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Pre-CERCLIS Screening

Pre-CERCLIS Screening is the process of reviewing data on a potential site to determine whether it should be entered into the CERCLIS active site inventory for further evaluation. The information collection process is normally limited to one or two days, including minimal sampling. A site is generally not entered into the CERCLIS active inventory if:

  • It is currently in CERCLIS of has been removed from CERCLIS and no new data warrants re-entry into CERCLIS;
  • The site or contaminants found on the site are subject to certain limitations based on definitions in CERCLA;
  • A state or tribal remediation program is involved in response at the site and it is in the process of a final cleanup;
  • The hazardous substance release at the site is regulated under a statutory exclusion (e.g., petroleum, natural gas);
  • The hazardous substance release at the site is deferred to another authority (e.g., RCRA Corrective Action);
  • Site data are insufficient to determine if CERCLIS entry is warranted (i.e., based on potentially unreliable sources or with no information to support the presence of hazardous substances or CERCLA eligible pollutants or contaminants); or
  • Documentation clearly demonstrates that there is no potential for a release that could cause adverse environmental or human health impacts.

For more information on pre-CERCLIS screening, please refer to Pre-CERCLIS Screening Assessments fact sheet (OSWER 9375.2-11FS) (PDF) [7 pp, 38KB, About PDF]. This fact sheet provides the minimum requirements for conducting these types of assessments.


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