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Sitewide Ready for Anticipated Reuse – Measure Outcome Highlights

Photo - Whitmoyer Laboratories - soccer game SWRAU

Whitmoyer Laboratories, Region 3

Photo - Mountain View Mobile Home Estates SWRAU

Mountain View, Region 9

Photo - Many Diversified Interests SWRAU

Many Diversified Interests, Region 6

Photo - Lowry Landfill SWRAU

Lowry Landfill, Region 8

Photo - Davie Landfill SWRAU

Davie Landfill, Region 4

Beginning in 2006, Superfund began measuring and reporting sites that have successfully been cleaned up and are ready for potential future use.  The Sitewide Ready for Anticipated Use (SWRAU) measure reflects the importance of considering future land use as part of the cleanup process by tracking the number of NPL sites meeting the following criteria:

  • All aspects of the cleanup are in place and have been achieved for any media that may affect current and reasonably anticipated future land uses, so that there are no unacceptable risks.
  • All land use restrictions or other controls required as part of the cleanup are in place.
  • Sites are final or deleted NPL sites that have reached the construction completion milestone. 

Inclusion of the site on the SWRAU list has no legal significance.  The Guidance for Documenting and Reporting Performance in Achieving Land Revitalization (PDF) (56 pp, 860K, About PDF) provides guidance on achieving the SWRAU milestone.
SWRAU Checklist (PDF) (1 pg, 521K, About PDF)
SWRAU Rescind Checklist (PDF) (2 pp, 531K, About PDF)

Locate SWRAU sites: by state or by date.

Number of SWRAU Sites by: Fiscal Year

Retracted SWRAU Sites: by state or by date.
The determination that a site is SWRAU is based on the information available at the time the determination is made. That determination may revert if site conditions change, or if new or additional information is discovered regarding the contamination at the site. If after a site has been designated as SWRAU, EPA becomes aware that any of the requirements are no longer met, then the site can be retracted. The site can be re-designated as SWRAU only when the requirements outlined in the guidance are met.