of the community (e.g., manufacturing, tourism)?
  • How close is the community to other population centers, transportation corridors, or other amenities?
  • What kind of assets do individuals and organizations have (e.g., technical skills, political influence, fundraising experience)?
  • Are there any key landmarks or historical and cultural areas that should be preserved?
  • What are the groups or organizations that help create a sense of community and how do they invite citizens to participate?
  • What are the demographics of the community (e.g., age, income, education)?

Previous Revitalization Efforts

  • What was the scope of previous efforts?
  • What resources were used?
  • What partners and stakeholders were involved?
  • What lessons were learned?

Community Revitalization Priorities

  • What are the revitalization goals of the community?
  • Are the goals identified and accepted by the community and what are the associated concerns?
  • Are there any challenges with this reuse option(s)?
  • Who are some potential partners to engage and what role might they play?

Mine Parcel Questions

  • Has an environmental assessment been conducted?
  • What kind of contamination does the site have?
  • Who owns the property and are they engaged in reuse planning?
  • Are there any liability issues at the site?
  • What kind of infrastructure does the site have?

Project Examples and Resources for Creating a Vision for Revitalization


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