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Reforms By Type - Risk Assessment

Five separate reforms in Round 3 focus on the risk assessment process, aiming to encourage stakeholder involvement and make Superfund risk assessments more consistent nationwide.

Reform 3-5a: Community Participation in Designing Risk Assessments

At Superfund sites, EPA solicits early stakeholder input to identify and make consistent use of current information about the site and site contaminants. As part
of this reform initiative, EPA is creating a reference document to support public participation in the risk assessment process, which should result in better risk management decisions.

Reform 3-5b: PRP Performance of Risk Assessments

By revising policy and creating new guidance, this initiative expands and enhances the ability of potentially responsible parties (PRPs) to perform risk assessments at approved sites.

Reform 3-6a: Establish National Criteria on Superfund Risk Assessments

EPA developed new guidance that establishes national criteria for the Regions to plan, report, and review risk assessments to ensure that risk assessments are well scoped and well designed, use a standard presentation format, and are easier to review by decision makers at Superfund sites.

Reform 3-6b: Standardize Risk Assessments

This initiative improves current risk assessment guidance to ensure quality, consistency, and reliability, and to promote greater community involvement in designing risk assessments.

Reform 3-6c: Utilize Expert Workgroup on Lead

EPA has established an expert workgroup to standardize risk assessment approaches for lead-contaminated Superfund sites, and provide advice to Regional risk assessors and site managers.

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