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Superfund Redevelopment Initiative

Superfund Reuse Success
Before and After
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Site: Auburn Road
Location: Londonderry, NH
Site Size: 12 acres
Former Site Use: Waste disposal area
Current Site Use: Model airplane flying field

Advancing Beneficial Superfund Reuse: A Timeline of SRI's First 15 Years
15 Years of Superfund Redevelopment
Site Photo

Dan Flynn from the International Soccer Foundation, former Senators John Warner and Chuck Robb, and former EPA Administrator Carol Browner confer prior to announcing EPA’s new Superfund Redevelopment Initiative on July 23, 1999.
(Photograph source: Avtex Fibers Exit Disclaimer)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014, marks 15 years since former EPA Administrator Carol Browner announced the creation of a new initiative to restore Superfund sites to productive use. EPA announced the formation of the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative at the Avtex Fibers Superfund site in Front Royal, Virginia. The Avtex site continues to showcase how the local Economic Development Authority, responsible parties for cleanup and the community can work with EPA to return Superfund sites to beneficial use. Today, Avtex is one of over 800 Superfund sites across the nation supporting continued use, active reuse or planned reuse activities. On this fifteenth anniversary, SRI remains committed to working with communities to support the appropriate and beneficial return to use of all Superfund sites.


Highlighting Superfund Reuse Success
Site photo

Source: USFWS

Site Reuse Spotlights:
Redevelopment of Asbestos Dump Superfund Site (PDF) (1 pg, 309K, About PDF) The Asbestos Dump Superfund site in Millington, New Jersey, once contaminated with asbestos, now supports restored wetlands within the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.

Site photo

Redevelopment of the BMI-Textron and Trans Circuits, Inc. Superfund Sites (PDF) (1 pg, 594K) Today, at both the BMI-Textron and Trans Circuits, Inc. sites in Lake Park, Florida, a company manufactures turbine components that are used internationally, supporting production of green energy as well as conventional energy resources.

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LEAFS Award at Kansas City Structural Steel Site

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