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Round 3-20: Improve Communication with Superfund Stakeholders

Reform Description
This reform aims to improve communication with Superfund stakeholders by improving access to a variety of information. EPA is using electronic tools such as the Internet and multimedia computers to accomplish these goals.

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Reform Status
check mark Implementation of this reform is complete.

EPA will continue to post and revise information on the Superfund website.

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The primary result of this reform was the development of the Superfund website, in April, 1996, which makes Superfund information available to the public on an immediate and continual basis. Information that once cost hundreds of dollars under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is now available immediately for little or no cost on the Internet.

The Superfund website was significantly revised in March 1997 to facilitate stakeholder access to Superfund information. This reform has dramatically increased the amount and speed of Superfund program information available to the public and OSRTI's ability to respond to inquiries from the public on Superfund issues.

In February 1998, EPA launched the Superfund Site Information Query function for personalized Superfund searches, and released the Superfund Risk Assessment website in November 1998. Other additions to the Superfund website in FY98 included an online customer survey, new user buttons, and information on Superfund success stories.

While the reform itself is considered complete, the Superfund website will continually be improved and updated.

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Stakeholder Comments
The following text appeared in an article from the April 3, 1997, edition of Envirobiz called "EPA Refreshes Superfund Website:"

"The revamped site provides an impressive quantity of data and links that ought to satisfy most environmental law junkies craving for Superfund knowledge. Although the information available is comprehensive enough to make the site useful to environmental professionals, it is presented in a way that is understandable to the layman."

In "Superfund Resources on the Internet," a paper published for the HazWaste World/Superfund XVIII Conference in December 1997, the author wrote:

"The most comprehensive website concerning Superfund is the EPA Superfund Homepage. The EPA Superfund Homepage provides extensive information on all aspects of Superfund in a format designed for environmental professionals, local officials, and the general public. Almost any Internet research for Superfund information should begin with the EPA Superfund Homepage."

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Title: EPA Headquarters Superfund Home Page
Date: March 1996
Synopsis: The EPA Superfund website was created to increase communication among all Superfund stakeholders and improve access to Superfund information. Additionally, all of the Regional offices have developed home pages that include information on Regional Superfund programs, such as Superfund site lists, site-specific information, and State Superfund activities.

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