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Superfund Analytical Services / Contract Laboratory Program (CLP)


Multi-Media, Multi-Concentration Organics Analysis, SOM01.2

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As of June 2015, CLP organic analytical services are available through the SOM02.2 Statement of Work (SOW). This page will be removed in January 2016.

This page contains information about the SOM01.2 Statement of Work (SOW).

General Information

As of June 2007, the CLP Statement of Work (SOW) for Multi-Media, Multi-Concentration Organics Analysis (SOM01.1) has been updated. A list of modifications updating SOM01.1 to SOM01.2 is available for download with the SOW download section of this page, and the updated Document Type Definition (DTD) may be found in the additional documents section of this page. SOM01.2 is defined by the combination of the SOM01.1 SOW with a modifications document (posted below). You must download both the SOM01.1 SOW and the modifications document in order to obtain SOM01.2.

SOM01.2 defines methods for the isolation, detection, and quantitative measurement of trace volatile, low/medium volatile, semivolatile, pesticide, and Aroclor target compounds in water and soil/sediment environmental samples. This document has incorporated major changes to the organic methods. Changes include: the separation of the pesticide and Aroclor methods; the incorporation of the new Staged Electronic Data Deliverable (SEDD); and the inclusion of Selected Ion Monitoring (SIM) analysis.

In SOM01.2, 1,4-dioxane is no longer a target analyte by Trace VOA and Trace VOA SIM analyses. Please note: using SOM01.2 for the detection and reporting of 1,4-dioxane at low and medium levels has not consistently generated data of sufficiently known quality. This is due to poor purge efficiency. Results for 1,4-dioxane using this method should be considered advisory.

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SOM01.2 in PDF Format

SOM01.2 Downloads

SOM01.2 is defined by the SOM01.1 SOW combined with the "Modifications Updating SOM01.1 to SOM01.2" document, both of which are available below.

Modifications Updating SOM01.1 to SOM01.2 (PDF) (47 pp, 429K) - This document contains a listing of the changes to SOM01.1 resulting in the SOM01.2 SOW

SOM01.1 Exhibits A-C (PDF) (206 pp, 1.9 MB) - Summary of Requirements; Reporting and Deliverables Requirements; and Target Compound List and Contract Required Quantitation Limits

SOM01.1 Exhibit D - Analytical Methods

Analytical Method for the Analysis of Trace Concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds (PDF) (54 pp, 317K)

Analytical Method for the Analysis of Low/Medium Concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds (PDF) (64 pp, 429K)

Analytical Method for the Analysis of Semivolatile Organic Compounds (PDF) (70 pp, 445K)

Analytical Method for the Analysis of Pesticides (PDF) (82 pp, 906K)

Analytical Method for the Analysis of Aroclors (PDF) (66 pp, 425K)

SOM01.1 Exhibits E-H (PDF) (158 pp, 754K) - Quality Assurance/Quality Control Procedures and Requirements; Chain of Custody, Document Control, and Written Standard Operating Procedures; Glossary of Terms; Format for Electronic Data Deliverables; and SOW Appendix

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Organic Service SOW SOM01.1 Forms in Microsoft Word Format

Organic Forms in Microsoft Word Format (DOC) (104 pp, 4 MB)

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SEDD Information

Exhibit H of the SOM01.2 SOW contains the required Document Type Definition (DTD) and Data Element Instruction Tables to create a compliant SOM01.2 electronic data deliverable. You may also find the DTD below. For more information about the Staged Electronic Data Deliverable (SEDD), visit the Forum on Environmental Measurements SEDD Web page.

SOM01.2 Document Type Definition (DTD) (16K) - Electronic data deliverables submitted under SOM01.2 will be validated against this file.

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Additional Documents

The following documents are also being provided to laboratories. All files are in PDF format, unless another format is noted.

SOW Clarifications (PDF) (17 pp, 162K) - This document represents clarifications made to the Contract Laboratory Program Analytical Methods for Organics Analysis, SOM01.1. This document is intended to provide a high level summary of changes made to Exhibits B, B Forms, D - Trace Volatiles, D - Low/Medium Volatiles, D-Semivolatiles, D - Pesticides, D - Aroclors, and H. It is recommended that the document be reviewed in its entirety.

Equations Utilized in Conjunction with SOM01.2 (PDF) (43 pp, 531K) (Updated August 2007) - This document provides details of equations used in the SOM01.2 SOW utilizing values reported in the SEDD. The equations in the SOW use terminology relevant to the particular analytical method, which may or may not be consistent with the terminology used in the SEDD Specification. This document defines the SOW equation variables in terms consistent with the location, name, and meaning in the SEDD. You may also download a summary of changes between the January and August revisions (PDF) (1 pg, 27K) of this document.

SDG Cover Sheet (PDF) (1p, 158K)

SOW Interpretation Form (PDF) (1 pg, 91K)

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For More Information

Any questions may be directed to Charlie Appleby at appleby.charlie@epa.gov or by phone at (703) 347-0266. For more information about SEDD, please visit the Forum on Environmental Measurements SEDD Web page. Additionally, if you are having difficulty downloading or viewing files from this Web site, please contact us using the CLP Feedback Form.

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