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NPL Site Narrative for McKin Co.

Gray, Maine

Federal Register Notice:  September 08, 1983

Conditions at listing (December 1982): The McKin Co. Site occupies about 10 acres in Gray, Maine. It is a privately owned abandoned sand and gravel site consisting of a fenced enclosure, an incinerator, a concrete-block building, an asphalt-lined lagoon, several large storage tanks, numerous 55-gallon drums, and other debris. The operation was constructed for waste generated when the Tamano, a Norwegian tanker, ran aground on a ledge in Hussey Sound, spilling 100,000 gallons of industrial fuel. In addition to the Tamano wastes, the owners also accepted septic tank wastes and industrial process wastes. As early as 1973, residents of East Gray reported odors in well water and discoloration of laundry. As the number of complaints increased, it became apparent that a contaminated plume was moving through the aquifer. In August 1977, an Emergency Health Ordinance was issued to prohibit any new construction within about 2 miles of the site. In November 1977, EPA conducted a hydrogeologic assessment of the area. About this time, the Farmers Home Administration provided an alternate water supply for contaminated private wells in the area. In December 1977, Gray issued a cleanup order to McKin Co. The State then removed the remaining wastes from all tanks, identified organic chemicals in the contents, and drilled over 75 shallow soil borings, which identified two areas of gross soil contamination.

Status (July 1983): EPA recently completed a remedial plan which recommends (1) additional studies to fully characterize the site to develop alternative remedial actions and (2) removal of wastes and tanks from the site. During April 1983, the State removed the barrels. The State has also brought legal action against McKin.

For more information about the hazardous substances identified in this narrative summary, including general information regarding the effects of exposure to these substances on human health, please see the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) ToxFAQs. ATSDR ToxFAQs can be found on the Internet at ATSDR - ToxFAQs (http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxfaqs/index.asp) or by telephone at 1-888-42-ATSDR or 1-888-422-8737.

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