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NPL Site Narrative for Western Processing Co., Inc.

Kent, Washington

Federal Register Notice:  September 08, 1983

Conditions at listing (July 1982): The Western Processing Co., Inc., Site covers 10 acres south of Seattle in Kent, Washington. The principal operations are recovery of solvents, neutralization of acid and basic wastes, and precipitation of heavy metals. Other chemical and/or physical processes are used on a batch basis. Hazardous materials are stored directly on the ground and have entered the environment from leaks and spills. In the past, as a means of disposal, wastes were buried on-site. In 1981, and again in 1982, EPA ordered Western Processing to meet the hazardous waste requirements of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. The company did not comply.

Status (July 1983): Recent EPA studies indicate that hazardous contaminants have migrated off-site in surface water and that soil and ground water beneath the site are grossly contaminated. As a result, in April 1983, EPA ordered the company to stop accepting or processing hazardous substances and to remedy the contamination. The company stated it was unable to undertake the remedy. EPA, using $1.5 million in CERCLA emergency funds, undertook measures to stabilize the site. Further investigation is now underway to more completely assess the extent of contamination on and off the site and to determine an appropriate remedy.

For more information about the hazardous substances identified in this narrative summary, including general information regarding the effects of exposure to these substances on human health, please see the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) ToxFAQs. ATSDR ToxFAQs can be found on the Internet at ATSDR - ToxFAQs (http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxfaqs/index.asp) or by telephone at 1-888-42-ATSDR or 1-888-422-8737.

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