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Trustee Query Report

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The Trustee Query Report allows you to identify sites where accomplishments (e.g., actions) have occurred during the most recent fiscal year quarter and retrieve specific data regarding those accomplishments (e.g., completion dates). To retrieve information about actions that have occurred at a specific site or group of sites using this query, you should specify site information (e.g., EPA Identification Number, Site Name), select an action code of interest (e.g., Discovery, Close Out Report), or specify geographic information (e.g., Site Address, State, EPA Region) in the form shown below. You do not have to fill in all of the available fields to conduct a search. While EPA Site Identification Numbers and Site Names are not necessary to conduct a search, they can be found using the Site Information Query (click on the icon shown below).

Once you have selected your search criteria and submitted your query, a standardized report page will be generated. The report will list the sites that match your criteria and provide details on the actions that have been completed during the most recent quarter. To obtain a definition of a specific action, click on the link for that action. If information about a specific site or geographic region is not retrieved from your query, then it is likely that an action did not occur at that site or in that region during the most recent quarter. Please note that this query provides information on sites as it is reported and entered into the national CERCLIS database by the EPA regions.

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Site Information Query

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