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Success Stories

The drive toward a faster, fairer, more efficient Superfund

Each area of the Superfund program has benefited substantially from the Superfund Reforms. Faster cleanups, reduced litigation, and increased public involvement all testify to the reforms' accomplishments. The success story titles provided here link to the full success story descriptions on the individual reform pages. Scroll down to view the entire list of success stories, or use the links below to navigate to a specific category.

NOTE: For additional information on unfamiliar terms referenced on this Web site, please consult the Superfund Reforms glossary.


Reform 3-11, Orphan Share Compensation
Interstate Lead Company (ILCO) Site, Leeds, AL
Operating Industries, Inc. Landfill, Monterey Park, CA
Chemsol, Inc., Piscataway, NJ

Reform 3-12, Site-Specific Special Accounts
Allied Paper Site, Kalamazoo, MI
Nyanza Site, Ashland, MA
Peak Oil Site, Tampa, FL
Cherokee County, KS
Jasper County, MO

Reform 3-13, Equitable Issuance of Unilateral Administrative Orders (UAOs)
American Allied Additives Site, Cleveland, OH
Carolawn Site, Fort Lawn, SC

Reform 3-14, Revised De Micromis Guidance
Cherokee Oil Site, Charlotte, NC
Raymark Industries, Stratford, CT

Reform 3-16, Reduced Oversight for Capable and Cooperative PRPs
Cleve Reber Site, Sorrento, LA
Pristine Inc. Site, Reading, OH
Ruston/North Tacoma Site, WA
Schuylkill Metals Corporation Site, Plant City, FL

Reform 2-2, Expedited Settlements
Solvent Recovery Services, Southington, CT
Tulalip Landfill, Marysville, WA  

Reform 2-3, Allocation Pilots
Hunterstown Road, Gettysburg, PA
Tulalip Landfill, Marysville, WA


Reform 3-1a, Establish National Remedy Review Board
Anaconda Smelter Site, MT
New Bedford Harbor Site, MA

Reform 3-2, Update Remedy Decisions at Select Sites
Allied Chemical & Ironton Coke Site, Lawrence County, OH
Tyson's Dump, PA
A. O. Polymer Site, Sparta Township, NJ
Metamora Site, MI
Norwood PCBs Site, MA
Western Processing Site, Kent, WA

Reform 3-7, Establish Lead Regulator for Federal Facilities
Regional Successes

Reform 2-8, Guidance for Remedy Selection
Presumptive Remedy Process, Region 9

Risk Assessmen

Reform 3-5a, Community Participation in Designing Risk Assessments
Big River Site Risk Assessment Training, MO

Reform 3-6a, Establish National Criteria on Superfund Risk Assessments
Risk Assessment Data Reporting Tables

Reform 3-6c, Utilize Expert Workgroup on Lead
Facilitating Communication
IRS Day Care Facility
Site-Specific Lead Risk Assessments
State Assistance

Innovative Technology

Reform 2-9a, Risk-Sharing:  Implementing Innovative Technology
Somersworth Sanitary Landfill, Somersworth, NH

Public Involvement/Environmental Justice

Reform 3-18, Pilot Community-Based Remedy Selection Process
Asarco Tacoma Smelter Site, Tacoma, WA
Li Tungsten Site, Long Island, NY
Waste Inc. Site, Michigan City, IN
California Gulch Site, Leadville, CO
Lower East Fork Poplar Creek Site, Oak Ridge, TN
Oronogo-Duenweg Site, Jasper County, MO

Reform 3-19, Establish Superfund Ombudsman in Every Region
Coeur d'Alene Basin, ID
Jasper County, MO
Rochester, NY
Commencement Bay, Nearshore/Tideflats Site, Tacoma, WA
Rayioner Mill, Port Angeles, WA

Reform 2-5a, Community Advisory Groups
Geneva City Dump/True Temper Sports Site, Geneva, OH
Velsicol Chemical Site, St. Louis, MI
Allied Paper, Inc., Portage Creek/Kalamazoo River, MI
Brio Refining, Harris County, TX
Colorado School of Mines Research Institute, Golden, CO
Southern Shipbuilding, Slidell, LA

Reform 2-5b, Technical Assistance Grants
TAG Workshop, Nashville, TN
AT&SF Site, NM
Vertac Site, AR
Southern Shipbuilding Site, Slidell, LA

Reform 2-6, Community Involvement in the Enforcement Process
Vertac Site, AR
Asarco Tacoma Smelter, Tacoma, WA
Eagle Mine Site, Minturn, CO

Reform 2-7a, Training and Health Service Assistance to Communities
Del Amo/Montrose Site, Torrence, CA

Reform 2-7b, Job Training and Development
City of Dallas, TX
RSR Smelter Site, Dallas, TX
State Marine Site, Port Arthur, TX
Agriculture Street Site, New Orleans, LA
City of Albuquerque, NM
NL Taracorp Site, Granite City, IL
Partnership in Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN

State and Tribal Empowerment

Reform 2-11, Integrated Federal/State/Tribal Management Program
Deferral Agreements

Reform 2-12, State/Tribal Superfund Block Funding
The Illinois Block Grant

Economic Redevelopment

From smelter to country club?
At the Old Works/East Redevelopment at the Anaconda Smelter site in Anaconda, Montana, EPA partnered with the State, local community, and ARCO, the potentially responsible party, to design a cleanup that allowed for construction of a golf course and a hiking trail as well as future development of adjacent commercial and residential property.

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus designed the Old Works Golf Course on a portion of the site, incorporating old smelting ladles, original brickwork, and inert smelting slag into the course's design. This redevelopment led to 20 permanent jobs, approximately $480,000 in annual income, and an increase of up to $395,000 in total residential property values within two miles of the site.

Reform 3-9, Delete Clean Parcels from the NPL
Commencement Bay, Nearshore/Tideflats, Tacoma, WA

Reform 2-4a, Brownfields Pilot Projects
Las Vegas, Nevada
Mineral Area College, Missouri
Shreveport, Louisiana
Stamford, Connecticut
Young Community Developers, California
New Jersey Youth Corps, New Jersey
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Glen Cove, New York
Emeryville, California
Trenton, New Jersey
Baltimore, Maryland
Birmingham, Alabama
Burlington, Vermont
Dallas, Texas
Oregon Mills, Oregon

Reform 2-4b, Brownfields Community Outreach
Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA

Reform 2-4c, Refining CERCLIS
Republic Steel, Buffalo, NY

Reform 2-4e, Removing Liability Barriers
San Fernando Valley Sites, Glendale, CA
Industri-Plex Site, Woburn, MA
General Gas Mantle Site, Gloucester City, NJ
Middlefield-Ellis-Whisman Site, Palo Alto, CA
MRM Industries Site, Sikeston, MO
Prier Brass Site, Kansas City, MO
San Gabriel Valley Site, Baldwin Park, CA
Vineland Chemical Site, Vineland, NJ

For further information on the achievements of the Superfund program, refer to the Superfund Accomplishments page.

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