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Cross-Program Revitalization Measure – Site Acreage Summary

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The CPRM guidance presents a collection of indicators and performance measures that represent the Agency's latest effort to document progress toward land revitalization across all of the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response's various cleanup programs: Brownfields, Superfund, RCRA Corrective Action, UST, Federal Facilities Response, and Emergency Response.

The CPRM Guidance established three indicators (two optional) and two performance measures.

  • Universe - The number of actual, potentially or previously contaminated sites and surface acres for which OSWER's cleanup programs have an oversight role for assessment and/or response action.
  • Status of Use (optional) - Whether a site or any land area therein, as measured in acres, is being used. Sites and acres are classified as either unused, in continued use, reused, or planned for reuse.
  • Type of Use (optional) - The specific use at a site or any land area therein as measured in acres. Classified under one of the following six primary categories: Commercial and Public Service, Green Space, Industrial, Military and Other Federal, Mixed, and Residential.
Performance Measures
  • Acres "Protective for People Under Current Conditions" (PFP) - The number of acres and sites at which there is no complete pathway for human exposures to unacceptable levels of contamination based on current site conditions.
  • Acres "Ready for Anticipated Use" (RAU) - The number of acres and sites at which: 1) there is no complete pathway for human exposures to unacceptable levels of contamination based on current site conditions (PFP); 2) all cleanup goals have been achieved for media that may affect current and reasonably anticipated future land uses of the acres or site so that there are no unacceptable risks, and 3) all institutional controls identified as part of the response action have been put in place.
Measure Results

The CPRM Guidance established the overarching framework for these indicators and performance measures, but each OSWER program is responsible for implementation and data collection. Superfund began collecting CPRM data in 2007. The following information summarizes key findings and outcomes for fiscal years 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Table: Summary of CPRM Acres by Fiscal Year

Fiscal Year


PFP RAU UNDEFINED * Total Universe
FY2008 1,705,967 433,086 1,708,145 3,847,197
FY2009 1,708,571 450,005 1,708,857 3,867,434
FY2010 1,731,983 455,890 1,593,885 3,781,758

* The "Undefined" category represents acres that are in the CPRM Universe, but don't meet Performance Measures for PFP or RAU.

The graphs below show progress in meeting the PFP and RAU performance measures in the Superfund Program.

Graph of PFP acres by FY 2008-2010 Graph of RAU acres by FY 2008-2010

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