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8724 - 8746 Federal Register / Vol. 59, No. 36 / Wednesday, February 23, 1994 / Rules and Regulations

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8724 - 8746 Federal Register / Vol. 59, No. 36 / Wednesday, February 23, 1994 / Rules and Regulations


40 CFR Part 300

National Priorities List for Uncontrolled Hazardous Waste sites

AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency.
ACTION:  Final rule.


The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 ("CERCLA" or "the Act"), as amended, requires that the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan ("NCP") include a list of national priorities among the known releases or threatened releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants throughout the United States. The National Priorities List ("NPL") constitutes this list.

This rule adds 1 new site, ALCOA (Point Comfort)/Lavaca Bay in Point Comfort, Texas, to the General Superfund Section. The identification of a site for the NPL is intended primarily to guide the Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA" or "the Agency") in determining which sites warrant further investigation to assess the nature and extent of public health and environmental risks associated with the site and to determine what CERCLA-financed remedial action(s), if any, may be appropriate. This action results in an NPL of 1,191 sites, 1,068 of them in the General Superfund Section and 123 of them in the Federal Facilities Section. An additional 96 sites are proposed, 66 in the General Superfund Section and 30 in the Federal Facilities Section. Final and proposed sites now total 1,288.


The effective date for this amendment is March 25, 1994. CERCLA section 305 provides for a legislative veto of regulations promulgated under CERCLA. Although INS v. Chadha, 462 U.S. 919, 103 S. Ct. 2764 (1983), cast the validity of the legislative veto into question. EPA has transmitted a copy of this regulation to the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House of Representatives. If any action by Congress calls the effective date of this regulation into question, the Agency will publish a notice of clarification in the Federal Register.

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For addresses for the Headquarters and Regional dockets, as well as further details on what these dockets contain, see in Section I of the "SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION" portion of this preamble.


Terry Keidan
Hazardous Site Evaluation Division
Office of Superfund Remediation Technology Innovation (5204G)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street, SW.
Washington, DC 20460
or the Superfund Hotline, phone (800) 424-9346 or (703) 412-9810 in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.


I. Introduction
II. Purpose and Implementation of the NPL
III. Contents of This Final Rule
IV. Executive Order 12866
V. Regulatory Flexibility Act Analysis

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I. Introduction


In 1980, Congress enacted the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, 42 U.S.C. 9601-9675 ("CERCLA" or "the Act"), in response to the dangers of uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. CERCLA was amended on October 17, 1986, by the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act ("SARA"), Public Law 99-499, stat. 1613 et seq. To implement CERCLA, EPA promulgated the revised National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan ("NCP"), 40 CFR Part 300, on July 16, 1982 (47 FR 31180), pursuant to CERCLA section 105 and Executive Order 12316 (46 FR 42237, August 20, 1981). The NCP sets forth the guidelines and procedures needed to respond under CERCLA to releases and threatened releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants. EPA has revised the NCP on several occasions, most recently on March 8, 1990 (55 FR 8666).

Section 105(a)(8)(A) of CERCLA requires that the NCP include "criteria for determining priorities among releases or threatened releases throughout the United States for the purpose of taking remedial action * * * and, to the extent practicable taking into account the potential urgency of such action, for the purpose of taking removal action." Removal action involves cleanup or other actions that are taken in response to releases or threats of releases on a short-term or temporary basis (CERCLA section 101(23)). Remedial action tends to be long-term in nature and involves response actions that are consistent with a permanent remedy for a release (CERCLA section 101(24)).

Pursuant to section 105(a)(8)(B) of CERCLA, as amended by SARA, EPA has promulgated a list of national priorities among the known or threatened releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants throughout the United States. That list, which is appendix B of 40 CFR part 300, is the National Priorities List ("NPL").

CERCLA section 105(a)(8)(B) defines the NPL as a list of "releases" and as a list of the highest priority "facilities." The discussion below may refer to the "releases or threatened releases" that are included on the NPL interchangeably as "releases," "facilities," or "sites."

CERCLA section 105(a)(8)(B) also requires that the NPL be revised at least annually. A site may undergo remedial action financed by the Trust Fund established under CERCLA (commonly referred to as the "Superfund") only after it is placed on the NPL, as provided in the NCP at 40 CFR 300.425(b)(1). However, under 40 CFR 300.425(b)(2) placing a site on the NPL "does not imply that monies will be expended." EPA may pursue other appropriate authorities to remedy the releases, including enforcement action under CERCLA and other laws.

Three mechanisms for placing sites on the NPL for possible remedial action are included in the NCP at 40 CFR 300.425(c) (55 FR 8845, March 8, 1990). Under 40 CFR 300.425(c)(1), a site may be included on the NPL if it scores sufficiently high on the Hazard Ranking System ("HRS"), which EPA promulgated as Appendix A of 40 CFR Part 300. On December 14, 1990 (55 FR 51532), EPA promulgated revisions to the HRS partly in response to CERCLA section 105(c), added by SARA. The revised HRS evaluates four pathways: ground water, surface water, soil exposure, and air. The HRS serves as a screening device to evaluate the relative potential of uncontrolled hazardous substances to pose a threat to human health or the environment. Those sites that score 28.50 or greater on the HRS are eligible for the NPL.

Under a second mechanism for adding sites to the NPL, each State may designate a single site as its top priority, regardless of the HRS score. This mechanism, provided by the NCP at 40 CFR 300.425(c)(2), requires that, to the extent practicable, the NPL include within the 100 highest priorities, one facility designated by each State representing the greatest danger to public health, welfare, or the environment among known facilities in the State.

The third mechanism for listing, included in the NCP at 40 CFR 300.425(c)(3), allows certain sites to be listed whether or not they score above 28.50, if all of the following conditions are met:

EPA promulgated an original NPL of 406 sites on September 8, 1983 (48 FR 40658). The NPL has been expanded since then, most recently on October 14, 1992 (57 FR 47180). The NPL includes two sections, one of sites that are evaluated and cleaned up by EPA (the "General Superfund Section"), and one of sites being addressed by other Federal agencies (the "Federal Facilities Section"). Under Executive Order 12580 (52 FR 2923, January 29, 1987) and CERCLA section 120, each Federal agency is responsible for carrying out most response actions at facilities under its own jurisdiction, custody, or control, although EPA is responsible for preparing an HRS score and determining whether the facility is placed on the NPL. EPA is not the lead agency at these sites, and its role at such sites is accordingly less extensive than at other sites. The Federal Facilities Section includes those facilities at which EPA is not the lead agency.


EPA may delete sites from the NPL where no further response is appropriate under Superfund, as explained in the NCP at 40 CFR 300.425(e) (55 FR 8845, March 8, 1990). To date, the Agency has deleted 58 sites from the General Superfund Section of the NPL, most recently Charlevoix Municipal Well, Charlevoix, Michigan (58 FR 63531, December 2, 1993) and Mowbray Engineering Company, Greenville, Alabama (58 FR 69238, December 30, 1993).

EPA also has developed an NPL construction completion list ("CCL") to simplify its system of categorizing sites and to better communicate the successful completion of cleanup activities (58 FR 12142, March 2, 1993). Sites qualify for the CCL when:

  1. any necessary physical construction is complete, whether or not final cleanup levels or other requirements have been achieved;

  2. EPA has determined that the response action should be limited to measures that do not involve construction (e.g., institutional controls); or

  3. the site qualifies for deletion from the NPL. Inclusion of a site on the CCL has no legal significance.

In addition to the 57 sites that have been deleted from the NPL because they have been cleaned up (the Waste Research and Reclamation site was deleted based on deferral to another program and is not considered cleaned up), an additional 167 sites are also in the NPL CCL, all but one from the General Superfund Section. Thus, as of January 1994, the CCL consists of 224 sites. Cleanups at sites on the NPL do not reflect the total picture of Superfund accomplishments. As of January 1994, EPA had conducted 603 removal actions at NPL sites, and 1,755 removal actions at non-NPL sites. Information on removals is available from the Superfund hotline.


EPA inadvertently left one site off the appendix B list in the previous final rule (57 FR 47180, October 14, 1992). This site is Foote Mineral Co., East Whiteland Township, PA, which belongs in the General Superfund Section of the NPL. Alternately, one site was included in the previous appendix B list which did not belong. This site is Broward County - 21st Manor Dump in Fort Lauderdale, FL, which has been proposed to the NPL but a final decision has not yet been made.

Action In This Rule

This final rule adds 1 site, ALCOA (Point Comfort)/Lavaca Bay in Point Comfort, Texas, to the General Superfund Section, for a total of 1,068 sites in that section. The Federal Facility Section includes 123 sites. Therefore, there are now 1,191 sites on the NPL. An additional 96 sites have been proposed, 66 in the General Superfund Section and 30 in the Federal Facilities Section, and are awaiting final Agency action. Final and proposed sites now total 1,288. These numbers reflect that two sites have been voluntarily withdrawn from the NPL by EPA:

These numbers also reflect the removal of one site from the NPL by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals:

Information Available to the Public

The Headquarters and Region 6 public dockets for the NPL contain documents relating to the evaluation and scoring of sites in this final rule. The dockets are available for viewing, by appointment only, after the appearance of this notice. The hours of operation for the Headquarters docket are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays. Please contact the Region 6 Docket for hours.

Addresses for the Headquarters and Region 6 dockets follow:

Docket Coordinator
Headquarters, U.S. EPA CERCLA Docket Office
5201 Waterside Mall
401 M Street, SW.
Washington, DC 20460

Bart Canellas
Region 6, U.S. EPA
1445 Ross Avenue, Mail Code 6H-MA
Dallas, TX 75202-2733

The Headquarters docket for this rule contains HRS score sheets for the final site; a Documentation Record for the site describing the information used to compute the score; pertinent information regarding statutory requirements or EPA listing policies that affect the site; a list of documents referenced in the Documentation Record; comments received; and the Agency's response to those comments. The Agency's responses are contained in the "Support Document for the Revised National Priorities List Final Rule - February 1994." The Region 6 docket for this rule contains all information in the Headquarters docket, plus the actual reference documents containing the data principally relied upon by EPA in calculating or evaluating the HRS score for the site. These reference documents are available only in the Region 6 docket.

Interested parties may view documents, by appointment only, in the Headquarters or Region 6 Docket or copies may be requested from the Headquarters or Region 6 Docket. An informal written request, rather than a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act, should be the ordinary procedure for obtaining copies of any of these documents.

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II. Purpose and Implementation of the NPL


The legislative history of CERCLA (Report of the Committee on Environment and Public Works, Senate Report No. 96-848, 96th Cong., 2d Sess. 60 (1980)) states the primary purpose of the NPL:

The priority lists serve primarily informational purposes, identifying for the States and the public those facilities and sites or other releases which appear to warrant remedial actions. Inclusion of a facility or site on the list does not in itself reflect a judgment of the activities of its owner or operator, it does not require those persons to undertake any action, nor does it assign liability to any person. Subsequent government action in the form of remedial actions or enforcement actions will be necessary in order to do so, and these actions will be attended by all appropriate procedural safeguards.

The purpose of the NPL, therefore, is primarily to serve as an informational and management tool. The identification of a site for the NPL is intended to guide EPA in determining which sites warrant further investigation to assess the nature and extent of the public health and environmental risks associated with the site and to determine what CERCLA-financed remedial action(s), if any, may be appropriate. The NPL also serves to notify the public of sites that EPA believes warrant further investigation. Finally, listing a site may, to the extent potentially responsible parties are identifiable at the time of listing, serve as notice to such parties that the Agency may initiate CERCLA-financed remedial action.


After initial discovery of a site at which a release or threatened release may exist, EPA begins a series of increasingly complex evaluations. The first step, the Preliminary Assessment (PA), is a low-cost review of existing information to determine if the site poses a threat to the public health or the environment. If the site presents a serious imminent threat, EPA may take immediate removal action. If the PA shows that the site presents a threat but not an imminent threat, EPA generally will perform a more extensive study called the Site Inspection (SI). The SI involves collecting additional information to better understand the extent of the problem at the site, screen out sites that will not qualify for the NPL, and obtain data necessary to calculate an HRS score for sites that warrant placement on the NPL and further study. To date EPA has completed approximately 35,000 PAs and approximately 17,000 SIs.

The NCP at 40 CFR 300.425(b)(1) (55 FR 8845, March 8, 1990) limits expenditure of the Trust Fund for remedial actions to sites on the NPL. However, EPA may take enforcement actions under CERCLA or other applicable statutes against responsible parties regardless of whether the site is on the NPL; although, as a practical matter, the focus of EPA's CERCLA enforcement actions has been and will continue to be on NPL sites.

Similarly, in the case of CERCLA removal actions, EPA has the authority to act at any site, whether listed or not, that meets the criteria of the NCP at 40 CFR 300.415(b)(2) (55 FR 8842, March 8, 1990).

EPA's policy is to pursue cleanup of NPL sites using all the appropriate response and/or enforcement actions available to the Agency, including authorities other than CERCLA. The Agency will decide on a site-by-site basis whether to take enforcement or other action under CERCLA or other authorities prior to undertaking response action, to proceed directly with Trust Fund-financed response actions and seek to recover response costs after cleanup, or do both. To the extent feasible, once sites are on the NPL, EPA will determine high-priority candidates for CERCLA-financed response action and/or enforcement action through both State and Federal initiatives. EPA will take into account which approach is more likely to accomplish cleanup of the site most expeditiously while using CERCLA's limited resources as efficiently as possible.

Although it is a factor that is considered, the ranking of sites by HRS scores does not by itself determine the sequence in which EPA funds remedial response actions, since the information collected to develop HRS scores is not sufficient to determine either the extent of contamination or the appropriate response for a particular site (40 CFR 300.425(a)(2), 55 FR 8845). Additionally, resource constraints may preclude EPA from evaluating all HRS pathways; only those presenting significant environmental risk and sufficient to make a site eligible for the NPL may be evaluated. Moreover, the sites with the highest scores do not necessarily come to the Agency's attention first, so that addressing sites strictly on the basis of ranking would in some cases require stopping work at sites where it already was underway. In addition, certain sites are based on other criteria.

More detailed studies of a site are undertaken in the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study ("RI/FS") that typically follows listing. The purpose of the RI/FS is to assess site conditions and evaluate alternatives to the extent necessary to select a remedy (40 CFR 300.430(a)(2) (55 FR 8846, March 8, 1990). The RI/FS takes into account the amount of contaminants released into the environment, the risk to affected populations and environment, the cost to remediate contamination at the site, and the response actions that have been taken by potentially responsible parties or others. Decisions on the type and extent of response action to be taken at these sites are made in accordance with 40 CFR 300.415 (55 FR 8842, March 8, 1990) and 40 CFR 300.430 (55 FR 8846, March 8, 1990).

After conducting these additional studies, EPA may conclude that initiating a CERCLA remedial action using the Trust Fund at some sites on the NPL is not appropriate because of more pressing needs at other sites, or because a private party cleanup already is underway pursuant to an enforcement action. Given the limited resources available in the Trust Fund, the Agency must carefully balance the relative needs for response at the numerous sites it has studied. It is also possible that EPA will conclude after further analysis that the site does not warrant remedial action.

RI/FS at Proposed Sites

An RI/FS may be performed at sites proposed in the Federal Register for placement on the NPL (or even sites that have not been proposed for placement on the NPL) pursuant to the Agency's removal authority under CERCLA, as outlined in the NCP at 40 CFR 300.415. Although an RI/FS generally is conducted at a site after it has been placed on the NPL, in a number of circumstances the Agency elects to conduct an RI/FS at a site proposed for placement on the NPL in preparation for a possible Trust Fund-financed response action, such as when the Agency believes that a delay may create unnecessary risks to public health or the environment. In addition, the Agency may conduct an RI/FS to assist in determining whether to conduct a removal or enforcement action at a site.

Facility (Site) Boundaries

The Agency's position is that the NPL does not describe releases in precise geographical terms, and that it would be neither feasible nor consistent with the limited purpose of the NPL (as the mere identification of releases), for it to do so.

CERCLA section 105(a)(8)(B) directs EPA to list national priorities among the known "releases or threatened releases" of hazardous substances. Thus, the purpose of the NPL is merely to identify releases of hazardous substances that are priorities for further evaluation. Although a CERCLA "facility" is broadly defined to include any area where a hazardous substance release has "come to be located" (CERCLA section 101(9)), the listing process itself is not intended to define or reflect the boundaries of such facilities or releases. Of course, HRS data upon which the NPL placement was based will, to some extent, describe which release is at issue; that is, the NPL site would include all releases evaluated as part of that HRS analysis (including noncontiguous releases evaluated under the NPL aggregation policy, see 48 FR 40663 (September 8, 1983)).

EPA regulations provide that the "nature and extent of the threat presented by a release" will be determined by an RI/FS as more information is developed on site contamination (40 CFR 300.68(d)). During the RI/FS process, the release may be found to be larger or smaller than was originally known, as more is learned about the source and the migration of the contamination. However, this inquiry focuses on an evaluation of the threat posed; the boundaries of the release need not be defined, and in any event are independent of the NPL listing. Moreover, it generally is impossible to discover the full extent of where the contamination "has come to be located" before all necessary studies and remedial work are completed at a site. Indeed, the boundaries of the contamination can be expected to change over time. Thus, in most cases, it will be impossible to describe the boundaries of a release with certainty.

For these reasons, the NPL need not be amended if further research into the extent of the contamination expands the apparent boundaries of the release. Further, the NPL is only of limited significance, as it does not assign liability to any party or to the owner of any specific property. See Report of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Senate Rep. No. 96-848, 96th Cong., 2d Sess. 60 (1980), quoted at 48 FR 40659 (September 8, 1983). If a party contests liability for releases on discrete parcels of property, it may do so if and when the Agency brings an action against that party to recover costs or to compel a response action at that property.

At the same time, however, the RI/FS or the Record of Decision (which defines the remedy selected) may offer a useful indication to the public of the areas of contamination at which the Agency is considering taking a response action, based on information known at that time. For example, EPA may evaluate (and list) a release over a 400-acre area, but the Record of Decision may select a remedy over 100 acres only. This information may be useful to a landowner seeking to sell the other 300 acres, but it would result in no formal change in the fact that a release is included on the NPL. The landowner (and the public) also should note in such a case that if further study (or the remedial construction itself) reveals that the contamination is located on or has spread to other areas, the Agency may address those areas as well.

This view of the NPL as an initial identification of a release that is not subject to constant re-evaluation is consistent with the Agency's policy of not rescoring NPL sites:

EPA recognizes that the NPL process cannot be perfect, and it is possible that errors exist or that new data will alter previous assumptions. Once the initial scoring effort is complete, however, the focus of EPA activity must be on investigating sites in detail and determining the appropriate response. New data or errors can be considered in that process * * *. [T]he NPL serves as a guide to EPA and does not determine liability or the need for response. (49 FR 37081 (September 21, 1984).

See also City of Stoughton, Wisc. v. U.S. EPA, 858 F. 2d 747, 751 (D.C. Cir. 1988):

Certainly EPA could have permitted further comment or conducted further testing [on proposed NPL sites]. Either course would have consumed further assets of the Agency and would have delayed a determination of the risk priority associated with the site. Yet * * * "the NPL is simply a rough list of priorities, assembled quickly and inexpensively to comply with Congress' mandate for the Agency to take action straightaway." Eagle-Picher [Industries v. EPA] II, 759 F. 2d [921,] at 932 [(D.C. Cir. 1985)].

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III. Contents of This Final Rule

This final rule adds 1 site to the General Superfund Section of the NPL. This site is ALCOA (Point Comfort)/Lavaca Bay in Point Comfort, Texas, which was proposed to the NPL in Proposal #15 (58 FR 34018, June 23, 1993) based on an HRS score of 28.50 or greater. The group number identified for this site based on its score is 4/5. Group numbers are determined by arranging the NPL by rank and dividing it into groups of 50 sites. For example, a site in Group 4 has a score that falls within the range of scores covered by the fourth group of 50 sites on the NPL.

Public Comments

EPA reviewed all comments received on this site. The formal comment period ended on August 23, 1993.

EPA has carefully considered public comments submitted and has made certain modifications in response to those comments. EPA's response to site-specific public comments and explanations of any score changes made as a result of such comments are addressed in the "Support Document for the Revised National Priorities List Final Rule - February 1994."

Statutory Requirements

CERCLA section 105(a)(8)(B) directs EPA to list priority sites "among" the known releases or threatened releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants, and section 105(a)(8)(A) directs EPA to consider certain enumerated and "other appropriate" factors in doing so. Thus, as a matter of policy, EPA has the discretion not to use CERCLA to respond to certain types of releases. Where other authorities exist, placing sites on the NPL for possible remedial action under CERCLA may not be appropriate. Therefore, EPA has chosen not to place certain types of sites on the NPL even though CERCLA does not exclude such action. If, however, the Agency later determines that sites not listed as a matter of policy are not being properly responded to, the Agency may place them on the NPL.

Economic Impacts

The costs of cleanup actions that may be taken at any site are not directly attributable to placement on the NPL. EPA has conducted a preliminary analysis of economic implications of today's amendment to the NPL. EPA believes that the kinds of economic effects associated with this revision generally are similar to those effects identified in the regulatory impact analysis (RIA) prepared in 1982 for the revisions to the NCP pursuant to section 105 of CERCLA and the economic analysis prepared when amendments to the NCP were proposed (50 FR 5882, February 12, 1985). The Agency believes the anticipated economic effects related to adding 1 site to the NPL can be characterized in terms of the conclusions of the earlier RIA and the most recent economic analysis.

Inclusion of a site on the NPL does not itself impose any costs. It does not establish that EPA necessarily will undertake remedial action, nor does it require any action by a private party or determine its liability for site response costs. Costs that arise out of site responses result from site-by-site decisions about what actions to take, not directly from the act of listing itself. Nonetheless, it is useful to consider the costs associated with responding to the site included in this rulemaking.

The major events that follow the proposed listing of a site on the NPL are a search for potentially responsible parties and a remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) to determine if remedial actions will be undertaken at a site. Design and construction of the selected remedial alternative follow completion of the RI/FS, and operation and maintenance (O&M) activities may continue after construction has been completed.

EPA initially bears costs associated with responsible party searches. Responsible parties may bear some or all the costs of the RI/FS, remedial design and construction and O&M or EPA and the States may share costs.

The State cost share for site cleanup activities has been amended by Section 104 of SARA. For privately-owned sites, as well as at publicly-owned but not publicly-operated sites, EPA will pay for 100% of the costs of the RI/FS and remedial planning, and 90% of the costs associated with remedial action. The State will be responsible for 10% of the remedial action. For publicly-operated sites, the State cost share is at least 50% of all response costs at the site, including the RI/FS and remedial design and construction of the remedial action selected. After the remedy is built, costs fall into two categories:

In previous NPL rulemakings, the Agency estimated the costs associated with these activities (RI/FS, remedial design, remedial action, and O&M) on an average per site and total cost basis. EPA will continue with this approach, using the most recent (1993) cost estimates available; the estimates are presented below. However, there is wide variation in costs for individual sites, depending on the amount, type, and extent of contamination. Additionally, EPA is unable to predict what portions of the total costs responsible parties will bear, since the distribution of costs depends on the extent of voluntary and negotiated response and the success of any cost-recovery actions.

Cost category Average total cost per site 1
RI/FS 1,350,000
Remedial Design 1,260,000
Remedial Action 21,960,000 3
Net Present Value of O&M 2 3,770,000
Source: Office of Program Management, Office of Superfund Remediation Technology Innovation, U.S. EPA, Washington, DC. 1 1993 U.S. Dollars.
2 Assumes cost of O&M over 30 years, $400,000 for the first year and 10% discount rate.
3 Includes State cost-share.

Costs to the State of Texas associated with today's final rule arise from the required State cost-share of:

  1. 10% of remedial actions and 10% of first-year O&M costs at privately-owned sites and sites that are publicly-owned but not publicly-operated; and

  2. at least 50% of the remedial planning (RI/FS and remedial design), remedial action, and first-year O&M costs at publicly-operated sites.

States will assume the cost for O&M after EPA's period of participation. Using the budget projections presented above, the cost to Texas of undertaking Federal remedial planning and actions, but excluding O&M costs, would be approximately $2.78 million. State O&M costs cannot be accurately determined because EPA, as noted above, will share O&M costs for up to 10 years for restoration of ground water and surface water, and it is not known if the ALCOA (Point Comfort/Lavaca Bay) site will require this treatment and for how long. Assuming EPA involvement for 10 years is needed, State O&M costs would be approximately $2.3 million.

Placing a hazardous waste site on the final NPL does not itself cause firms responsible for the site to bear costs. Nonetheless, a listing may induce firms to clean up the sites voluntarily, or it may act as a potential trigger for subsequent enforcement or cost-recovery actions. Such actions may impose costs on firms, but the decisions to take such actions are discretionary and made on a case-by-case basis. Consequently, precise estimates of these effects cannot be made. EPA does not believe that every site will be cleaned up by a responsible party. EPA cannot project at this time which firms or industry sectors will bear specific portions of the response costs, but the Agency considers: the volume and nature of the waste at the sites; the strength of the evidence linking the wastes at the site to the parties; the parties' ability to pay; and other factors when deciding whether and how to proceed against the parties.

Economy-wide effects of this amendment to the NPL are aggregations of efforts on firms and State and local governments. Although effects could be felt by some individual firms and States, the total impact of this amendment on output, prices, and employment is expected to be negligible at the national level, as was the case in the 1982 RIA.


The real benefits associated with today's amendment are increased health and environmental protection as a result of increased public awareness of potential hazards. In addition to the potential for more Federally-financed remedial actions, expansion of the NPL could accelerate privately-financed, voluntary cleanup efforts. Listing sites as national priority targets also may give States increased support for funding responses at particular sites.

As a result of the additional CERCLA remedies, there will be lower human exposure to high-risk chemicals, and higher-quality surface water, ground water, soil, and air. These benefits are expected to be significant, although difficult to estimate in advance of completing the RI/FS at these sites.

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IV. Executive Order 12866

This action was submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review under Executive Order 12866 (58 FR 51735, October 4, 1993) and Executive Order 12316 (46 FR 42237, August 20, 1981). No changes were made in response to OMB.

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V. Regulatory Flexibility Act Analysis

The Regulatory Flexibility Act of 1980 requires EPA to review the impacts of this action on small entities, or certify that the action will not have a significant impact on a substantial number of small entities. By small entities, the Act refers to small businesses, small government jurisdictions, and nonprofit organizations.

While this rule revises the NCP, it is not a typical regulatory change since it does not automatically impose costs. As stated above, adding sites to the NPL does not in itself require any action by any party, nor does it determine the liability of any party for the cost of cleanup at the site. Further, no identifiable groups are affected as a whole. As a consequence, impacts on any group are hard to predict. A site's inclusion on the NPL could increase the likelihood of adverse impacts on responsible parties (in the form of cleanup costs), but at this time EPA cannot identify the potentially affected businesses or estimate the number of small businesses that might also be affected.

The Agency does expect that the listing of the sites in this NPL rule could significantly affect certain industries, or firms within industries, that have caused a proportionately high percentage of waste site problems. However, EPA does not expect the listing of these sites to have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small businesses.

In any case, economic impacts would occur only through enforcement and cost-recovery actions, which EPA takes at its discretion on a site-by-site basis. EPA considers many factors when determining enforcement actions, including not only the firm's contribution to the problem, but also its ability to pay. The impacts (from cost recovery) on small governments and nonprofit organizations would be determined on a similar case-by-case basis.

For the foregoing reasons, I hereby certify that this rule does not have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities. Therefore, this regulation does not require a regulatory flexibility analysis.

List of Subjects in 40 CFR Part 300

Air pollution control, Chemicals, Hazardous materials, Intergovernmental relations, Natural resources, Oil pollution, Reporting and recordkeeping requirements, Superfund, Waste treatment and disposal, Water pollution control, Water supply.

Dated: February 15, 1994.

Elliott P. Laws,
Assistant Administrator, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response.


1. The authority citation for part 300 continues to read as follows:

Authority: 42 U.S.C. 9601-9657; 33 U.S.C. 1321(c)(2); E.O. 12777, 56 FR 54757, 3 CFR, 1991 Comp., p. 351; E.O. 12580, 52 FR 2923, 3 CFR, 1987 Comp., p. 193.

2. Appendix B to part 300 is revised to read as follows:

Appendix B - National Priorities List

Table 1
General Superfund Section, February 1994

State Site name City/county Notes
AK Alaska Battery Enterprises Fairbanks N Star Borough C
AK Arctic Surplus Fairbanks  
AL Ciba-Geigy Corp. (McIntosh Plant) McIntosh  
AL Interstate Lead Co. (ILCO) Leeds  
AL Olin Corp. (McIntosh Plant) McIntosh  
AL Perdido Ground Water Contamination Perdido C
AL Redwing Carriers, Inc. (Saraland) Saraland  
AL Stauffer Chemical Co. (Cold Creek Plant) Bucks  
AL Stauffer Chemical Co. (LeMoyne Plant) Axis  
AL T.H. Agriculture & Nutrition (Montgomery) Montgomery  
AL Triana/Tennessee River Limestone/Morgan C
AR Arkwood, Inc. Omaha  
AR Frit Industries Walnut Ridge  
AR Gurley Pit Edmondson  
AR Industrial Waste Control Fort Smith C
AR Jacksonville Municipal Landfill Jacksonville  
AR Mid-South Wood Products Mena C
AR Midland Products Ola/Birta C
AR Monroe Auto Equipment (Paragould Pit) Paragould  
AR Popile, Inc. El Dorado  
AR Rogers Road Municipal Landfill Jacksonville  
AR South 8th Street Landfill West Memphis  
AR Vertac, Inc. Jacksonville  
AZ Apache Powder Co. St. David  
AZ Hassayampa Landfill Hassayampa  
AZ Indian Bend Wash Area Scottsdale/Tempe/Phoenix  
AZ Litchfield Airport Area Goodyear/Avondale  
AZ Motorola, Inc.(52nd Street Plant) Phoenix  
AZ Nineteenth Avenue Landfill Phoenix  
AZ Tucson International Airport Area Tucson  
CA Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Sunnyvale C
CA Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (Bldg. 915) Sunnyvale C
CA Aerojet General Corp. Rancho Cordova  
CA Applied Materials Santa Clara C
CA Atlas Asbestos Mine Fresno County  
CA Beckman Instruments (Porterville Plant) Porterville C
CA Brown & Bryant, Inc.(Arvin Plant) Arvin  
CA CTS Printex, Inc. Mountain View C
CA Celtor Chemical Works Hoopa C
CA Coalinga Asbestos Mine Coalinga  
CA Coast Wood Preserving Ukiah  
CA Crazy Horse Sanitary Landfill Salinas  
CA Del Norte Pesticide Storage Crescent City C
CA Fairchild Semiconductor Corp. (Mt View) Mountain View  
CA Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.(S San Jose South San Jose C
CA Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. (Salinas Plant) Salinas C
CA Fresno Municipal Sanitary Landfill Fresno  
CA Hewlett-Packard (620-640 Page Mill Road) Palo Alto  
CA Industrial Waste Processing Fresno  
CA Intel Corp. (Mountain View Plant) Mountain View  
CA Intel Corp. (Santa Clara III) Santa Clara C
CA Intel Magnetics Santa Clara C
CA Intersil Inc./Siemens Components Cupertino C
CA Iron Mountain Mine Redding  
CA J.H. Baxter & Co. Weed  
CA Jasco Chemical Corp Mountain View  
CA Koppers Co., Inc. (Oroville Plant) Oroville  
CA Liquid Gold Oil Corp Richmond  
CA Lorentz Barrel & Drum Co San Jose  
CA Louisiana-Pacific Corp Oroville  
CA MGM Brakes Cloverdale  
CA McColl Fullerton  
CA McCormick & Baxter Creosoting Co Stockton  
CA Modesto Ground Water Contamination Modesto  
CA Monolithic Memories Sunnyvale  
CA Montrose Chemical Corp Torrance  
CA National Semiconductor Corp Santa Clara  
CA Newmark Ground Water Contamination San Bernardino  
CA Operating Industries Inc., Landfill Monterey Park  
CA Pacific Coast Pipe Lines Fillmore  
CA Purity Oil Sales, Inc. Malaga  
CA Ralph Gray Trucking Co Westminster  
CA Raytheon Corp Mountain View  
CA San Fernando Valley (Area 1) Los Angeles  
CA San Fernando Valley (Area 2) Los Angeles/ Glendale  
CA San Fernando Valley (Area 3) Glendale  
CA San Fernando Valley (Area 4) Los Angeles  
CA San Gabriel Valley (Area 1) El Monte  
CA San Gabriel Valley (Area 2) Baldwin Park Area  
CA San Gabriel Valley (Area 3) Alhambra  
CA San Gabriel Valley (Area 4) La Puente  
CA Selma Treating Co Selma  
CA Sola Optical USA, Inc Petaluma C
CA South Bay Asbestos Area Alviso  
CA Southern California Edison Co (Visalia) Visalia  
CA Spectra-Physics, Inc. Mountain View C
CA Stringfellow Glen Avon Heights S
CA Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine Clear Lake  
CA Synertek, Inc. (Building 1) Santa Clara C
CA T.H. Agriculture & Nutrition Co Fresno  
CA TRW Microwave, Inc. (Building 825) Sunnyvale C
CA Teledyne Semiconductor Mountain View C
CA United Heckathorn Co Richmond  
CA Valley Wood Preserving, Inc Turlock  
CA Waste Disposal, Inc Santa Fe Springs  
CA Watkins-Johnson Co. (Stewart Division) Scotts Valley  
CA Western Pacific Railroad Co Oroville  
CA Westinghouse Electric Corp. (Sunnyvale) Sunnyvale  
CO Broderick Wood Products Denver  
CO California Gulch Leadville  
CO Central City-Clear Creek Idaho Springs  
CO Chemical Sales Co Denver  
CO Denver Radium Site Denver  
CO Eagle Mine Minturn/Redcliff  
CO Lincoln Park Canon City  
CO Lowry Landfill Arapahoe County  
CO Marshall Landfill Boulder County C,S
CO Sand Creek Industrial Commerce City  
CO Smuggler Mountain Pitkin County  
CO Uravan Uranium Project (Union Carbide) Uravan  
CT Barkhamsted-New Hartford Landfill Barkhamsted  
CT Beacon Heights Landfill Beacon Falls  
CT Cheshire Ground Water Contamination Cheshire  
CT Durham Meadows Durham  
CT Gallup's Quarry Plainfield  
CT Kellogg-Deering Well Field Norwalk  
CT Laurel Park, Inc. Naugatuck Borough S
CT Linemaster Switch Corp Woodstock  
CT Nutmeg Valley Road Wolcott  
CT Old Southington Landfill Southington  
CT Precision Plating Corp Vernon  
CT Revere Textile Prints Corp Sterling C
CT Solvents Recovery Service New England Southington  
CT Yaworski Waste Lagoon Canterbury  
DE Army Creek Landfill New Castle County  
DE Chem-Solv, Inc Cheswold  
DE Coker's Sanitation Service Landfills Kent County C
DE Delaware City PVC Plant Delaware City  
DE Delaware Sand & Gravel Landfill New Castle County  
DE Dover Gas Light Co Dover  
DE E.I. Du Pont de Nemours (Newport Landfill) Newport  
DE Halby Chemical Co New Castle  
DE Harvey & Knott Drum, Inc. Kirkwood  
DE Koppers Co., Inc. (Newport Plant) Newport  
DE NCR Corp. (Millsboro Plant) Millsboro  
DE New Castle Spill New Castle County C
DE Sealand Limited Mount Pleasant C
DE Standard Chlorine of Delaware, Inc Delaware City  
DE Sussex County Landfill No. 5 Laurel  
DE Tybouts Corner Landfill New Castle County S
DE Tyler Refrigeration Pit Smyrna  
DE Wildcat Landfill Dover C
FL Agrico Chemical Co Pensacola  
FL Airco Plating Co Miami  
FL Alpha Chemical Corp Galloway C
FL American Creosote Works (Pensacola Plt) Pensacola  
FL Anaconda Aluminum Co./ Milgo Electronics Miami  
FL Anodyne, Inc North Miami Beach  
FL B&B Chemical Co., Inc Hialeah  
FL BMI-Textron Lake Park  
FL Beulah Landfill Pensacola C
FL Brown Wood Preserving Live Oak C
FL Cabot/Koppers Gainesville  
FL Chemform, Inc Pompano Beach C
FL City Industries, Inc Orlando  
FL Coleman-Evans Wood Preserving Co Whitehouse  
FL Davie Landfill Davie  
FL Dubose Oil Products Co Cantonment  
FL Florida Steel Corp Indiantown  
FL Gold Coast Oil Corp Miami C
FL Harris Corp. (Palm Bay Plant) Palm Bay  
FL Helena Chemical Co. (Tampa Plant) Tampa  
FL Hipps Road Landfill Duval County  
FL Hollingsworth Solderless Terminal Fort Lauderdale C
FL Kassauf-Kimerling Battery Disposal Tampa  
FL Madison County Sanitary Landfill Madison  
FL Miami Drum Services Miami C
FL Munisport Landfill North Miami  
FL Northwest 58th Street Landfill Hialeah  
FL Peak Oil Co./Bay Drum Co Tampa  
FL Pepper Steel & Alloys, Inc Medley C
FL Petroleum Products Corp Pembroke Park  
FL Pickettville Road Landfill Jacksonville  
FL Piper Aircraft/Vero Beach Water & Sewer Vero Beach  
FL Reeves Southeast Galvanizing Corp Tampa  
FL Sapp Battery Salvage Cottondale  
FL Schuylkill Metals Corp Plant City  
FL Sherwood Medical Industries Deland  
FL Sixty-Second Street Dump Tampa  
FL Standard Auto Bumper Corp Hialeah  
FL Sydney Mine Sludge Ponds Brandon  
FL Taylor Road Landfill Seffner  
FL Tower Chemical Co Clermont  
FL Whitehouse Oil Pits Whitehouse  
FL Wilson Concepts of Florida, Inc Pompano Beach C
FL Wingate Road Municipal Incinerator Dump Fort Lauderdale  
FL Woodbury Chemical Co. (Princeton Plant) Princeton C
FL Yellow Water Road Dump Baldwin  
FL Zellwood Ground Water Contamination Zellwood  
GA Cedartown Industries, Inc Cedartown  
GA Cedartown Municipal Landfill Cedartown  
GA Diamond Shamrock Corp. Landfill Cedartown  
GA Firestone Tire & Rubber Co (Albany Plant) Albany  
GA Hercules 009 Landfill Brunswick  
GA Marzone Inc./Chevron Chemical Co Tifton  
GA Mathis Brothers Landfill Kensington  
GA Monsanto Corp. (Augusta Plant) Augusta C
GA Powersville Site Peach County C
GA T.H. Agriculture & Nutrition (Albany) Albany  
GA Woolfolk Chemical Works, Inc Fort Valley  
GU Ordot Landfill Guam C,S
IA Des Moines TCE Des Moines  
IA E.I. Du Pont de Nemours (County Rd X23) West Point C
IA Electro-Coatings, Inc Cedar Rapids  
IA Fairfield Coal Gasification Plant Fairfield  
IA Farmers' Mutual Cooperative Hospers  
IA John Deere (Ottumwa Works Landfills) Ottumwa C
IA Lawrence Todtz Farm Camanche C
IA Mid-America Tanning Co Sergeant Bluff  
IA Midwest Manufacturing/ North Farm Kellogg  
IA Northwestern States Portland Cement Co Mason City C
IA Peoples Natural Gas Co Dubuque  
IA Red Oak City Landfill Red Oak  
IA Shaw Avenue Dump Charles City  
IA Sheller-Globe Corp. Disposal Keokuk  
IA Vogel Paint & Wax Co Orange City  
IA White Farm Equipment Co. Dump Charles City  
ID Bunker Hill Mining & Metallurgical Smelterville  
ID Eastern Michaud Flats Contamination Pocatello  
ID Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp. (Soda Springs) Soda Springs  
ID Monsanto Chemical Co. (Soda Springs) Soda Springs  
ID Pacific Hide & Fur Recycling Co Pocatello  
ID Union Pacific Railroad Co Pocatello  
IL A & F Material Reclaiming, Inc Greenup C
IL Acme Solvent Reclaiming (Morristown Plant) Morristown  
IL Adams County Quincy Landfills 2 & 3 Quincy  
IL Amoco Chemicals (Joliet Landfill) Joliet  
IL Beloit Corp Rockton  
IL Belvidere Municipal Landfill Belvidere C
IL Byron Salvage Yard Byron  
IL Central Illinois Public Service Co Taylorville  
IL Cross Brothers Pail Recycling (Pembroke) Pembroke Township  
IL DuPage County Landfill/ Blackwell Forest Warrenville  
IL Galesburg/Koppers Co Galesburg  
IL H.O.D. Landfill Antioch  
IL Ilada Energy Co East Cape Girardeau  
IL Interstate Pollution Control, Inc Rockford  
IL Johns-Manville Corp Waukegan C
IL Kerr-McGee(Kress Creek/W Branch DuPage) DuPage County  
IL Kerr-McGee (Reed- Keppler Park) West Chicago  
IL Kerr-McGee (Residential Areas) West Chicago/ DuPage County  
IL Kerr-McGee (Sewage Treatment Plant) West Chicago  
IL LaSalle Electric Utilities LaSalle  
IL Lenz Oil Service, Inc Lemont  
IL MIG/Dewane Landfill Belvidere  
IL NL Industries/Taracorp Lead Smelter Granite City  
IL Ottawa Radiation Areas Ottawa  
IL Outboard Marine Corp Waukegan S
IL Pagel's Pit Rockford  
IL Parsons Casket Hardware Co. Belvidere  
IL Southeast Rockford Gd Wtr Contamination Rockford  
IL Tri-County Landfill/ Waste Mgmt Illinois South Elgin  
IL Velsicol Chemical Corp. (Illinois) Marshall  
IL Wauconda Sand & Gravel Wauconda  
IL Woodstock Municipal Landfill Woodstock  
IL Yeoman Creek Landfill Waukegan  
IN American Chemical Service, Inc Griffith  
IN Bennett Stone Quarry Bloomington  
IN Carter Lee Lumber Co Indianapolis  
IN Columbus Old Municipal Landfill #1 Columbus  
IN Conrail Rail Yard (Elkhart) Elkhart  
IN Continental Steel Corp Kokomo  
IN Douglass Road/Uniroyal Inc., Landfill Mishawaka  
IN Envirochem Corp Zionsville  
IN Fisher-Calo LaPorte  
IN Fort Wayne Reduction Dump Fort Wayne  
IN Galen Myers Dump/Drum Salvage Osceola  
IN Himco Dump Elkhart  
IN Lake Sandy Jo (M&M Landfill) Gary  
IN Lakeland Disposal Service, Inc. Claypool  
IN Lemon Lane Landfill Bloomington  
IN Main Street Well Field Elkhart  
IN Marion (Bragg) Dump Marion  
IN Neal's Dump (Spencer) Spencer  
IN Neal's Landfill (Bloomington) Bloomington  
IN Ninth Avenue Dump Gary  
IN Northside Sanitary Landfill, Inc Zionsville  
IN Prestolite Battery Division Vincennes  
IN Reilly Tar & Chemical (Indianapolis Plant) Indianapolis  
IN Seymour Recycling Corp Seymour C,S
IN Southside Sanitary Landfill Indianapolis  
IN Tippecanoe Sanitary Landfill, Inc. Lafayette  
IN Tri-State Plating Columbus C
IN Waste, Inc., Landfill Michigan City  
IN Wayne Waste Oil Columbia City  
IN Whiteford Sales & Service/Nationalease South Bend  
KS 29th & Mead Ground Water Contamination Wichita  
KS 57th and North Broadway Streets Site Wichita Heights  
KS Arkansas City Dump Arkansas City C,S
KS Cherokee County Cherokee County  
KS Doepke Disposal (Holliday) Johnson County  
KS Obee Road Hutchinson  
KS Pester Refinery Co El Dorado  
KS Strother Field Industrial Park Cowley County  
KY A.L. Taylor (Valley of Drums) Brooks C
KY Airco Calvert City  
KY B.F. Goodrich Calvert City  
KY Brantley Landfill Island  
KY Caldwell Lace Leather Co., Inc Auburn  
KY Distler Brickyard West Point  
KY Distler Farm Jefferson County C
KY Fort Hartford Coal Co. Stone Quarry Olaton  
KY General Tire & Rubber (Mayfield Landfill) Mayfield C
KY Green River Disposal, Inc. Maceo  
KY Howe Valley Landfill Howe Valley  
KY Lee's Lane Landfill Louisville C
KY Maxey Flats Nuclear Disposal Hillsboro  
KY National Electric Coil/Cooper Industries Dayhoit  
KY Newport Dump Newport C
KY Red Penn Sanitation Co. Landfill PeeWee Valley  
KY Smith's Farm Brooks  
KY Tri-City Disposal Co Shepherdsville  
LA American Creosote Works, Inc. (Winnfield) Winnfield  
LA Bayou Bonfouca Slidell  
LA Bayou Sorrel Site Bayou Sorrel C
LA Cleve Reber Sorrento  
LA Combustion, Inc Denham Springs  
LA D.L. Mud, Inc Abbeville  
LA Dutchtown Treatment Plant Ascension Parish  
LA Gulf Coast Vacuum Services Abbeville  
LA Old Inger Oil Refinery Darrow S
LA PAB Oil & Chemical Service, Inc Abbeville  
LA Petro-Processors of Louisiana Inc Scotlandville  
MA Atlas Tack Corp Fairhaven  
MA Baird & McGuire Holbrook  
MA Cannon Engineering Corp. (CEC) Bridgewater C
MA Charles-George Reclamation Landfill Tyngsborough  
MA Groveland Wells Groveland  
MA Haverhill Municipal Landfill Haverhill  
MA Hocomonco Pond Westborough  
MA Industri-Plex Woburn  
MA Iron Horse Park Billerica  
MA New Bedford Site New Bedford S
MA Norwood PCBs Norwood  
MA Nyanza Chemical Waste Dump Ashland  
MA PSC Resources Palmer  
MA Re-Solve, Inc Dartmouth  
MA Rose Disposal Pit Lanesboro  
MA Salem Acres Salem  
MA Shpack Landfill Norton/Attleboro  
MA Silresim Chemical Corp Lowell  
MA Sullivan's Ledge New Bedford  
MA W.R. Grace & Co. Inc (Acton Plant) Acton  
MA Wells G&H Woburn  
MD Bush Valley Landfill Abingdon  
MD Kane & Lombard Street Drums Baltimore  
MD Limestone Road Cumberland  
MD Mid-Atlantic Wood Preservers, Inc Harmans C
MD Sand, Gravel & Stone Elkton  
MD Southern Maryland Wood Treating Hollywood  
MD Woodlawn County Landfill Woodlawn  
ME McKin Co Gray C
ME O'Connor Co Augusta  
ME Pinette's Salvage Yard Washburn  
ME Saco Municipal Landfill Saco  
ME Saco Tannery Waste Pits Saco C
ME Union Chemical Co., Inc South Hope  
ME Winthrop Landfill Winthrop  
MI Adam's Plating Lansing  
MI Albion-Sheridan Township Landfill Albion  
MI Allied Paper/Portage Ck/ Kalamazoo River Kalamazoo  
MI American Anodco, Inc Ionia C
MI Anderson Development Co Adrian C
MI Auto Ion Chemicals, Inc Kalamazoo  
MI Avenue "E" Ground Water Contamination Traverse City  
MI Barrels, Inc Lansing  
MI Bendix Corp./Allied Automotive St. Joseph  
MI Berlin & Farro Swartz Creek  
MI Bofors Nobel, Inc Muskegon  
MI Burrows Sanitation Hartford C
MI Butterworth #2 Landfill Grand Rapids  
MI Cannelton Industries, Inc Saulte Saint Marie  
MI Carter Industrials, Inc Detroit  
MI Cemetery Dump Rose Center C
MI Chem Central Wyoming Township  
MI Clare Water Supply Clare  
MI Cliff/Dow Dump Marquette  
MI Duell & Gardner Landfill Dalton Township  
MI Electrovoice Buchanan  
MI Folkertsma Refuse Grand Rapids  
MI Forest Waste Products Otisville  
MI G&H Landfill Utica  
MI Grand Traverse Overall Supply Co Greilickville C
MI Gratiot County Landfill St. Louis S
MI H. Brown Co., Inc Grand Rapids  
MI Hedblum Industries Oscoda C
MI Hi-Mill Manufacturing Co Highland  
MI Ionia City Landfill Ionia  
MI J & L Landfill Rochester Hills  
MI K&L Avenue Landfill Oshtemo Township  
MI Kaydon Corp Muskegon  
MI Kent City Mobile Home Park Kent City  
MI Kentwood Landfill Kentwood  
MI Kysor Industrial Corp Cadillac  
MI Liquid Disposal, Inc Utica  
MI Mason County Landfill Pere Marquette Twp C
MI McGraw Edison Corp Albion  
MI Metamora Landfill Metamora  
MI Michigan Disposal (Cork Street Landfill) Kalamazoo  
MI Motor Wheel, Inc. Lansing  
MI Muskegon Chemical Co Whitehall  
MI North Bronson Industrial Area Bronson  
MI Northernaire Plating Cadillac  
MI Novaco Industries Temperance C
MI Organic Chemicals, Inc Grandville  
MI Ossineke Ground Water Contamination Ossineke  
MI Ott/Story/Cordova Chemical Co Dalton Township  
MI Packaging Corp. of America Filer City  
MI Parsons Chemical Works, Inc Grand Ledge  
MI Peerless Plating Co Muskegon  
MI Petoskey Municipal Well Field Petoskey  
MI Rasmussen's Dump Green Oak Township  
MI Rockwell International Corp. (Allegan) Allegan  
MI Rose Township Dump Rose Township  
MI Roto-Finish Co., Inc Kalamazoo  
MI SCA Independent Landfill Muskegon Heights  
MI Shiawassee River Howell  
MI South Macomb Disposal (Landfills 9 & 9A) Macomb Township  
MI Southwest Ottawa County Landfill Park Township  
MI Sparta Landfill Sparta Township  
MI Spartan Chemical Co. Wyoming  
MI Spiegelberg Landfill Green Oak Township  
MI Springfield Township Dump Davisburg  
MI State Disposal Landfill, Inc Grand Rapids  
MI Sturgis Municipal Wells Sturgis  
MI Tar Lake Mancelona Township  
MI Thermo-Chem, Inc Muskegon  
MI Torch Lake Houghton County  
MI U.S. Aviex Howard Township C
MI Velsicol Chemical Corp. (Michigan) St. Louis C
MI Verona Well Field Battle Creek  
MI Wash King Laundry Pleasant Plains Twp  
MI Waste Management of Michigan (Holland) Holland  
MN Agate Lake Scrapyard Fairview Township  
MN Arrowhead Refinery Co Hermantown  
MN Boise Cascade/Onan Corp./Medtronics, Inc Fridley C
MN Burlington Northern (Brainerd/Baxter) Brainerd/Baxter  
MN Dakhue Sanitary Landfill Cannon Falls  
MN East Bethel Demolition Landfill East Bethel Township  
MN FMC Corp. (Fridley Plant) Fridley C
MN Freeway Sanitary Landfill Burnsville  
MN General Mills/Henkel Corp Minneapolis C
MN Joslyn Manufacturing & Supply Co Brooklyn Center  
MN Koch Refining Co./N-Ren Corp Pine Bend  
MN Koppers Coke St. Paul  
MN Kummer Sanitary Landfill Bemidji  
MN Kurt Manufacturing Co Fridley  
MN LaGrand Sanitary Landfill LaGrand Township  
MN Lehillier/Mankato Site Lehillier/Mankato C
MN Long Prairie Ground Water Contamination Long Prairie  
MN MacGillis & Gibbs/Bell Lumber & Pole Co New Brighton  
MN NL Industries/Taracorp/ Golden Auto St. Louis Park  
MN New Brighton/Arden Hills New Brighton  
MN Nutting Truck & Caster Co Faribault C
MN Oak Grove Sanitary Landfill Oak Grove Township C
MN Oakdale Dump Oakdale  
MN Olmsted County Sanitary Landfill Oronoco  
MN Perham Arsenic Site Perham  
MN Pine Bend Sanitary Landfill Dakota County  
MN Reilly Tar&Chem (St. Louis Park Plant) St. Louis Park S
MN Ritari Post & Pole Sebeka  
MN South Andover Site Andover  
MN St. Augusta Sanitary Landfill/Engen Dump St. Augusta Township  
MN St. Louis River Site St. Louis County  
MN St. Regis Paper Co Cass Lake  
MN University Minnesota (Rosemount Res Cen) Rosemount  
MN Waite Park Wells Waite Park  
MN Washington County Landfill Lake Elmo C
MN Waste Disposal Engineering Andover  
MN Whittaker Corp Minneapolis C
MN Windom Dump Windom C
MO Bee Cee Manufacturing Co Malden  
MO Big River Mine Tailings/St. Joe Minerals Desloge  
MO Conservation Chemical Co Kansas City C
MO Ellisville Site Ellisville S
MO Fulbright Landfill Springfield C
MO Kem-Pest Laboratories Cape Girardeau  
MO Lee Chemical Liberty  
MO Minker/Stout/Romaine Creek Imperial  
MO Missouri Electric Works Cape Girardeau  
MO North - U Drive Well Contamination Springfield C
MO Oronogo-Duenweg Mining Belt Jasper County  
MO Quality Plating Sikeston  
MO Shenandoah Stables Moscow Mills  
MO Solid State Circuits, Inc Republic C
MO St Louis Airport/HIS/Futura Coatings Co St. Louis County  
MO Syntex Facility Verona  
MO Times Beach Site Times Beach  
MO Valley Park TCE Valley Park  
MO Westlake Landfill Bridgeton  
MO Wheeling Disposal Service Co. Landfill Amazonia  
MS Flowood Site Flowood C,S
MS Newsom Brothers/Old Reichhold Chemicals Columbia  
MT Anaconda Co. Smelter Anaconda  
MT East Helena Site East Helena  
MT Idaho Pole Co Bozeman  
MT Libby Ground Water Contamination Libby C
MT Milltown Reservoir Sediments Milltown  
MT Montana Pole and Treating Butte  
MT Mouat Industries Columbus  
MT Silver Bow Creek/Butte Area Sil Bow/Deer Lodge  
NC ABC One Hour Cleaners Jacksonville  
NC Aberdeen Pesticide Dumps Aberdeen  
NC Benfield Industries, Inc Hazelwood  
NC Bypass 601 Ground Water Contamination Concord  
NC Cape Fear Wood Preserving Fayetteville  
NC Carolina Transformer Co Fayetteville  
NC Celanese Corp. (Shelby Fiber Operations) Shelby C
NC Charles Macon Lagoon & Drum Storage Cordova  
NC Chemtronics, Inc Swannanoa C
NC FCX, Inc. (Statesville Plant) Statesville  
NC FCX, Inc. (Washington Plant) Washington  
NC Geigy Chemical Corp. (Aberdeen Plant) Aberdeen  
NC JFD Electronics/Channel Master Oxford  
NC Jadco-Hughes Facility Belmont  
NC Koppers Co. Inc. (Morrisville Plant) Morrisville  
NC Martin-Marietta, Sodyeco, Inc Charlotte  
NC NC State University (Lot 86, Farm Unit #1) Raleigh  
NC National Starch & Chemical Corp Salisbury  
NC New Hanover Cnty Airport Burn Pit Wilmington  
NC Potter's Septic Tank Service Pits Maco  
ND Arsenic Trioxide Site Southeastern ND C,S
ND Minot Landfill Minot  
NE 10th Street Site Columbus  
NE Cleburn Street Well Grand Island  
NE Hastings Ground Water Contamination Hastings  
NE Lindsay Manufacturing Co Lindsay  
NE Nebraska Ordnance Plant (Former) Mead  
NE Sherwood Medical Co Norfolk  
NE Waverly Ground Water Contamination Waverly  
NH Auburn Road Landfill Londonderry  
NH Coakley Landfill North Hampton  
NH Dover Municipal Landfill Dover  
NH Fletcher's Paint Works & Storage Milford  
NH Kearsarge Metallurgical Corp Conway C
NH Keefe Environmental Services Epping C
NH Mottolo Pig Farm Raymond C
NH New Hampshire Plating Co Merrimack  
NH Ottati & Goss/Kingston Steel Drum Kingston  
NH Savage Municipal Water Supply Milford  
NH Somersworth Sanitary Landfill Somersworth  
NH South Municipal Water Supply Well Peterborough  
NH Sylvester Nashua C,S
NH Tibbets Road Barrington  
NH Tinkham Garage Londonderry  
NH Town Garage/Radio Beacon Londonderry C
NJ A.O. Polymer Sparta Township  
NJ American Cyanamid Co Bound Brook  
NJ Asbestos Dump Millington  
NJ Bog Creek Farm Howell Township  
NJ Brick Township Landfill Brick Township  
NJ Bridgeport Rental & Oil Services Bridgeport  
NJ Brook Industrial Park Bound Brook  
NJ Burnt Fly Bog Marlboro Township  
NJ CPS/Madison Industries Old Bridge Township  
NJ Caldwell Trucking Co Fairfield  
NJ Chemical Control Elizabeth  
NJ Chemical Insecticide Corp Edison Township  
NJ Chemical Leaman Tank Lines, Inc Bridgeport  
NJ Chemsol, Inc Piscataway  
NJ Ciba-Geigy Corp Toms River  
NJ Cinnaminson Ground Water Contamination Cinnaminson Township  
NJ Combe Fill North Landfill Mount Olive Township C
NJ Combe Fill South Landfill Chester Township  
NJ Cosden Chemical Coatings Corp Beverly  
NJ Curcio Scrap Metal, Inc Saddle Brook Township  
NJ D'Imperio Property Hamilton Township  
NJ Dayco Corp./L.E. Carpenter Co Wharton Borough  
NJ De Rewal Chemical Co Kingwood Township  
NJ Delilah Road Egg Harbor Township  
NJ Denzer & Schafer X-Ray Co Bayville  
NJ Diamond Alkali Co Newark  
NJ Dover Municipal Well 4 Dover Township  
NJ Ellis Property Evesham Township  
NJ Evor Phillips Leasing Old Bridge Township  
NJ Ewan Property Shamong Township  
NJ Fair Lawn Well Field Fair Lawn  
NJ Florence Land Recontouring Landfill Florence Township  
NJ Fried Industries East Brunswick Township  
NJ GEMS Landfill Gloucester Township  
NJ Garden State Cleaners Co Minotola  
NJ Glen Ridge Radium Site Glen Ridge  
NJ Global Sanitary Landfill Old Bridge Township  
NJ Goose Farm Plumstead Township C
NJ Helen Kramer Landfill Mantua Township C
NJ Hercules, Inc. (Gibbstown Plant) Gibbstown  
NJ Higgins Disposal Kingston  
NJ Higgins Farm Franklin Township  
NJ Hopkins Farm Plumstead Township  
NJ Imperial Oil Co., Inc./ Champion Chemicals Morganville  
NJ Industrial Latex Corp Wallington Borough  
NJ JIS Landfill Jamesburg/S. Brnswck  
NJ Jackson Township Landfill Jackson Township  
NJ Kauffman & Minteer, Inc Jobstown  
NJ Kin-Buc Landfill Edison Township  
NJ King of Prussia Winslow Township  
NJ Landfill & Development Co Mount Holly  
NJ Lang Property Pemberton Township  
NJ Lipari Landfill Pitman  
NJ Lodi Municipal Well Lodi C
NJ Lone Pine Landfill Freehold Township  
NJ Mannheim Avenue Dump Galloway Township  
NJ Maywood Chemical Co Maywood/Rochelle Park  
NJ Metaltec/Aerosystems Franklin Borough  
NJ Monitor Devices/ Intercircuits Inc Wall Township  
NJ Monroe Township Landfill Monroe Township C
NJ Montclair/West Orange Radium Site Montclair/W Orange  
NJ Montgomery Township Housing Development Montgomery Township  
NJ Myers Property Franklin Township  
NJ NL Industries Pedricktown  
NJ Nascolite Corp Millville  
NJ PJP Landfill Jersey City  
NJ Pepe Field Boonton  
NJ Pijak Farm Plumstead Township  
NJ Pohatcong Valley Ground Water Contaminat Warren County  
NJ Pomona Oaks Residential Wells Galloway Township C
NJ Price Landfill Pleasantville S
NJ Radiation Technology, Inc Rockaway Township  
NJ Reich Farms Pleasant Plains  
NJ Renora, Inc Edison Township  
NJ Ringwood Mines/Landfill Ringwood Borough C
NJ Rockaway Borough Well Field Rockaway Township  
NJ Rockaway Township Wells Rockaway  
NJ Rocky Hill Municipal Well Rocky Hill Borough  
NJ Roebling Steel Co Florence  
NJ Sayreville Landfill Sayreville  
NJ Scientific Chemical Processing Carlstadt  
NJ Sharkey Landfill Parsippany/Troy Hls  
NJ Shieldalloy Corp Newfield Borough  
NJ South Brunswick Landfill South Brunswick C
NJ South Jersey Clothing Co Minotola  
NJ Spence Farm Plumstead Township  
NJ Swope Oil & Chemical Co Pennsauken  
NJ Syncon Resins South Kearny  
NJ Tabernacle Drum Dump Tabernacle Township C
NJ U.S. Radium Corp Orange  
NJ Universal Oil Products (Chemical Division) East Rutherford  
NJ Upper Deerfield Township Sanit. Landfill Upper Deerfield Township C
NJ Ventron/Velsicol Wood Ridge Borough  
NJ Vineland Chemical Co., Inc Vineland  
NJ Vineland State School Vineland C
NJ Waldick Aerospace Devices, Inc Wall Township  
NJ White Chemical Corp Newark A
NJ Williams Property Swainton  
NJ Wilson Farm Plumstead Township C
NJ Witco Chemical Corp. (Oakland Plt) Oakland C
NJ Woodland Route 532 Dump Woodland Township  
NJ Woodland Route 72 Dump Woodland Township  
NM AT & SF (Clovis) Clovis  
NM Cimarron Mining Corp Carrizozo C
NM Cleveland Mill Silver City  
NM Homestake Mining Co Milan  
NM Prewitt Abandoned Refinery Prewitt  
NM South Valley Albuquerque S
NM United Nuclear Corp Church Rock  
NV Carson River Mercury Site Lyon/Churchill Cnty  
NY Action Anodizing, Plating, & Polishing Copiague C
NY American Thermostat Co South Cairo  
NY Anchor Chemicals Hicksville  
NY Applied Environmental Services Glenwood Landing  
NY Batavia Landfill Batavia  
NY BioClinical Laboratories, Inc Bohemia C
NY Brewster Well Field Putnam County  
NY Byron Barrel & Drum Byron  
NY C & J Disposal Leasing Co. Dump Hamilton C
NY Carroll & Dubies Sewage Disposal Port Jervis  
NY Circuitron Corp East Farmingdale  
NY Claremont Polychemical Old Bethpage  
NY Clothier Disposal Town of Granby C
NY Colesville Municipal Landfill Town of Colesville  
NY Conklin Dumps Conklin  
NY Cortese Landfill Village of Narrowsburg  
NY Endicott Village Well Field Village of Endicott  
NY FMC Corp (Dublin Road Landfill) Town of Shelby  
NY Facet Enterprises, Inc Elmira  
NY Forest Glen Mobile Home Subdivision Niagara Falls A
NY Fulton Terminals Fulton  
NY GE Moreau South Glen Falls  
NY General Motors (Central Foundry Division) Massena  
NY Genzale Plating Co Franklin Square  
NY Goldisc Recordings, Inc Holbrook  
NY Haviland Complex Town of Hyde Park  
NY Hertel Landfill Plattekill  
NY Hooker (102nd Street) Niagara Falls  
NY Hooker (Hyde Park) Niagara Falls  
NY Hooker (S Area) Niagara Falls  
NY Hooker Chemical/Ruco Polymer Corp Hicksville  
NY Hudson River PCBs Hudson River  
NY Islip Municipal Sanitary Landfill Islip  
NY Johnstown City Landfill Town of Johnstown  
NY Jones Chemicals, Inc Caledonia  
NY Jones Sanitation Hyde Park  
NY Katonah Municipal Well Town of Bedford C
NY Kenmark Textile Corp Farmingdale  
NY Kentucky Avenue Well Field Horseheads  
NY Li Tungsten Corp Glen Cove  
NY Liberty Industrial Finishing Farmingdale  
NY Love Canal Niagara Falls  
NY Ludlow Sand & Gravel Clayville  
NY Malta Rocket Fuel Area Malta  
NY Marathon Battery Corp Cold Springs  
NY Mattiace Petrochemical Co, Inc Glen Cove  
NY Mercury Refining, Inc Colonie  
NY Nepera Chemical Co., Inc Maybrook  
NY Niagara County Refuse Wheatfield  
NY Niagara Mohawk Power Co (Saratoga Springs) Saratoga Springs  
NY North Sea Municipal Landfill North Sea  
NY Old Bethpage Landfill Oyster Bay C
NY Olean Well Field Olean  
NY Pasley Solvents & Chemicals, Inc Hempstead  
NY Pollution Abatement Services Oswego S
NY Port Washington Landfill Port Washington  
NY Preferred Plating Corp Farmingdale  
NY Radium Chemical Co., Inc New York City A
NY Ramapo Landfill Ramapo  
NY Richardson Hill Road Landfill/Pond Sidney Center  
NY Robintech, Inc./ National Pipe Co Town of Vestal  
NY Rosen Brothers Scrap Yard/Dump Cortland  
NY Rowe Industries Gnd Water Contamination Noyack/Sag Harbor  
NY SMS Instruments, Inc Deer Park  
NY Samey Farm Amenia  
NY Sealand Restoration, Inc Lisbon  
NY Sidney Landfill Sidney  
NY Sinclair Refinery Wellsville  
NY Solvent Savers Lincklaen  
NY Syosset Landfill Oyster Bay  
NY Tri-Cities Barrel Co., Inc Port Crane  
NY Tronic Plating Co., Inc Farmingdale C
NY Vestal Water Supply Well 1-1 Vestal  
NY Vestal Water Supply Well 4-2 Vestal  
NY Volney Municipal Landfill Town of Volney  
NY Warwick Landfill Warwick  
NY Wide Beach Development Brant C
NY York Oil Co Moira  
OH Allied Chemical & Ironton Coke Ironton  
OH Alsco Anaconda Gnadenhutten  
OH Arcanum Iron & Metal Darke County  
OH Big D Campground Kingsville  
OH Bowers Landfill Circleville C
OH Buckeye Reclamation St. Clairsville  
OH Chem-Dyne Hamilton C,S
OH Coshocton Landfill Franklin Township  
OH E.H. Schilling Landfill Hamilton Township C
OH Fields Brook Ashtabula  
OH Fultz Landfill Jackson Township  
OH Industrial Excess Landfill Uniontown  
OH Laskin/Poplar Oil Co Jefferson Township C
OH Miami County Incinerator Troy  
OH Nease Chemical Salem  
OH New Lyme Landfill New Lyme C
OH Old Mill Rock Creek C
OH Ormet Corp Hannibal  
OH Powell Road Landfill Dayton  
OH Pristine, Inc Reading  
OH Reilly Tar & Chemical (Dover Plant) Dover  
OH Republic Steel Corp Quarry Elyria C
OH Sanitary Landfill Co (Industrial Waste) Dayton  
OH Skinner Landfill West Chester  
OH South Point Plant South Point  
OH Summit National Deerfield Township  
OH TRW, Inc (Minerva Plant) Minerva  
OH United Scrap Lead Co, Inc Troy  
OH Van Dale Junkyard Marietta  
OH Zanesville Well Field Zanesville  
OK Compass Industries (Avery Drive) Tulsa C
OK Double Eagle Refinery Co Oklahoma City  
OK Fourth Street Abandoned Refinery Oklahoma City  
OK Hardage/Criner Criner  
OK Mosley Road Sanitary Landfill Oklahoma City  
OK Oklahoma Refining Co Cyril  
OK Sand Springs Petrochemical Complex Sand Springs  
OK Tar Creek (Ottawa County) Ottawa County  
OK Tenth Street Dump/Junkyard Oklahoma City  
OR Allied Plating, Inc Portland C
OR Gould, Inc Portland  
OR Joseph Forest Products Joseph C
OR Martin-Marietta Aluminum Co The Dalles  
OR Northwest Pipe & Casing Co Clackamas  
OR Teledyne Wah Chang Albany  
OR Union Pacific Railroad Tie Treatment The Dalles  
OR United Chrome Products, Inc Corvallis C
PA A.I.W. Frank/Mid-County Mustang Exton  
PA AMP, Inc. (Glen Rock Facility) Glen Rock  
PA Aladdin Plating Scott Township  
PA Ambler Asbestos Piles Ambler C
PA Austin Avenue Radiation Site Delaware County A
PA Avco Lycoming (Williamsport Division) Williamsport  
PA Bally Ground Water Contamination Bally Borough  
PA Bell Landfill Terry Township  
PA Bendix Flight Systems Division Bridgewater Township  
PA Berkley Products Co Dump Denver  
PA Berks Landfill Spring Township  
PA Berks Sand Pit Longswamp Township  
PA Blosenski Landfill West Caln Township  
PA Boarhead Farms Bridgeton Township  
PA Brodhead Creek Stroudsburg  
PA Brown's Battery Breaking Shoemakersville  
PA Bruin Lagoon Bruin Borough C
PA Butler Mine Tunnel Pittston  
PA Butz Landfill Stroudsburg  
PA C & D Recycling Foster Township  
PA Centre County Kepone State College Borough  
PA Commodore Semiconductor Group Lower Providence Township  
PA Craig Farm Drum Parker  
PA Crater Resources/Keystone Coke/Alan Wood Upper Merion Township  
PA Crossley Farm Hereford Township  
PA Croydon TCE Croydon  
PA CryoChem, Inc Worman  
PA Delta Quarries & Disp./ Stotler Landfill Antis/Logan Twps  
PA Dorney Road Landfill Upper Macungie Township  
PA Douglassville Disposal Douglassville  
PA Drake Chemical Lock Haven  
PA Dublin TCE Site Dublin Borough  
PA East Mount Zion Springettsbury Township  
PA Eastern Diversified Metals Hometown  
PA Elizabethtown Landfill Elizabethtown  
PA Fischer & Porter Co Warminster  
PA Foote Mineral Co East Whiteland Township  
PA Havertown PCP Haverford  
PA Hebelka Auto Salvage Yard Weisenberg Township  
PA Heleva Landfill North Whitehall Township  
PA Hellertown Manufacturing Co Hellertown  
PA Henderson Road Upper Merion Township C
PA Hranica Landfill Buffalo Township  
PA Hunterstown Road Straban Township  
PA Industrial Lane Williams Township  
PA Jacks Creek/Sitkin Smelting and Refinery Maitland  
PA Keystone Sanitation Landfill Union Township  
PA Kimberton Site Kimberton Borough C
PA Lackawanna Refuse Old Forge Borough  
PA Lindane Dump Harrison Township  
PA Lord-Shope Landfill Girard Township  
PA MW Manufacturing Valley Township  
PA Malvern TCE Malvern  
PA McAdoo Associates McAdoo Borough S
PA Metal Banks Philadelphia  
PA Metropolitan Mirror and Glass Frackville  
PA Middletown Air Field Middletown  
PA Mill Creek Dump Erie  
PA Modern Sanitation Landfill Lower Windsor Township  
PA Moyers Landfill Eagleville  
PA North Penn - Area 1 Souderton  
PA North Penn - Area 12 Worcester  
PA North Penn - Area 2 Hatfield  
PA North Penn - Area 5 Montgomery Township  
PA North Penn - Area 6 Lansdale  
PA North Penn - Area 7 North Wales  
PA Novak Sanitary Landfill South Whitehall Township  
PA Occidental Chemical Corp./Firestone Tire Lower Pottsgrove Township  
PA Ohio River Park Neville Island  
PA Old City of York Landfill Seven Valleys  
PA Osborne Landfill Grove City  
PA Palmerton Zinc Pile Palmerton  
PA Paoli Rail Yard Paoli  
PA Publicker Industries Inc Philadelphia  
PA Raymark Hatboro  
PA Recticon/Allied Steel Corp East Coventry Twp  
PA Resin Disposal Jefferson Borough  
PA Revere Chemical Co Nockamixon Township  
PA River Road Landfill/Waste Mngmnt, Inc Hermitage  
PA Rodale Manufacturing Co., Inc Emmaus Borough  
PA Route 940 Drum Dump Pocono Summit C
PA Saegertown Industrial Area Saegertown  
PA Shriver's Corner Straban Township  
PA Stanley Kessler King of Prussia  
PA Strasburg Landfill Newlin Township  
PA Taylor Borough Dump Taylor Borough C
PA Tonolli Corp Nesquehoning  
PA Tysons Dump Upper Merion Twp  
PA Walsh Landfill Honeybrook Township  
PA Westinghouse Electronic (Sharon Plant) Sharon  
PA Westinghouse Elevator Co. Plant Gettysburg  
PA Whitmoyer Laboratories Jackson Township  
PA William Dick Lagoons West Caln Township  
PA York County Solid Waste/Refuse Landfill Hopewell Township  
PR Barceloneta Landfill Florida Afuera  
PR Fibers Public Supply Wells Jobos  
PR Frontera Creek Rio Abajo  
PR GE Wiring Devices Juana Diaz  
PR Juncos Landfill Juncos  
PR RCA Del Caribe Barceloneta  
PR Upjohn Facility Barceloneta  
PR Vega Alta Public Supply Wells Vega Alta  
RI Central Landfill Johnston  
RI Davis (GSR) Landfill Glocester  
RI Davis Liquid Waste Smithfield  
RI Landfill & Resource Recovery, Inc (L&RR) North Smithfield  
RI Peterson/Puritan, Inc Lincoln/Cumberland  
RI Picillo Farm Coventry S
RI Rose Hill Regional Landfill South Kingston  
RI Stamina Mills, Inc North Smithfield  
RI West Kingston Town Dump/URI Disposal South Kingston  
RI Western Sand & Gravel Burrillville C
SC Beaunit Corp (Circular Knit & Dye) Fountain Inn  
SC Carolawn, Inc Fort Lawn  
SC Elmore Waste Disposal Greer  
SC Geiger (C&M Oil) Rantoules  
SC Golden Strip Septic Tank Service Simpsonville  
SC Helena Chemical Co. Landfill Fairfax  
SC Independent Nail Co Beaufort C
SC Kalama Specialty Chemicals Beaufort  
SC Koppers Co., Inc. (Florence Plant) Florence  
SC Leonard Chemical Co., Inc Rock Hill  
SC Lexington County Landfill Area Cayce  
SC Medley Farm Drum Dump Gaffney  
SC Palmetto Recycling, Inc Columbia  
SC Palmetto Wood Preserving Dixiana  
SC Para-Chem Southern, Inc Simpsonville  
SC Rochester Property Travelers Rest  
SC Rock Hill Chemical Co Rock Hill  
SC SCRDI Bluff Road Columbia S
SC SCRDI Dixiana Cayce C
SC Sangamo Weston/Twelve- Mile/Hartwell PCB Pickens  
SC Townsend Saw Chain Co Pontiac  
SC Wamchem, Inc Burton  
SD Whitewood Creek Whitewood C,S
SD Williams Pipe Line Co., Disposal Pit Sioux Falls  
TN American Creosote Works, (Jackson Plant) Jackson  
TN Amnicola Dump Chattanooga C
TN Arlington Blending & Packaging Arlington  
TN Carrier Air Conditioning Co Collierville  
TN Gallaway Pits Gallaway  
TN Lewisburg Dump Lewisburg C
TN Mallory Capacitor Co Waynesboro  
TN Murray-Ohio Dump Lawrenceburg  
TN North Hollywood Dump Memphis S
TN Velsicol Chemical Corp (Hardeman County) Toone  
TN Wrigley Charcoal Plant Wrigley  
TX ALCOA (Point Comfort)/Lavaca Bay Point Comfort  
TX Bailey Waste Disposal Bridge City  
TX Bio-Ecology Systems, Inc Grand Prairie C
TX Brio Refining, Inc Friendswood  
TX Crystal Chemical Co Houston  
TX Crystal City Airport Crystal City C
TX Dixie Oil Processors, Inc Friendswood C
TX French, Ltd Crosby  
TX Geneva Industries/Fuhrmann Energy Houston C
TX Highlands Acid Pit Highlands C
TX Koppers Co. Inc (Texarkana Plant) Texarkana  
TX Motco, Inc La Marque S
TX North Cavalcade Street Houston  
TX Odessa Chromium #1 Odessa  
TX Odessa Chromium #2 (Andrews Highway) Odessa  
TX Pesses Chemical Co Fort Worth C
TX Petro-Chemical Systems, (Turtle Bayou) Liberty County  
TX Sheridan Disposal Services Hempstead  
TX Sikes Disposal Pits Crosby  
TX Sol Lynn/Industrial Transformers Houston C
TX South Cavalcade Street Houston  
TX Stewco, Inc Waskom C
TX Texarkana Wood Preserving Co Texarkana  
TX Triangle Chemical Co Bridge City C
TX United Creosoting Co Conroe  
UT Midvale Slag Midvale  
UT Monticello Radioactive Contaminated Prop Monticello  
UT Petrochem Recycling Corp./Ekotek Plant Salt Lake City  
UT Portland Cement (Kiln Dust 2 & 3) Salt Lake City  
UT Rose Park Sludge Pit Salt Lake City C,S
UT Sharon Steel Corp. (Midvale Tailings) Midvale  
UT Utah Power & Light/American Barrel Co Salt Lake City  
UT Wasatch Chemical Co. (Lot 6) Salt Lake City  
VA Abex Corp Portsmouth  
VA Arrowhead Associates/Scovill Corp Montross  
VA Atlantic Wood Industries, Inc Portsmouth  
VA Avtex Fibers, Inc Front Royal  
VA Buckingham County Landfill Buckingham  
VA C & R Battery Co., Inc Chesterfield County C
VA Chisman Creek York County C
VA Culpeper Wood Preservers, Inc Culpeper  
VA Dixie Caverns County Landfill Salem  
VA First Piedmont Rock Quarry (Route 719) Pittsylvania County  
VA Greenwood Chemical Co Newtown  
VA H&H Inc., Burn Pit Farrington  
VA L.A. Clarke & Son Spotsylvania County  
VA Rentokil, Inc. (VA Wood Preserving Div) Richmond  
VA Rhinehart Tire Fire Dump Frederick County  
VA Saltville Waste Disposal Ponds Saltville  
VA Saunders Supply Co Chuckatuck  
VA Suffolk Supply Co Suffolk C
VA U.S. Titanium Piney River  
VT BFI Sanitary Landfill (Rockingham) Rockingham  
VT Bennington Municipal Sanitary Landfill Bennington  
VT Burgess Brothers Landfill Woodford  
VT Darling Hill Dump Lyndon C
VT Old Springfield Landfill Springfield  
VT Parker Sanitary Landfill Lyndon  
VT Pine Street Canal Burlington S
VT Tansitor Electronics, Inc Bennington  
WA ALCOA (Vancouver Smelter) Vancouver  
WA American Crossarm & Conduit Co Chehalis  
WA American Lake Gardens Tacoma  
WA Centralia Municipal Landfill Centralia  
WA Colbert Landfill Colbert  
WA Commencement Bay, Near Shore/Tide Flats Pierce County  
WA Commencement Bay, South Tacoma Channel Tacoma  
WA FMC Corp. (Yakima Pit) Yakima C
WA Frontier Hard Chrome, Inc Vancouver  
WA General Electric Co. (Spokane Shop) Spokane  
WA Greenacres Landfill Spokane County  
WA Harbor Island (Lead) Seattle  
WA Hidden Valley Landfill (Thun Field) Pierce County  
WA Kaiser Aluminum Mead Works Mead  
WA Lakewood Site Lakewood C
WA Mica Landfill Mica  
WA Midway Landfill Kent  
WA Moses Lake Wellfield Contamination Moses Lake  
WA North Market Street Spokane  
WA Northside Landfill Spokane C
WA Northwest Transformer Everson  
WA Northwest Transformer (South Harkness St) Everson  
WA Old Inland Pit Spokane  
WA Pacific Car & Foundry Co Renton  
WA Pasco Sanitary Landfill Pasco  
WA Queen City Farms Maple Valley  
WA Seattle Municipal Landfill (Kent Hghlnds) Kent  
WA Silver Mountain Mine Loomis C
WA Vancouver Water Station #4 Contamination Vancouver  
WA Western Processing Co., Inc Kent C
WA Wyckoff Co./Eagle Harbor Bainbridge Island  
WA Yakima Plating Co. Yakima C
WI Algoma Municipal Landfill Algoma  
WI Better Brite Plating Chrome & Zinc Shops DePere  
WI City Disposal Corp. Landfill Dunn  
WI Delavan Municipal Well #4 Delavan  
WI Eau Claire Municipal Well Field Eau Claire C
WI Fadrowski Drum Disposal Franklin  
WI Hagen Farm Stoughton  
WI Hechimovich Sanitary Landfill Williamstown  
WI Hunts Disposal Landfill Caledonia  
WI Janesville Ash Beds Janesville  
WI Janesville Old Landfill Janesville  
WI Kohler Co. Landfill Kohler  
WI Lauer I Sanitary Landfill Menomonee Falls  
WI Lemberger Landfill, Inc Whitelaw  
WI Lemberger Transport & Recycling Franklin Township  
WI Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District Blooming Grove  
WI Master Disposal Service Landfill Brookfield  
WI Mid-State Disposal, Inc. Landfill Cleveland Township  
WI Moss-American (Kerr- McGee Oil Co.) Milwaukee  
WI Muskego Sanitary Landfill Muskego  
WI N.W. Mauthe Co., Inc Appleton S
WI National Presto Industries, Inc Eau Claire  
WI Northern Engraving Co Sparta C
WI Oconomowoc Electroplating Co. Inc Ashippin  
WI Omega Hills North Landfill Germantown  
WI Onalaska Municipal Landfill Onalaska  
WI Refuse Hideaway Landfill Middleton  
WI Sauk County Landfill Excelsior  
WI Schmalz Dump Harrison C
WI Scrap Processing Co., Inc Medford  
WI Sheboygan Harbor & River Sheboygan  
WI Spickler Landfill Spencer  
WI Stoughton City Landfill Stoughton  
WI Tomah Armory Tomah  
WI Tomah Fairgrounds Tomah  
WI Tomah Municipal Sanitary Landfill Tomah  
WI Waste Mgmt of WI (Brookfield Sanit LF) Brookfield  
WI Wausau Ground Water Contamination Wausau  
WI Wheeler Pit La Prairie Township C
WV Fike Chemical, Inc Nitro  
WV Follansbee Site Follansbee  
WV Leetown Pesticide Leetown C
WV Ordnance Works Disposal Areas Morgantown  
WV West Virginia Ordnance Point Pleasant S
WY Baxter/Union Pacific Tie Treating Laramie  
WY Mystery Bridge Rd/U.S. Highway 20 Evansville C
A=Based on issuance of health advisory by Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (if scored, HRS score need not be > 28.50).
C=Completion Category.
S=State top priority (included among the 100 top priority sites regardless of score).

Table 2
Federal Facilities Section, February 1994

State Site Name City/county Notes
AK Eielson Air Force Base Fairbanks N Star Borough  
AK Elmendorf Air Force Base Greater Anchorage Borough  
AK Fort Wainwright Fairbanks N Star Borough  
AK Standard Steel & Metals Salvage Yard (USDOT) Anchorage  
AL Alabama Army Ammunition Plant Childersburg  
AL Anniston Army Depot (SE Industrial Area) Anniston  
AZ Luke Air Force Base Glendale  
AZ Williams Air Force Base Chandler  
AZ Yuma Marine Corps Air Station Yuma  
CA Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow  
CA Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base San Diego County  
CA Castle Air Force Base Merced  
CA Edwards Air Force Base Kern County  
CA El Toro Marine Corps Air Station El Toro  
CA Fort Ord Marina  
CA George Air Force Base Victorville  
CA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA) Pasadena  
CA Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (Site 300) Livermore  
CA Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (USDOE) Livermore  
CA March Air Force Base Riverside  
CA Mather Air Force Base Sacramento  
CA McClellan Air Force Base (GW Contam) Sacramento  
CA Moffett Naval Air Station Sunnyvale  
CA Norton Air Force Base San Bernardino  
CA Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant Riverbank  
CA Sacramento Army Depot Sacramento  
CA Sharpe Army Depot Lathrop  
CA Tracy Defense Depot Tracy  
CA Travis Air Force Base Solano County  
CA Treasure Island Naval Station-Hun Pt An San Francisco  
CO Air Force Plant PJKS Waterton  
CO Rocky Flats Plant (USDOE) Golden  
CO Rocky Mountain Arsenal Adams County  
CT New London Submarine Base New London  
DE Dover Air Force Base Dover  
FL Cecil Field Naval Air Station Jacksonville  
FL Homestead Air Force Base Homestead  
FL Jacksonville Naval Air Station Jacksonville  
FL Pensacola Naval Air Station Pensacola  
GA Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany  
GA Robins Air Force Base(Lf#4/Sludge Lagoon) Houston County  
GU Andersen Air Force Base Yigo  
HI Pearl Harbor Naval Complex Pearl Harbor  
HI Schofield Barracks Oahu  
IA Iowa Army Ammunition Plant Middletown  
ID Idaho National Engineering Lab (USDOE) Idaho Falls  
ID Mountain Home Air Force Base Mountain Home  
IL Joliet Army Ammunition Plant (LAP Area) Joliet  
IL Joliet Army Ammunition Plant (Mfg Area) Joliet  
IL Sangamo Electric/Crab Orchard NWR (USDOI) Carterville  
IL Savanna Army Depot Activity Savanna  
KS Fort Riley Junction City  
LA Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant Doyline  
MA Fort Devens Fort Devens  
MA Fort Devens-Sudbury Training Annex Middlesex County  
MA Otis Air National Guard /Camp Edwards Falmouth  
MD Aberdeen Proving Ground (Edgewood Area) Edgewood  
MD Aberdeen Proving Ground (Michaelsville LF) Aberdeen  
ME Brunswick Naval Air Station Brunswick  
ME Loring Air Force Base Limestone  
MN Naval Industrial Reserve Ordnance Plant Fridley  
MN Twin Cities Air Force Base (SAR Landfill) Minneapolis  
MO Lake City Army Ammu. Plant (NW Lagoon) Independence  
MO Weldon Spring Former Army Ordnance Works St. Charles County  
MO Weldon Spring Quarry/Plant/Pitts (USDOE) St. Charles County  
NC Camp Lejeune Military Reservation Onslow County  
NE Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant Hall County  
NH Pease Air Force Base Portsmouth/Newington  
NJ Federal Aviation Admin. Tech. Center Atlantic County  
NJ Fort Dix (Landfill Site) Pemberton Township  
NJ Naval Air Engineering Center Lakehurst  
NJ Naval Weapons Station Earle (Site A) Colts Neck  
NJ Picatinny Arsenal Rockaway Township  
NJ W.R. Grace/Wayne Interim Storage (USDOE) Wayne Township  
NM Cal West Metals (USSBA) Lemitar  
NM Lee Acres Landfill (USDOI) Farmington  
NY Brookhaven National Laboratory (USDOE) Upton  
NY Griffiss Air Force Base Rome  
NY Plattsburgh Air Force Base Plattsburgh  
NY Seneca Army Depot Romulus  
OH Feed Materials Production Center (USDOE) Fernald  
OH Mound Plant (USDOE) Miamisburg  
OH Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Dayton  
OK Tinker Air Force(Soldier Cr/Bldg 300) Oklahoma City  
OR Umatilla Army Depot(Lagoons) Hermiston  
PA Letterkenny Army Depot (PDO Area) Franklin County  
PA Letterkenny Army Depot (SE Area) Chambersburg  
PA Naval Air Development Center (8 Areas) Warminster Township  
PA Tobyhanna Army Depot Tobyhanna  
PR Naval Security Group Activity Sabana Seca  
RI Davisville Naval Construction Batt Cent North Kingston  
RI Newport Naval Education/Training Center Newport  
SC Savannah River Site(USDOE) Aiken  
SD Ellsworth Air Force Base Rapid City  
TN Memphis Defense Depot Memphis  
TN Milan Army Ammunition Plant Milan  
TN Oak Ridge Reservation(USDOE) Oak Ridge  
TX Air Force Plant #4 (General Dynamics) Fort Worth  
TX Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant Texarkana  
TX Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant Karnack  
UT Hill Air Force Base Ogden  
UT Monticello Mill Tailings (USDOE) Monticello  
UT Ogden Defense Depot Ogden  
UT Tooele Army Depot (North Area) Tooele  
VA Defense General Supply Center Chesterfield County  
VA Naval Surface Warfare-Dahlgren Dahlgren  
VA Naval Weapons Station-Yorktown Yorktown  
WA Bangor Naval Submarine Base Silverdale  
WA Bangor Ordnance Disposal Bremerton  
WA Bonneville Power Admin Ross (USDOE) Vancouver  
WA Fairchild Air Force Base (4 Waste Areas) Spokane County  
WA Fort Lewis (Landfill No. 5) Tacoma  
WA Fort Lewis Logistics Center Tillicum  
WA Hamilton Island Landfill (USA/COE) North Bonneville  
WA Hanford 100-Area (USDOE) Benton County  
WA Hanford 1100-Area (USDOE) Benton County  
WA Hanford 200-Area (USDOE) Benton County  
WA Hanford 300-Area (USDOE) Benton County  
WA McChord Air Force Base (Wash Rack/Treat) Tacoma  
WA Naval Air Station, Whidbey Is (Seaplane) Whidbey Island  
WA Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island (Ault) Whidbey Island  
WA Naval Undersea Warfare Station (4 Areas) Keyport  
WY F.E. Warren Air Force Base Cheyenne  

A=Based on issuance of health advisory by Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (if scored, HRS score need not be > 28.50).
C=Completion Category.
S=State top priority (included among the 100 top priority sites regardless of score).

[FR Doc. 94-3880 Filed 2-17-94; 2:22 pm]


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