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Reforms By Type - Cleanups

These reforms aim to expedite site cleanups, primarily by addressing remedy selection issues and setting risk-based cleanup priorities. Ultimately these initiatives help reduce cleanup costs, promote consistency at sites nationwide, and lead to better protection of human health and the environment.

Reform 3-1a: Establish National Remedy Review Board

EPA established a national review board composed of senior Agency experts to review and analyze proposed site-specific cleanup strategies.

Reforms 3-1b: Establish New Remedy Selection Management Flags

EPA developed remedy selection rules to promote cost-effectiveness and consistency, and to flag potentially "controversial" cleanup decisions for senior management review.

Reform 3-2: Update Remedy Decisions at Select Sites

EPA encourages the Regions to revisit remedy decisions at certain sites where significant new scientific information, technological advancements, or other considerations will allow the current level of protectiveness of human health and the environment to be achieved in a more cost-effective manner.

Reform 3-3a: Clarify the Role of Cost in the Remedy Selection Process

This reform clarifies the role of cost in developing cleanup options and selecting remedies as established in existing law, regulation, and policy.

Reform 3-3b: Directive on National Consistency in Remedy Selection

This directive emphasizes the critical importance of national consistency in the Superfund remedy selection process, and encourages program managers to make full use of existing tools and consultation opportunities to promote such consistency.

Reform 3-4: Clarify Information Regarding Remedy Selection Decisions

The goal of this reform is to design a tool for clearly presenting, in a standardized format, the context, basis, and rationale for site-specific Superfund remedy selection decisions. Originally conceived of as a summary sheet, the final product of this reform will be a comprehensive guidance document on preparing Superfund decision documents.

Reform 3-7: Establish Lead Regulator for Federal Facilities

To eliminate overlap and duplication of effort, EPA developed guidance to establish a lead regulator at each site undergoing cleanup activities under competing Federal and State authorities.

Reform 3-8: Consider Response Actions Prior to NPL Listing

This initiative ensures that response actions taken up to the time of listing are considered in the Hazard Ranking System (HRS) score, which is used to determine whether a site qualifies for the National Priorities List (NPL).

Reform 3-10a: Promote Risk-Based Priority Setting at Federal Facility Sites

EPA is developing guidance to address the role of risk and other factors in setting priorities at Federal facility sites.

Reform 3-10b: Promote Risk-Based Priority for NPL Sites

EPA has established a National Risk-Based Priority Panel to evaluate the priority order of NPL sites.

Reform 2-8: Guidance for Remedy Selection

EPA has produced a number of guidance documents to improve consistency and help streamline site characterization and remedy selection.

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