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NPL Site Narrative for Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Complex

Bremerton, Washington

Federal Register Notice:  May 31, 1994

The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Complex is located in Bremerton, Washington, along Sinclair Inlet on Puget Sound approximately 15 miles west of Seattle. The Navy has owned and operated facilities at this location since 1891.

The complex, which consists of the Naval Shipyard and the Naval Supply Center, employs over 12,000 people. The site covers approximately 350 acres of land and an additional 340 acres of tidelands along 11,000 feet of shoreline. The complex contains over 300 buildings and structures, 6 deep water piers, 6 dry docks, and numerous moorings. The major industrial activities at the complex include construction, repair, overhaul, maintenance, mooring, berthing, and dry docking of naval ships and staging and supply of materials. The activities generate a large amount of hazardous waste.

EPA has identified 58 known or potential sources of contamination at the complex. In 1990 and 1991, the Navy found elevated levels of heavy metals, semivolatile organic compounds, PCBs, and pesticides in surface soils, subsurface soils, and ground water in a number of areas throughout the complex, as well as in sediments of Sinclair Inlet adjacent to the shipyard. Based on these results, the Washington Department of Ecology (WDOE) issued separate administrative orders to the Naval Shipyard and the Naval Supply Center requiring the Navy to conduct further studies of the contamination.

Sinclair Inlet provides a habitat for a variety of marine fishes, the most important being the salmonid species. Commercial and recreational fishing, boating, and contact recreation occur in the inlet.

EPA, the Navy, and WDOE will negotiate a Federal Facilities Agreement under CERCLA Section 120 requiring the Navy to investigate and remediate the site.

For more information about the hazardous substances identified in this narrative summary, including general information regarding the effects of exposure to these substances on human health, please see the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) ToxFAQs. ATSDR ToxFAQs can be found on the Internet at ATSDR - ToxFAQs (http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxfaqs/index.asp) or by telephone at 1-888-42-ATSDR or 1-888-422-8737.

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