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40320 - 40352 Federal Register / Vol. 49, No. 200 / Monday, October 15, 1984 / Proposed Rules

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40320 - 40352 Federal Register / Vol. 49, No. 200 / Monday, October 15, 1984 / Proposed Rules


40 CFR Part 300

Amendment to National Oil and Hazardous Substances Contingency Plan: The National Priorities List

AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency.
ACTION:  Proposed rule.


The Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") is proposing the second update to the National Priorities List ("NPL"). The NPL is Appendix B to the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Contingency Plan ("NCP"), which EPA promulgated pursuant to section 105 of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 ("CERCLA") and Executive Order 12316. CERCLA requires that the NPL be revised at least annually, and today's notice proposes the second such revision.


Comments may be submitted on or before December 14, 1984.

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Comments may be mailed to:

Russel H. Wyer
Director, Hazardous Site Control Division (NPL Staff)
Office of Superfund Remediation Technology Innovation (WH-548E)
Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street, SW.
Washington, D.C. 20460

The public docket for the update to the NPL will contain Hazard Ranking System (HRS) score sheets for all sites on this proposed update, as well as a "Documentation Record" for each site describing the information used to compute the scores. The main public docket is located in Room S-325 of Waterside Mall, 401 M Street, SW., Washington D.C. 20460, and is available for viewing from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Requests for copies of documents in the docket should be directed to EPA Headquarters, although the same documents will be available for viewing in the EPA Regional Offices. In addition, the background data relied upon by the Agency in calculating or evaluating HRS scores are retained only in the Regional Offices. Such data in EPA files may be obtained upon request. An informal written request, rather than a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act, should be the ordinary procedure for requesting these data sources. Addres! ses for the Regional Office dockets are:

Peg Nelson
Region I
U.S. EPA Library
John F. Kennedy Federal Bldg.
Boston, MA 02203

Audrey Thomas
Region II
U.S. EPA Library
26 Federal Plaza, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10278

Diane McCreary
Region III
U.S. EPA Library
Curtis Building
6th & Walnut Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Carolyn Mitchell
Region IV
U.S. EPA Library
345 Courtland Street, NE.
Atlanta, GA 30365

Lou Tilly
Region V
U.S. EPA Library
230 South Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60604

Nita House
Region VI
U.S. EPA Library
First International Building
1201 Elm Street
Dallas, TX 75270

Connie McKenzie
Region VII
U.S. EPA Library
324 East 1lth Street
Kansas City, MO 64106

Delores Eddy
Region VIII
U.S. EPA Library
1860 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO 80295

Jean Circiello
Region IX
U.S. EPA Library
215 Fremont Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Julie Sears
Region X
U.S. EPA Library
1200 6th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101


Joseph R. Gearo, Jr.
Hazardous Site Control Division
Office of Superfund Remediation Technology Innovation (WH-548-E)
Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street, SW.
Washington, D.C. 20460
Phone (800) 424-9346 (or 382-3000 in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area).


Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Purpose of the NPL
III. NPL Update Process and Schedule
IV. Contents of the Proposed Second NPL Update
V. Deleting Sites from the NPL
VI. Eligibility
VII. Regulatory Impact Analysis
VIII. Regulatory Flexibility Act Analysis

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I. Introduction

Pursuant to section 105 of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980, 42 U.S.C. 9601-9657 ("CERCLA" or "the Act"), and Executive Order 12316 (46 FR 42237, August 20, 1981), the Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA" or the "Agency") promulgated the revised National Contingency Plan ("NCP"), 40 CFR Part 300, on July 16, 1982 (47 FR 31180). Those amendments to the NCP implement the responsibilities and authorities created by CERCLA to respond to releases and threatened releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, and contaminants.

Section 105(8)(A) of CERCLA requires that the NCP include criteria for determining priorities among releases or threatened releases throughout the United States for the purpose of taking remedial action and, to the extent practicable taking into account the potential urgency of such action, for the purpose of taking removal action. Removal action involves cleanup or other actions that are taken in response to emergency conditions or on a short-term or temporary basis (CERCLA Section 101 (23)). Remedial action tends to be long-term in nature and involves response actions which are consistent with a permanent remedy for a release (CERCLA Section 101(24)). Criteria for determining priorities are included in the Hazard Ranking System ("HRS"), which EPA promulgated as Appendix A of the NCP (47 FR 31219, July 16, 1982).

Section 105(8)(B) of CERCLA requires that these criteria be used to prepare a list of national priorities among the known releases or threatened releases throughout the United States, and that to the extent practicable at least 400 sites be designated individually. CERCLA requires that this National Priorities List ("NPL") be included as part of the NCP. Today, the Agency is proposing the addition of 238 sites to the NPL.

EPA is proposing to include on the NPL sites at which there are or have been releases or threatened releases of designated hazardous substances or of any "pollutant or contaminant." The discussion below may refer to "releases or threatened releases" simply as "releases," "facilities," or "sites."

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II. Purpose of the NPL

The primary purpose of the NPL is stated in the legislative history of CERCLA (Report of the Committee on Environment and Public Works, Senate Report No. 96-848, 96th Cong., 2d. Sess. 60 (1980)):

The priority lists serve primarily informational purposes, identifying for the States and the public those facilities and sites or other releases which appear to warrant remedial actions. Inclusion of a facility or site on the list does not in itself reflect a judgement of the activities of its owner or operator, it does not require those persons to undertake any action, nor does it assign liability to any person. Subsequent government action in the form of remedial actions or enforcement actions will be necessary in order to do so, and these actions will be attended by all appropriate procedural safeguards.

The purpose of the NPL, therefore, is primarily to serve as an informational tool for use by EPA in identifying sites that appear to present a significant risk to public health or the environment. The initial identification of a site on the NPL is intended primarily to guide EPA in determining which sites warrant further investigation designed to assess the nature and extent of the public health and environmental risks associated with the site and to determine what CERCLA-financed remedial action(s), if any, may be appropriate. Inclusion of a site on the NPL does not establish that EPA necessarily will undertake remedial actions. Moreover, listing does not require any action of any private party, nor does it determine the liability of any party for the cost of cleanup at the site. In addition, a site need not be on the NPL to be the subject of CERCLA-financed removal actions or of actions brought pursuant to section 107(a)(4)(B) of CERCLA.

In addition, although the HRS scores used to place sites on the NPL may be helpful to the Agency in determining priorities for cleanup and other response activities among sites on the NPL, EPA does not rely on the scores as the sole means of determining such priorities, as discussed below. Neither can the HRS itself determine the appropriate remedy for a site. The information collected to develop HRS scores to select sites for the NPL is not sufficient in itself to determine the appropriate remedy for a particular site. After a site has been included on the NPL, EPA generally will rely on further, more detailed studies conducted at the site to determine what response, if any, is appropriate. These studies will take into account, among other things, response actions that have been taken by potential responsible parties or others. Decisions on the type and extent of action to be taken at these sites are made in accordance with the criteria contained in Subpart F of the NCP. Afte! r conducting these additional studies, EPA may conclude that it is not desirable to conduct response action at some sites on the NPL because of more pressing needs at other sites. Given the limited resources available in the Hazardous Substance Response Trust Fund established under CERCLA, the Agency must carefully balance the relative needs for response at the numerous sites it has studied. Also, it is possible that EPA will conclude after further analysis that no action is needed at a site because the site does not present a significant threat to public health, welfare or the environment.

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III. NPL Update Process and Schedule

Pursuant to section 105(8)(B) of CERCLA, 42 U.S.C. 9605(8)(B), EPA is required to establish, as part of the NCP for responding to releases of hazardous substances, a NPL of sites of such releases. The principal purpose of this notice is to propose the addition of 238 new sites to the NPL which have HRS scores of 28.50 or above. In addition, the final NPL (49 FR 37070, September 21, 1984) is included to indicate the appropriate status codes for response and cleanup activities at these sites. These codes are explained in greater detail in section IV of this notice.

CERCLA requires that the NPL be revised at least once per year. Accordingly, EPA added 128 sites to the final NPL on September 21, 1984 (49 FR 37070). The majority (123) of those sites were proposed on September 8, 1983 (48 FR 40674) as the first update to the NPL. Today's notice proposes the second such revision, which the Agency expects to promulate within one year of this announcement. For each NPL revision, EPA informs the States of the closing dates for submission of candidate sites to EPA. In addition to these periodic updates, EPA believes it may be desirable in rare instances, because of urgency and needed corrective action, to propose separately the addition of individual sites on the NPL as it did in the case of the Times Beach, Missouri, (48 FR 9311, March 4, 1983).

As with the establishment of the initial NPL and subsequent revisions to the NPL, States have the primary responsibility for selecting and scoring sites that are candidates for inclusion on the NPL using the HRS (Appendix A to the NCP, 47 FR 31223, July 16, 1982) and submitting the candidate sites to the EPA Regional Offices. The Regional Offices then conduct a quality control review of the States' candidate sites. After conducting this review, the EPA Regional Offices submit candidate sites to EPA Headquarters. The Regions may include candidate sites in addition to those submitted by States. In reviewing these submissions, EPA Headquarters conducts further quality assurance audits to ensure accuracy and consistency among the various EPA and State offices participating in the scoring.

In today's proposal, the "Proposed Additions" consist of sites not currently on the NPL that the Agency is proposing to add to the NPL. The "Proposed Additions" are contained in the list immediately following this preamble. The additions are presented in two separate lists, non-Federal and Federal facility sites.

Public Comment Period

EPA requests public comment on each of the sites it is proposing to add to the NPL and will accept such comments for 60 days following the date of publication of this notice in the Federal Register. HRS scoring sheets and a "Documentation Record" for all sites proposed to be added to the NPL are available for inspection and copying in the NPL docket located in Washington, D.C. The same documents will be available for viewing in the EPA Regional offices for sites located in that particular Region. After considering the relevant comments received during the comment period and determining the final score for each proposed site, the Agency will add to the current NPL all sites that meet EPA's criteria for listing (i.e., sites with HRS scores at or above 28.50 or those designated as a State's top priority site).

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IV. Contents of the Proposed Second NPL Update

Each entry on the proposed second NPL update contains the name of the facility, the State and city or county in which it is located, and the corresponding EPA Region. Each site EPA is proposing to add is placed by score in a group corresponding to the groups of 50 sites presented within the final NPL (49 FR 37070 September 21, 1984). Thus, the sites in group 1 of the proposed update have scores that fall within the range of scores covered by the first 50 sites on the final NPL. Each entry on this proposed update and at sites already on the NPL is accompanied by one or more notations referencing the status of response and cleanup activities at the site at the time this list was prepared. This site status and cleanup information are described briefly below.

In the past, EPA categorized the NPL sites based on the type of response at each site (Fund-financed, enforcement and/or voluntary action). This second NPL update will expand the prior categorization system in two ways. First, Federal enforcement actions are separated from State enforcement actions. Second, the status of site cleanup activities is designated by three new cleanup status codes. EPA is including the cleanup status codes to identify sites where significant response activities are underway or completed. The cleanup status codes on this NPL update are included in response to public requests for information regarding actual site cleanup activities.

Response Categories

The following response categories are used to designate the type of response underway. One or more categories may apply to each site.

Voluntary or Negotiated Response (V). Sites are included in this category if private parties have started or completed response actions pursuant to settlement agreements or consent decrees to which EPA or the State is a party. This category includes privately-financed remedial planning, removal actions, initial remedial measures and/or remedial actions.

Federal and/or State Response (R). The Federal and/or State Response category includes sites at which EPA or State agencies have started or completed response actions. These include removal actions, non-enforcement remedial planning, initial remedial measures, and/or remedial actions under CERCLA (NCP, § 300.66(f)-(i) 47 FR 31217, July 16, 1982). For purposes of assigning a category, the response action commences when EPA obligates funds.

Federal Enforcement (F). This category includes sites where the United States has filed a civil complaint (including cost recovery actions) or issued an administrative order. It also includes sites at which a Federal court has mandated some form of response action following a judicial proceeding. All sites at which enforcement-lead remedial investigations and feasibility studies are underway are also included in this category.

A number of sites on the NPL are the subject of investigations or have been referred to the Department of Justice for possible enforcement action. EPA's policy is not to release information concerning a possible enforcement action until a lawsuit has been filed. Accordingly, these sites are not included in this category, but are included under "Category to be Determined."

State Enforcement (S). This category includes sites where a State has filed a civil complaint or issued an administrative order. It also includes sites at which a State court has mandated some form of response action following a judicial proceeding. Sites where State enforcement-lead remedial investigations and feasibility studies are underway are also included in this category.

It is assumed that State policy precludes the release of information concerning possible enforcement actions until such action has been formally taken. Accordingly, sites subject to possible State legal action are not included in this category, but are included under "Category to be Determined."

Category to be Determined (D). This category includes all sites not listed in any other category. A wide range of activities may be in progress at sites in this category. EPA or a State may be evaluating the type of response action to undertake, or an enforcement case may be under consideration. Responsible parties may be undertaking cleanup actions that are not covered by a consent decree or an administrative order.

Cleanup Status Codes

EPA has decided to indicate the status of Fund-financed or private party cleanup activities underway or completed at proposed NPL sites. Fund-financed response activities which are coded include: significant removal actions, initial remedial measures, source control remedial actions, and offsite remedial actions. The status of cleanup activities conducted by responsible parties under a consent decree, court order, or an administrative order also is coded. Remedial planning activities or engineering studies do not receive a cleanup status code.

Many sites listed on the NPL are cleaned up in stages or "operable units." For purposes of cleanup status coding, an operable unit is a discrete action taken as part of the entire site cleanup that significantly decreases or eliminates a release, threat of release, or pathway of exposure. One or more operable units may be necessary to complete the cleanup of a hazardous waste site. Operable units may include removal actions taken to stabilize deteriorating site conditions, initial remedial measures, and remedial actions. A simple removal action (constructing fences, or berms or lowering free-board) that does not eliminate a significant release, threat of release, or pathway of exposure is not considered an operable unit for purposes of cleanup status coding.

The following cleanup status codes (and definitions) are used to designate the status of cleanup activities at proposed sites on the NPL. Only one code is necessary to denote the status of actual cleanup activity at each site since the codes are mutually exclusive.

Implementation Activities Are Underway for One or More Operable Units (I). Field work is in progress at the site for implementation of one or more removal or remedial operable units, but no operable units are completed.

Implementation Activities for One or More (But Not All) Operable Units Are Completed. Implementation Activities May be Underway for Additional Operable Units (O). Field work has been completed for one or more operable units, but additional site cleanup actions are necessary.

Implementation Activities for all Operable Units Are Completed (C). All actions agreed upon for remedial action at the site have been completed and performance monitoring has commenced. The site will be considered for deletion from the NPL subsequent to completion of the performance monitoring and preparation of a deletion recommendation. Further site activities could occur if EPA considers such activities necessary.

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V. Deleting Sites From the NPL

There is no specific statutory requirement that the NPL be revised to delete sites. However, EPA has decided to consider deleting sites to provide incentives for cleanup to private parties and public agencies. Furthermore, deleting sites allows the Agency to give notice that the sites have been cleaned up and gives the public an opportunity to comment on those actions.

EPA will delete a previously promulgated NPL site after EPA has determined that it has satisfied one or more of the following criteria:

  1. EPA, in consultation with the State, has determined that responsible parties have completed all appropriate response actions;

  2. EPA, in consultation with the State, has determined that all appropriate Fund-financed response actions have been completed and that no further cleanup by responsible parties is appropriate;

  3. Based on a remedial investigation, EPA, in consultation with the State, has determined that the facility poses no significant threat to public health, welfare, or the environment and, therefore, construction of remedial measures is not appropriate.

These criteria are the only deletion criteria EPA has developed to date. These criteria constitute guidance, not regulations. They may be revised or supplemented if experience indicates that other factors should be taken into account. At this time, however, it appears that these three criteria are adequate.

The Agency isssued a guidance memorandum on March 27, 1984, describing these criteria and interim procedures for deleting sites from the NPL. This document is available in the EPA dockets (see Addresses section of this announcement). In deleting sites from the NPL, EPA will use the same Federal Register notice and comment procedures that were used for placing sites on the NPL.

The NCP currently restricts expenditures of Trust Fund monies to sites on the NPL. The Agency intends to modify the NCP to allow EPA to return to a site and expend Fund monies as warranted for operation and maintenance costs, continued monitoring, or correction of any failures of the remedy even though the site will have actually been deleted from the NPL. If sites are proposed for deletion before the NCP revisions have been promulgated, the Agency will establish a "deletion category" for the NPL. This category will be explicitly denoted as containing sites at which the Agency has determined that one or more of the deletion criteria described above have been satisfied. However, these sites would not actually be deleted from the NPL. Once the NCP modifications are promulgated, the Agency will be able to delete a site from the NPL and spend additional Fund monies if conditions warrant.

The Agency is interested in the public reaction to these deletion procedures. Specifically, the Agency is interested in:

  1. The desirability of maintaining the Federal Register notice and comment procedures for deletions that are currently used for placing sites on the NPL; and

  2. the desirability of continuing to print, on a separate list, the names of sites deleted from the NPL at the time of each update.

The Agency believes that including the names of deleted sites on the NPL may provide important information to the public on the final disposition of these sites and may result in favorable publicity for parties who have cleaned up sites on the NPL.

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VI. Eligibility

CERCLA restricts EPA's authority to respond to certain categories of releases and expressly excludes some substances from the definition of release. In addition, as a matter of policy, EPA may or may not choose to respond to certain types of releases because other Federal agencies have adequate authority to respond. This section discusses the inclusion of such releases on the NPL.

Releases from Federal Facility Sites

CERCLA section 111(e)(3) prohibits use of the Funds for remedial actions at Federally owned facilities. Previously, EPA did not list any sites on the NPL where the release resulted solely from a Federal facility, regardless of whether contamination remained onsite or had migrated ofsite. EPA incorporated this position into the NCP (section 300.66(e)(2), 47 FR 31215, July 16, 1982); an also in the promulgation of the first NPL (48 FR 40662, September 8, 1983).

Public comments received from previously proposed NPL announcements suggested including Federal facilities, and the Agency now believes that it is appropriate to include Federal facility sites on the NPL when such facilities meet the criteria for inclusion. Federal facility sites will be listed when the HRS scores are equal to or above 28.50 so as to focus public attention and appropriate resources on the most serious sites, even though they are not eligible for Fund-financed remedial action.

For this update, Federal sites will be presented in a separate NPL section with Federal site displayed in scoring groups equivalent to the groups shown in the non-Federal NPL. As discussed in 48 FR 40662, September 8, 1984, EPA previously has listed sites that formerly were owned by the Federal government, and non-Federally owned sites where the Federal government may have contributed to a release. EPA intends to continue this policy by listing such site on the non-Federal NPL. The Federal facility section of the NPL will only contain sites where the release appears to result solely from a Federal facility, regardless of whether contamination remained on site or has migrated offsite.

Response categories and cleanup status codes also will be assigned for Federal facility sites, and these will be essentially the same categories and codes used for non-Federal sites. A Federal agency response at a Federal facility site will be indicated by the (R) category. When the (R) category does not apply to a Federal facility site, other Federal agency activities at that site, such as evaluating the appropriate response to undertake, will be indicated by the (D) category. Cleanup codes will be assigned to Federal facility sites in the same manner as they are to non-Federal sites.

EPA is preparing a proposed amendment in section 300.66(e)(2) of the NCP to allow the listing of Federal facility sites on the NPL. For this proposal, EPA scored those Federal facilities identified by Federal agencies and the States as NPL candidates where sufficient information existed to apply the HRS. However, EPA does not intend to promulgate any of the sites proposed today until such time as the NCP amendment is final. In the meantime, the Agency is continuing work with Federal agencies to investigate potential problem Federal sites and to implement corrective measures at Federal sites.

Releases of Pesticides Registered Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)

This proposal includes six sites in South Central Oahu, Hawaii, where parts of the basal aquifer have been contaminated by pesticides including ethylene dibromide (EDB), dibromochloropropane (DBCP), and trichloropropane (TCP), a likely contaminant of the pesticide D-D (which contains l,2-dichloropane, 1,3-dichloropene and related C3 compounds). These pesticides are all soil fumigants that have been used as nematocides in Oahu pineapple fields. All were registered under FIFRA at the time of their use in Oahu. We do not believe these pesticides are being used in Hawaii any longer. EDB's soil fumigation use has been cancelled, and EPA has proposed to cancel the sole remaining use of DBCP (pineapples) in the United States. D-D is no longer being produced, although it is still Federally registered. The most likely source of the contamination by DBCP and TCP was their use as pesticides, although it is less clear that the contamination by EDB resulted solely from its agricultural use! .

These six sites are the first such sites proposed to be added to the NPL on the basis of releases which appear to originate from the application of pesticides. Insecticides and similar products are used extensively throughout the United States. The application of the HRS to public and private ground water systems throughout the country could possibly result in the listing of additional similar sites in a number of other States. At this time, however, the Agency has little data from which to predict the number of similar problems or the degree of risk posed by them, compared with the risks posed by other identified sites.

EPA is concerned that listing these sites may set important precedents with currently unknown implications for the future direction of CERCLA. As CERCLA's scope is broad, EPA wants to insure that its efforts under CERCLA are focused on the most significant risks and on problems that cannot be adequately addressed under EPA's other statutory authorities. Therefore, the Agency is interested in public comment for consideration in evaluating what alternative statutory tools or other approaches are most appropriate for dealing with these problems. Other approaches on which EPA wants to receive comment are those which would assure that only sites posing significant problems are included on the NPL. EPA plans to consider these issues. If the Agency decides that problems arising from pesticide use are better addressed outside the frame-work of CERCLA, it may decide as a matter of policy not to list the sites on the NPL.

EPA is planning a monitoring survey to evaluate the frequency and severity of contamination of ground water by pesticides. In addition, the Agency has initiated a special data call-in under FIFRA to evaluate the potential for ground water contamination of many pesticides. Pending the results of these information gathering efforts, the extent of this problem is not fully understood.

EPA has the authority to include sites on the NPL where contamination from pesticide application has occurred (or has the potential to occur). The definition of "release" in section 101(22) of CERCLA is very broad; and whereas it excludes the "normal application of a fertilizer," it does not contain a similar exclusion for the application of pesticides. Additional review of CERCLA gives no suggestion that EPA authority to list such pesticide sites on the NPL or to take response action is limited. Section 107(i) limits EPA's ability to recover costs from releases associated with pesticide use, but CERCLA does not contain a similar limitation on EPA's ability to respond. Thus, there is no statutory restriction on the use of money from the CERCLA Trust Fund to clean up sites where public health or the environment has been threatened as a result of the application of pesticides. At the same time the Agency is not obliged to exercise response authority whenever a site is included o! n the NPL.

There are several legal authorities by which the hazards associated with contamination of ground water by pesticide use can be addressed; CERCLA enforcement actions and some CERCLA response actions, as well as actions under other laws, do not depend on a site's placement on the NPL. For example, FIFRA provides authority to require manufacturers to submit test results with which the Agency can evaluate hazards, including health effects and environmental fate and transport. FIFRA also provides authority to limit or prohibit use of pesticides when the risk associated with use outweigh the benefits of use. Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, EPA can issue health advisories or specify maximum contaminant limits in public water systems.

CERCLA authorizes Fund-financed response actions such as cleaning up acquifers or providing alternate drinking water supplies. Certain response actions taken with CERCLA trust fund money, however, are authorized only where a site has been listed on the NPL. While listing a site on the NPL is necessary to take these actions, it does not require them. After a site has been included on the NPL, EPA generally will rely on further, more detailed studies conducted at the site to determine what response, if any, is appropriate. The authority to compel private responsible parties to abate or clean up releases of pollutants and contaminants provided by CERCLA is not limited to sites listed on the NPL.

Releases From Sites Having Interim Status or Permits Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)

As stated in EPA's first NPL final rulemaking (48 FR 40658, September 8, 1983), both CERCLA and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) contain authorities applicable to hazardous waste facilities. These authorities overlap for certain sites. EPA is adhering to its established policy that, where a site consists only of "regulated units" of a RCRA facility operating pursuant to a permit or interim status, it will not be included on the NPL but, to the extent possible, instead will be addressed under the authorities of RCRA. The RCRA Land Disposal Regulations (40 CFR Parts 122, 260, 264, and 265) give EPA authority to control actives sites through a broad program which includes monitoring, compliance inspections, penalties for violations, and requirements for post-closure plans and financial responsibility.

RCRA regulations require a contingency plan for each facility. The regulations also contain groundwater protection standards (40 CFR Part 264, Subpart F) that cover detection monitoring, compliance monitoring (if groundwater impacts are identified) and corrective action for releases within the site boundaries. These monitoring and corrective action standards apply to all "regulated units" of RCRA facilities, i.e., any part of the waste treatment, storage, or disposal operation within the boundaries of the facility that accepted waste after January 26, 1983, the effective date of the Land Disposal Regulations (47 FR 32349, July 26, 1982). Even if the unit ceases operation after this time, EPA has the authority to require it to obtain a permit, and the monitoring and corrective action requirements could therefore be enforced by this mechanism.

Given this authority to ensure cleanup of regulated units of RCRA facilities, such facilities generally are not included on the NPL. If the facility is abandoned or lacks sufficient resources and the RCRA corrective action requirements cannot be enforced, however, EPA will consider listing the site on the NPL for possible response under CERCLA. This policy is applicable not only to sites subject to EPA-administered hazardous waste programs but also to sites in States that administer programs approved by EPA. Even in the latter instance, close Federal control is ensured by the comprehensivenes of the program elements required of all State programs coupled with EPA's authority to enforce State program requirements directly if the State fails to do so. EPA does, however, consider eligible for listing on the NPL those RCRA facilities at which a significant portion of the release appears to come from "non-regulated units" of the facility, that is, portions of the facility that ceas! ed operation prior to January 26, 1983. However, pending amendments to RCRA would extend RCRA jurisdiction to releases from non-regulated units at regulated facilities. Therefore, if the amendments are enacted, the Agency will consider modifying the existing policy of including such sites on the NPL at that time.

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VII. Regulatory Impact Analysis

The costs of cleanup actions that may be taken at sites are not directly attributable to listing on the NPL, as explained below and therefore, the Agency has determined that this rulemaking is not a "major" regulation under Executive Order 12291. The EPA has conducted a preliminary analysis of the economic implications of today's proposed amendment to the NCP. The EPA believes that the kind of economic effects associated with this revision are generally similar to those effects identified in the regulatory impact analysis (RIA) prepared in 1982 for the revisions to the NCP pursuant to section 105 of CERCLA. The Agency believes the anticipated economic effects related to proposing the addition of 244 sites to the NPL can be characterized in terms of the conclusions of the earlier regulatory impact analysis. At that time, the Agency noted that a more extensive analysis of the economic impacts of the NCP would be prepared in the future and would accompany publication of future ma! jor amendments to the NCP. The Agency expects to propose major amendments to the NCP in the future and a more comprehensive economic analysis will be made available for comment at that time.


The EPA has determined that this proposed rulemaking is not a "major" regulation under Executive Order 12291 because inclusion of a site on the NPL does not itself impose any costs. It does not establish that EPA will necessarily undertake response action, nor does it require any action by a private party or determine its liability for site response costs. Costs that arise out of site response result from site-by-site decisions about what actions to take, not directly from the act of listing itself. Nonetheless, it is useful to consider the costs associated with responding to all sites included in a listing proposed rulemaking. This action was submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review.

The major events that follow the proposed listing of a site on the NPL are a responsible party search and a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) which determines whether response actions will be undertaken at a site. Design and construction of the selected remedial alternative follow completion of the RI/FS, and operation and maintenance (O&M) activities may continue after construction has been completed.

Costs associated with responsible party searches are initially borne by EPA. Responsible parties may bear some or all the costs of the RI/FS, design and construction, and O&M, or the costs may be shared by EPA and the States on a 90%:10% basis (50%:50% in the case of State-owned sites). Additionally, States assume all costs for O&M activities after the first year at sites involving Fund-financed remedial actions.

Rough estimates of the average per-site and total costs associated with each of the above activities are presented below. At this time EPA is unable to predict what portions of the total costs will be borne by responsible parties, since the distribution of costs depends on the extent of voluntary and negotiated response and the successfulness of cost recovery actions where such actions are brought.

Cost category Average total cost per site 1
RI/FS $ 800,000
Remedial Design 440,000
Remedial Action 7,200,000
Initial Remedial Measures (IRM) at 10% of sites 80,000
Net Present Value of O&M (over 30 years) 4,100,000
Source: OSRTI budget figures (assumes $6.5 million Federal share for remedial action). 1 1984 U.S. Dollars.

Costs to States associated with today's proposed amendment arise from the statutory State cost-share requirement of:

  1. 10 percent of remedial implementation (remedial action and IRM) and O&M costs at privately-owned sites; and

  2. 50 percent of the remedial planning (RI/FS and remedial design), remedial implementation and O&M costs at State or locally-owned sites.

Using the assumptions developed in the 1982 RIA, we can assume that 90 percent of the 208 non-Federal sites proposed to be added to the NPL in this amendment will be privately-owned and 10 percent will be State or locally-owned. Therefore, using the budget projections presented above, the cost to States of undertaking Federal remedial actions at all 208 non-Federal sites would be $344 million.

The act of listing a hazardous waste site on the final NPL does not necessarily cause firms responsible for the site to bear costs. Nonetheless, a listing may induce firms to clean up the sites voluntarily, or it may act as a potential trigger for subsequent enforcement or cost recovery actions. Such actions may impose costs on firms, but the decisions to take such actions are discretionary, and made on a case-by-case basis. Consequently, precise estimates of these effects cannot be made. EPA does not believe that every site will be cleaned up by a responsible party. EPA cannot project at this time which firms or industry sectors will bear specific portions of response costs, but the Agency considers such factors as: the volume and nature of the wastes contributed; the strength of the evidence linking the wastes at the site to the parties; ability to pay; and other factors when deciding whether and how to proceed against potentially responsible parties.

Economy-wide effects of this proposed amendment are aggregations of effects on firms and State and local governments. Although effects could be felt by some individual firms and States, the total impact of this revision on output, prices, and employment is expected to be negligible at the national level, as was the case in the 1982 RIA.


The real benefits associated with today's proposed amendment come in the form of increased health and environmental protection as a result of increased public awareness of potential hazards and the additional response actions at hazardous waste sites. In addition to the potential for more Federally-financed remedial actions, this proposed expansion of the NPL could accelerate privately-financed, voluntary cleanup efforts to avoid potential adverse publicity, private lawsuits, and/or Federal or State enforcement actions.

As a result of the additional NPL remedies, there will be lower human exposure to high risk chemicals, and higher quality surface water, ground water, soil, and air. The magnitude of these benefits is expected to be significant, although difficult to estimate in advance of completing the RI/FS at these particular sites.

Associated with the costs of remedial actions are significant potential benefits and cost offsets. The distributional costs to firms of financing NPL remedies have corresponding "benefits" in that Funds expended for a response generates employment, directly or indirectly (through purchased materials).

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VIII. Regulatory Flexibility Act Analysis

The Regulatory Flexibility Act of 1980 requires EPA to review the impacts of this action on small entities, or certify that the action will not have a significant impact on a substantial number of small entities. By small entities the Act refers to small businesses, small governmental jurisdictions, and non-profit organizations.

While proposed modifications to the NPL are considered revisions to the NCP, they are not typical regulatory changes since the revisions do not automatically impose costs. The proposed listing of sites on the NPL does not in itself require any action of any private party, nor does it determine the liability of any party for the cost of cleanup at the site. Further, no identifiable groups are affected as a whole. As a consequence, it is hard to predict impacts on any group. A site's proposed inclusion on the NPL could increase the likelihood that adverse impacts to responsible parties (in the form of clean-up costs) will occur, but EPA cannot identify the potentially affected businesses at this time nor estimate a number of businesses affected. In addition, we cannot define what is "small" for the wide variety of potentially affected small entities. Because small entities that could be affected by this rulemaking would come from any industrial sector and could include governmen! tal units, it is not possible to articulate a meaningful definition of small entities.

The Agency does expect that certain industries and firms within industries that have caused a proportionately high percentage of waste site problems could be significantly affected by CERCLA actions. However, EPA does not expect the impacts from the proposed listing of these 238 sites, or the NPL as a whole, to have a significant economic impact on small business as a whole.

In any case, economic impacts would only occur through enforcement and cost recovery actions which are taken at EPA's discretion on a site-by-site basis. EPA considers many factors when determining what enforcement actions to take, including not only the firm's contribution to the problem, but also the firm's ability to pay. The impacts (from cost-recovery) on small governments and non-profit organizations would be determined on a similar case-by-case basis.

List of Subjects in 40 CFR Part 300

Air pollution control, Chemicals, Hazardous materials, Intergovernmental relations, Natural resources, Oil pollution, Reporting and recordkeeping requirements, Superfund, Waste treatment and disposal, Water pollution control, Water supply.

Dated: October 2, 1984.

William D. Ruckelshaus,


It is proposed to amend Appendix B of 40 CFR Part 300 by adding the following sites to the National Priorities List:

National Priorities Update List - Group 1

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
08 UT Sharon Steel (Midvale Smelter) Midvale D  
08 UT Portland Cement (Kiln Dust 2 & 3) Salt Lake City D  

National Priorities Update List - Group 2

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
04 FL Peak Oil Co./Bay Drum Co. Tampa S  
05 OH Industrial Excess Landfill Uniontown D  

National Priorities Update List - Group 3

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
10 WA Midway Landfill Kent D  
06 TX Bailey Waste Disposal Bridge City D  
05 MI Thermo-Chem, Inc. Muskegon D  
09 CA Van Waters & Rogers, Inc. San Jose D  
05 MN Pine Bend/Crosby American Lf Dakota County D  
07 IA Chemplex Co. Clinton/Camanche D  
04 NC NC State U (Lot 86, Farm Unit #1) Raleigh D  

National Priorities Update List - Group 4

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
05 OH General Electric (Coshocton Plant) Coshocton D  
02 NY Liberty Industrial Finishing Farmingdale D  
06 TX Brio Refining Co., Inc. Friendswood D  
02 NJ Glen Ridge Radium Site Glen Ridge R O
02 NJ Montclair/West Orange Radium Site Montclair/W Orange R O
04 NC Celanese (Shelby Fiber Operations) Shelby D  
05 IN International Minerals (E. Plant) Terre Haute D  
05 MI Motor Wheel, Inc. Lansing D  
06 TX Stewco, Inc. Waskom D  
05 OH Alsco Anaconda Gnadenhutten D  
02 NY Johnstown City Landfill Town of Johnstown D  
03 PA Hunterstown Road Straban Township V, F O
02 NY Hooker Chemical/Ruco Polymer Corp Hicksville D  
07 NE Lindsay Manufacturing Co. Lindsay V, S O
09 CA Operating Industries, Inc. Lf Monterey Park S  
04 FL Pratt & Whitney Air/United Tech. West Palm Beach D  
08 CO Eagle Mine Minturn/Redcliff R  

National Priorities Update List - Group 5

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
07 MO Lee Chemical Liberty R I
05 MI Torch Lake Houghton County D  
01 RI Central Landfill Johnston F  
03 PA Domino Salvage Yard Valley Township VRS O
08 UT Mayflower Mountain Tailings Ponds Wasatch County D  
  WV Mobay Chemical (New Martinsville) New Martinsville D  
  PA Whitmoyer Laboratories Jackson Township D  
03 PA Shriver's Corner Straban Township VF O
03 VA Culpeper Wood Preservers, Inc. Culpeper FS  
05 MN U of Minnesota Rosemount Res Cent Rosemount D  
04 MS Newsom Brothers/Old Reichhold Columbia R O
02 NY Tronic Plating Co., Inc. Farmingdale D  
02 NJ Waldick Aerospace Devices, Inc. Wall Township S  
08 CO Smuggler Mountain Aspen D  
09 CA Alviso Dumping Areas Alviso D  
10 OR Martin-Marietta Aluminum Co. The Dalles D  
08 CO Uravan Uranium (Union Carbide) Uravan D  
05 MN Oak Grove Sanitary Landfill Oak Grove Township    

National Priorities Update List - Group 6

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
10 WA Quendall Terminal Renton D  
05 IN Fort Wayne Reduction Dump Fort Wayne D  
05 IL Pagel's Pit Rockford D  
03 MD Mid-Atlantic Wood Preservers, Inc Harmans VS O
07 NE Hastings Ground Water Contamin Hastings D  
05 MN Kummer Sanitary Landfill Bemidji R  
09 HI Mililani Wells Oahu D  
09 CA Monolithic Memories, Inc. Sunnyvale D  
06 TX Odessa Chromium #1 Odessa D  
06 TX Odessa Chromium #2 (Andrews Hgwy) Odessa D  
09 CA San Fernando Valley (Area 1) Los Angeles D  
09 CA San Fernando Valley (Area 2) Los Angeles/Glendale D  
09 CA San Fernando Valley (Area 3) Glendale D  
09 CA Teledyne Semiconductor Mountain View D  
09 CA Thompson Hayward Chemical Co. Fresno S  
09 HI Waiawa Shaft Oahu D  
04 NC Jadco-Hughes Facility Belmont D  
02 NY Applied Environmental Services Glenwood Landing S  
09 AZ Motorola, Inc. (52nd Street Plant) Phoenix D  

National Priorities Update List - Group 7

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
07 MO Quality Plating Sikeston D  
05 MI Roto-Finish Co., Inc. Kalamazoo D  
10 WA Toftdahl Drums Brush Prairie D  
09 CA Westinghouse (Sunnyvale Plant) Sunnyvale D  
02 NY Nepera Chemical Co., Inc. Maybrook D  
09 CA FMC Corp. (Fresno Plant) Fresno D  
03 VA IBM Corp. (Manassas Plant Spill) Manassas D  
09 HI Kunia Wells I Oahu D  
09 HI Kunia Wells II Oahu D  
02 NY Pasley Solvents & Chemicals, Inc. Hempstead D  
06 TX Sol Lynn/Industrial Transformers Houston D  
09 HI Waipahu Wells Oahu D  
07 KS National Industrial Environ Serv Furley S  
05 IL Kerr-McGee (Reed-Keppler Park) West Chicago D  
05 IL Kerr-McGee (Kress Creek) DuPage County D  
09 CA Southern Pacific Transportation Roseville S  
06 TX South Cavalcade Street Houston D  
05 WI National Presto Industries, Inc. Eau Claire D  
05 IL Petersen Sand & Gravel Libertyville R  
08 MT Idaho Pole Co. Bozeman D  
07 MO Findett Corp. St. Charles VF I
05 MN Windom Dump Windom D  
05 IL Kerr-McGee (Residential Areas) West Chicago D  
05 IL NL Industries/Taracorp Lead Smelt Granite City VFS  
05 MI E. I. Du Pont (Montague Plant) Montague D  

National Priorities Update List - Group 8

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
09 CA Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Sunnyvale S  
04 NC Bypass 601 Ground Water Contam. Concord D  
02 NJ Cinnaminson Ground Water Contam Cinnaminson Township D  
05 MI Lenawee Disposal Service, Inc. Lf Adrian D  
09 CA Raytheon Corp. Mountain View D  
07 MO Solid State Circuits, Inc. Republic RS I
07 NE Waverly Ground Water Contamin Waverly D  
05 MI Michigan Disposal (Cork St Lf) Kalamazoo D  
09 CA Fairchild Camera (S San Jose Plt) South San Jose D  
03 PA Brown's Battery Breaking Shoemakersville R C
02 NY SMS Instruments, Inc. Deer Park D  
02 NY Byron Barrel & Drum Byron R I
02 NY Anchor Chemicals Hicksville D  
05 MI Waste Management-Mich (Holland) Holland D  
06 TX North Cavalcade Street Houston D  
08 MT Burlington Northern (Somers Plant) Somers D  
05 IN Neal's Dump (Spencer) Spencer FS  
03 PA Westinghouse Elevator Co. Plant Gettysburg D O
03 PA Middletown Air Field Middletown D I
03 WV Ordnance Works Disposal Areas Morgantown D O
02 NY Endicott Village Well Field Village of Endicott D  
09 CA National Semiconductor Corp. Santa Clara D  
09 CA San Fernando Valley (Area 4) Los Angeles D  
02 NY Suffern Village Well Field Village of Suffern D  

National Priorities Update List - Group 9

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
03 VA Avtex Fibers, Inc. Front Royal D  
02 NY Katonah Municipal Well Town of Bedford D  
09 HI Waipio Heights Wells II Oahu D  
04 TN American Creosote Works, Inc. Jackson R O
05 IL Kerr-McGee (Sewage Treat Plant) West Chicago D  
02 NY Preferred Plating Corp. Farmingdale D  
08 UT Monticello Rad Contaminated Props Monticello D  
01 MA Salem Acres Salem D  
04 FL Davidson Lumber Co. South Miami S O
09 CA J.H. Baxter Co. Weed S  
10 WA Mica Landfill Mica D  
02 NY Clothier Disposal Town of Granby D  
03 PA Ambler Asbestos Piles Ambler VRFS O
03 VA L. A. Clarke & Son Spotsylvania County S  
05 IL Sheffield (U.S. Ecology, Inc.) Sheffield D  
09 CA Beckman Instruments (Porterville) Porterville D  
05 MI Lacks Industries, Inc. Grand Rapids D  
03 MD Southern Maryland Wood Treating Hollywood D  
04 FL Dubose Oil Products Co. Cantonment S  
09 CA Lorentz Barrel & Drum Co. San Jose S  
03 PA Modern Sanitation Landfill Lower Windsor Twp D  
05 MI North Bronson Industrial Area Bronson D  
09 CA Montrose Chemical Corp. Torrance F  
10 WA Northwest Transformer Everson D  
08 UT Olson/Neihart Reservoir Wasatch County D  
02 NY North Sea Municipal Landfill North Sea D  
09 CA Louisiana-Pacific Corp. Oroville D  
05 MI South Macomb Disposal (Lf 9 & 9A) Macomb Township D  

National Priorities Update List - Group 10

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
05 MN Adrian Municipal Well Field Adrian S  
02 NY Haviland Complex Town of Hyde Park D  
02 NY Hertel Landfill Plattekill D  
09 CA Marley Cooling Tower Co. Stockton D  
05 MN Olmsted County Sanitary Landfill Oronoco D  
07 KS Strother Field Industrial Park Cowley County R I
02 NJ Fried Industries East Brunswick Twp D  
02 NY Goldisc Recordings, Inc. Holbrook D  
02 NJ Lodi Municipal Well Lodi D  
02 NY Sarney Farm Amenia D  
01 MA Rose Disposal Pit Lanesboro FS  
05 OH Van Dale Junkyard Marietta S  
02 NY FMC Corp. (Dublin Road Landfill) Town of Shelby V  
02 NY Volney Municipal Landfill Town of Volney V  
04 KY Smith's Farm Brooks R O
07 KS Big River Sand Co. Witchita VS O
05 WI Stoughton City Landfill Stoughton D  
06 TX Crystal City Airport Crystal City D  
02 NY Cortese Landfill Vil of Narrowsburg S  
04 FL City Industries, Inc. Orlando RFS O
09 CA Applied Materials Santa Clara D  
09 CA Fairchild Camera (Mountain View) Mountain View D  
09 CA Intel Corp. (Mountain View Plant) Mountain View D  
09 CA Intel Corp. (Santa Clara III) Santa Clara D  
09 CA Intel Magnetics Santa Clara D  
05 MN Long Prairie Ground Water Contam Long Prairie D  
02 NJ Pomona Oaks Residential Wells Galloway Township D  
09 CA Precision Monolithic, Inc. Santa Clara D  
05 OH Sanitary Landfill Co. (IWD) Dayton D  
09 CA Signetics, Inc. Sunnyvale S  
02 NY Kenmark Textile Corp. Farmingdale D  
04 KY Maxey Flats Nuclear Disposal Hillsboro R O
08 MT Mouat Industries Columbus D  
02 NY Claremont Polychemical Old Bethpage V  
07 IA Vogel Paint & Wax Co. Orange City S I
05 MN Kurt Manufacturing Co. Fridley D  
06 TX Koppers Co., Inc. (Texarkana Plt) Texarkana D  
05 MN Agate Lake Scrapyard Fairview Township D  
05 MI Avenue "E" Ground Water Contamin Traverse City S I
02 NJ Jame Fine Chemical Bound Brook D  
05 MN Koch Refining Co./N-Ren Corp. Pine Bend D  
07 IA U. S. Nameplate Co. Mount Vernon D  
05 WI Fadrowski Drum Disposal Franklin D  
09 CA Zoecon Corp/Rhone-Poulenc, Inc. East Palo Alto S  
06 AR Midland Products Ola/Birta D  
02 NY BEC Trucking Town of Vestal D  
02 NY Robintech, Inc./National Pipe Co. Town of Vestal D  

National Priorities Update List - Group 11

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
03 VA Rhinehart Tire Fire Dump Frederick County VRF O
01 MA Haverhill Municipal Landfill Haverhill D  
02 NY Colesville Municipal Landfill Town of Colesville D  
09 CA Firestone Tire (Salinas Plant) Salinas D  
03 MD Kane & Lombard Street Drums Baltimore R O
10 WA Silver Mountain Mine Loomis D  
06 TX Petro-Chemical (Turtle Bayou) Liberty County D  
05 OH Republic Steel Corp. Quarry Elyria D  
09 CA Hewlett Packard Palo Alto D  
01 MA Shpack Landfill Norton/Attleboro D  
04 FL Montco Research Products, Inc. Hollister S  
01 MA Norwood PCBs Norwood R  
01 NH Coakley Landfill North Hampton S  
09 CA IBM Corp. (San Jose Plant) San Jose D  
07 MO North-U Drive Well Contamination Springfield R I
10 WA Northside Landfill Spokane D  
06 TX Pesses Chemical Co. Fort Worth D  
07 MO Bee Cee Manufacturing Co. Malden D  

Total Sites Listed: 208.

#: V=Voluntary or negotiated response; R=Federal and State response; F=Federal enforcement; S=State enforcement; D=Actions to be determined.

@: I=Implementation activity underway, one or more operable units; O=One or more operable units completed, others may be underway; C=Implementation activity completed for all operable units.

National Priorities Update List - Federal Sites - Group 1

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
08 CO Rocky Flats Plant (USDOE) Golden R O
05 IL Sangamo/Crab Orchard NWR (USDOI) Carterville R  

National Priorities Update List - Federal Sites - Group 2

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
04 TN Milan Army Ammunition Plant Milan R I
08 CO Rocky Mountain Arsenal Adams County R O
09 CA McClellan AFB (Ground Water Cont) Sacramento R I

National Priorities Update List - Federal Sites - Group 3

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
07 MO Weldon Spring Quarry (USDOE/ARMY) St. Charles County R  
04 AL Anniston Army Depot (SE Ind Area) Anniston R O
04 GA Robins Air Force Base Houston County R  

National Priorities Update List - Federal Sites - Group 4

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
07 NE Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant Hall County R O
08 UT Hill Air Force Base Ogden R O

National Priorities Update List - Federal Sites - Group 5

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
08 UT Ogden Defense Depot Ogden R  
09 CA Sacramento Army Depot Sacramento R  
01 ME Brunswick Naval Air Station Brunswick R  
10 WA McChord AFB (Wash Rack/Treatment) Tacoma R  

National Priorities Update List - Federal Sites - Group 6

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
10 WA Fort Lewis (Landfill No. 5) Tacoma D  
09 CA Lawrence Livermore Lab (USDOE) Livermore R O
09 CA Sharpe Army Depot Lathrop R  
05 IL Savanna Army Depot Activity Savanna R  

National Priorities Update List - Federal Sites - Group 7

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
06 TX Air Force Plant #4 (Gen Dynamics) Fort Worth R  
09 CA Norton Air Force Base San Bernardino R  
08 UT Tooele Army Depot (North Area) Tooele R  

National Priorities Update List - Federal Sites - Group 8

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
09 CA Castle Air Force Base Merced R I
02 NJ Fort Dix (Landfill Site) Trenton R  
02 NJ Naval Weapons Stat Earle (Site A) Colts Neck R  
04 AL Alabama Army Ammunition Plant Childersburg R O
03 DE Dover Air Force Base Dover D  

National Priorities Update List - Federal Sites - Group 9

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
03 PA Letterkenny Army Depot (SE Area) Chambersburg R O
02 NY Griffiss Air Force Base Rome R  
03 VA Defense General Supply Center Chesterfield County R I

National Priorities Update List - Federal Sites - Group 10

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
07 MO Lake City Army Plant (NW Lagoon) Independence R I
05 IL Joliet Army Ammo Plant (Mfg Area) Joliet R O
06 TX Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant Texarkana R  
10 OR Umatilla Army Depot Lagoons Hermiston R  

National Priorities Update List - Federal Sites - Group 11

EPA RG ST Site name City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
06 LA Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant Doyline R  
10 WA Bangor Ordnance Disposal Bremerton R  
09 CA Mather AFB (AC&W Disposal Site) Sacramento R  
Total Sites Listed: 36.

#: V=Voluntary or negotiated response; R=Federal and State response; F=Federal enforcement; S=State enforcement; D=Actions to be determined.

@: I=Implementation activity underway, one or more operable units; O=One or more operable units completed, others may be underway; C=Implementation activity completed for all operable units.

The following list of final NPL (49 FR 37070 September 21, 1984) indicates the appropriate status codes for response and cleanup activities at these sites.

National Priorities List - Final Sites - Group 1

RANK EPA RG ST Site name * City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
1 02 NJ Lipari Landfill Pitman RF O
2 03 DE Tybouts Corner Landfill* New Castle County VRF  
3 03 PA Bruin Lagoon Bruin Borough R I
4 02 NJ Helen Kramer Landfill Mantua Township R  
5 01 MA Industri-Plex Woburn VR I
6 02 NJ Price Landfill* Pleasantville RF O
7 02 NY Pollution Abatement Services * Oswego RF O
8 07 IA LaBounty Site Charles City VFS O
9 03 DE Army Creek Landfill New Castle County VF  
10 02 NJ CPS/Madison Industries Old Bridge Township S  
11 01 MA Nyanza Chemical Waste Dump Ashland R  
12 02 NJ Gems Landfill Gloucester Township R I
13 05 MI Berlin & Farro Swartz Creek VRFS O
14 01 MA Baird & McGuire Holbrook RF O
15 02 NJ Lone Pine Landfill Freehold Township R  
16 01 NH Somersworth Sanitary Landfill Somersworth R  
17 05 MN FMC Corp. (Fridley Plant) Fridley VFS O
18 06 AR Vertac, Inc. Jacksonville VF I
19 01 NH Keefe Environmental Services Epping VRS O
20 08 SD Whitewood Creek* Whitewood V  
21 08 MT Silver Bow Creek Sil Bow/Deer Lodge R  
22 06 TX French, Ltd. Crosby RF O
23 01 NH Sylvester * Nashua RS O
24 05 MI Liquid Disposal, Inc. Utrca RF O
25 03 PA Tysons Dump Upper Merion Twp R O
26 03 PA McAdoo Associates * McAdoo Borough R  
27 06 TX Motco Inc. * La Marque R O
28 05 OH Arcanum Iron & Metal Darke County RF  
29 08 MT East Helena Site East Helena    
30 06 TX Sikes Disposal Pits Crosby RF O
31 04 AL Triana/Tennessee River Limesteer/Morgan VRF  
32 09 CA Stringfellow* Glen Avon Heights RF RF O
33 01 ME McKin Co. Gray RS O
34 06 TX Crystal Chemical Co. Houston RF O
35 02 NJ Bridgeport Rental & Oil Services Bridgeport R O
36 08 CO Sand Creek Industrial Commerce City    
37 06 TX Geneva Industries/Fuhrmann Energy Houston RF O
38 01 MA W. R. Grace & Co. (Acton Plant) Acton VF I
39 05 MN Reilly Par (St. Louis Park Plant) St. Louis Park RFS I
40 02 NJ Burnt Fly Bog Marlboro Township RS O
41 02 NJ Vineland Chemical Co., Inc. Vineland D  
42 04 FL Schuylkill Metals Corp. Plant City D O
43 05 MN New Brighton /Arden Hills New Brighton R O
44 02 NY Old Bethpage Landfill Oyster Bay VS  
45 02 NJ Shieldalloy Corp. Newfield Borough D  
46 04 FL Reeves SE Galvanizing Corp. Tampa D O
47 08 MT Anaconda Co. Smelter Anaconda VR  
48 10 WA Western Processing Co., Inc. Kent VRF O
49 05 WI Omega Hills North Landfill Germantown D  
50 04 FL American Creosote Works Pensacola RF O

National Priorities List - Final Sites - Group 2

RANK EPA RG ST Site name * City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
51 02 NJ Caldwell Trucking Co. Fairfield RS  
52 02 NY GE Moreau South Glen Falls V  
53 05 IN Seymour Recycling Corp.* Seymour VRF O
54 05 OH United Scrap Lead Co., Inc. Troy D  
55 06 OK Tar Creek (Ottawa County) Ottawa County R I
56 07 KS Cherokee County Cherokee County R  
57 02 NJ Brick Township Landfill Brick Township D  
58 05 MI Northernaire Plating Cadillac R O
59 05 WI Janesville Old Landfill Janesville D  
60 10 WA Frontier Hard Chrome, Inc. Vancouver R  
61 04 SC Independent Nail Co. Beaufort D  
62 04 SC Kalama Specialty Chemicals Beaufort S  
63 05 WI Janesville Ash Beds Janesville D  
64 04 FL Davie Landfill Davie D  
65 05 OH Miami County Incinerator Troy F  
66 04 FL Gold Coast Oil Corp. Miami D  
67 05 WI Wheeler Pit La Prairie Township D  
68 09 AZ Tucson Intl Airport Area Tucson R  
69 02 NY Wide Beach Development Brant R  
70 09 CA Iron Mountain Mine Redding R  
71 02 NJ Scientific Chemical Processing Carlstadt S  
72 08 CO California Gulch Leadville    
73 02 NJ D'Imperio Property Hamilton Township R  
74 05 MI Gratiot County Landfill* St. Louis VRFS  
75 01 RI Picillo Farm* Coventry RS O
76 01 MA New Bedford Site* New Bedford VRFS I
77 06 LA Old Inger Oil Refinery* Darrow R O
78 05 OH Chem-Dyne* Hamilton VRFS O
79 04 SC SCRDI Bluff Road* Columbia VRF O
80 01 CT Laurel Park, Inc. * Naugatook Borough VS  
81 08 CO Marshall Landfill* Boulder County    
82 05 IL Outboard Marine Corp.* Waukegan RFS  
83 06 NM South Valley* Albuquerque RF  
84 01 VT Pine Street Canal* Burlington V I
85 03 WV West Virginia Ordnance* Point Pleasant V O
86 07 MO Ellisville Site* Ellisville R O
87 08 ND Arsenic Trioxide Site* Southeastern N.D. R  
88 09 TT PCB Wastes* Pacific Trust Terr R C
89 03 VA Matthews Electroplating* Roanoke County R  
90 07 IA Ardex Corp. Council Bluffs RF O
91 09 AZ Mountain View Mobile Homes* Globe RF I
92 09 AS Taputimu Farm* American Samoa R C
93 04 TN North Hollywood Dump* Memphis RS  
94 04 KY A.L. Taylor (Valley of Drums)* Brooks RF O
95 04 NC PCB Spills* 210 Miles of Roads RF C
96 09 CU Ordot Landfill* Guam R  
97 04 MS Flowood Site* Flowood D  
98 08 UT Rose Park Sludge Pit* Salt Lake City V  
99 07 KS Arkansas City Dump* Arkansas City R  
100 09 CM PCB Warehouse* Marianas R C

National Priorities List - Final Sites - Group 3

RANK EPA RG ST Site name * City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
101 05 MN Oakdale Dump Oakdale F  
102 05 IL A & F Material Reclaiming, Inc. Greenup VRFS O
103 03 PA Douglassville Disposal Douglassville R  
104 02 NJ Krysowaty Farm Hillsborough R  
105 05 MN Koppers Coke St. Paul D  
106 01 MA Plymouth Harbor/Cannon Engnrng Plymouth VRS O
107 10 ID Bunker Hill Mining & Metallurg Smelterville D  
108 02 NY Hudson River PCBs Hudson River R  
109 02 NJ Universal Oil Products (Chem Div) East Rutherford S  
110 09 CA Aerojet General Corp. Rancho Cordova S  
111 10 WA Com Bay, South Tacoma Channel Tacoma RF O
112 03 PA Osborne Landfill Grove City VS  
113 01 CT Old Southington Landfill Southington D  
114 02 NY Syosset Landfill Oyster Bay D  
115 09 AZ Nineteenth Avenue Landfill Phoenix S  
116 10 OR Teledyne Wah Chang Albany D  
117 02 NY Sinclair Refinery Wellsville VR  
118 04 AL Mowbray Engineering Co. Greenville R O
119 05 MI Spiegelberg Landfill Green Oak Township R  
120 04 FL Miami Drum Services Miami R O
121 02 NJ Reich Farms Pleasant Plains D  
122 10 ID Union Pacific Railroad Co. Pocatello D  
123 02 NJ South Brunswick Landfill South Brunswick V I
124 04 AL Ciba-Geigy Corp. (McIntosh Plant) Mcintosh D  
125 04 AL Bassauf-Kimerling Battery Tampa RF  
126 05 IL Wauconda Sand & Gravel Wauconda R  
127 01 NH Ottati & Goss/Kingston Steel Drum Kingston VRFS O
128 05 MI Ott/Story/Cordova Dalton Township R O
129 02 NJ NL Industries Pedricktown S O
130 05 MN St. Regis Paper Co. Cass Lake D  
131 02 NJ Ringwood Mines/Landfill Ringwood Borough V  
132 04 FL Whitehouse Oil Pits Whitehouse R  
133 04 GA Hercules 009 Landfill Brunswick D  
134 05 MI Velsicol Chemical (Michigan) St. Louis VFS O
135 05 OH Summit National Deerfield Township R  
136 02 NY Love Canal Niagara Falls RFS O
137 05 IN Fisher-Calo LaPorte F  
138 04 FL Pioneer Sand Co. Warrington R S
139 05 MI Springfield Township Dump Davisburg R  
140 03 PA Hranica Landfill Buffalo Township D  
141 04 NC Martin Marietta, Sodyeco, Inc. Charlotte D  
142 04 FL Zellwood Ground Water Contam Zellwood F  
143 05 MI Packaging Corp. of America Filer City F  
144 05 WI Muskego Sanitary Landfill Muskego D  
145 02 NY Hooker (S Area) Niagara Falls FS  
146 03 PA Lindane Dump Harrison Township D  
147 08 CO Central City-Clear Creek Idaho Springs R  
148 02 NJ Ventron/Velsicol Wood Ridge Borough S  
149 04 FL Taylor Road Landfill Seffner VF O
150 01 RI Western Sand & Gravel Burrillville RS O

National Priorities List - Final Sites - Group 4

RANK EPA RG ST Site name * City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
151 04 SC Koppers Co., Inc (Florence Plant) Florence S  
152 02 NJ Maywood Chemical Co. Maywood/Rochelle Pk I  
153 02 NJ Nascolite Corp. Millville VR  
154 06 OK Hardage/Criner Criner F  
155 05 MI Rose Township Dump Rose Township R  
156 05 MN Waste Disposal Engineering Andover VRF  
157 02 NJ Kin-Buc Landfill Edison Township VRF O
158 05 OH Bowers Landfill Circleville V  
159 02 NJ Ciba-Geigy Corp. Toms River R  
160 05 MI Butterworth #2 Landfill Grand Rapids F  
161 02 NJ American Cyanamid Co. Bound Brook S  
162 03 PA Heleva Landfill North Whitehall Twp R  
163 02 NJ Ewan Property Shamong Township D  
164 02 NY Batavia Landfill Batavia V  
165 05 MN Boise Cascade/Onan/Medtronics Fridley S I
166 01 RI L&RR, Inc. North Smithfield VS  
167 04 FL NW 58th Street Landfill Hialeah R  
168 02 NJ Delilah Road Egg Harbor Township R  
169 03 PA Mill Creek Dump Erie R O
170 04 FL Sixty-Second Street Dump Tampa R  
171 05 MI G&H Landfill Utica R  
172 02 NJ Metaltec/Aerosystems Franklin Borough R  
173 05 WI Schmalz Dump Harrison D  
174 02 NJ Lang Property Pemberton Township D  
175 02 NJ Sharkey Landfill Parsippany Troy Hls R  
176 09 CA Selma Treating Co. Selma S  
177 06 LA Cleve Reber Sorrento VR O
178 05 IL Velsicol Chemical (Illinois) Marshall D  
179 05 MI Tar Lake Mancelona Township D  
180 08 CO Lowry Landfill Arapahoe County VR  
181 05 MN MacGillis & Gibbs/Bell Lumber New Brighton S  
182 02 NJ Combe Fill North Landfill Mount Olive Twp R  
183 01 MA Re-Solve, Inc. Dartmouth RF I
184 02 NJ Goose Farm Plumstead Township RF O
185 04 IN Velsicol Chem (Hardeman County) Toone D  
186 02 NY York Oil Co. Moira RF O
187 04 FL Sapp Battery Salvage Cottondale R I
188 04 SC Wamchem, Inc. Burton D  
189 02 NJ Chemical Teaman Tank Lines, Inc. Bridgeport D  
190 05 WI Master Disposal Service Landfill Brookfield D  
191 07 KS Doepke Disposal Site (Holliday) Johnson County D  
192 02 NJ Florence Land Recontouring LF Florence Township R  
193 01 RI Davis Liquid Waste Smithfield RS  
194 01 MA Charles-George Reclamation Lf Tyngsborough RF O
195 02 NJ King of Prussia Winslow Township D  
196 03 VA Chisman Creek York County R  
197 05 OH Nease Chemical Salem D  
198 02 NJ W. R. Grace & Co. (Wayne Plant) Wayne Township R O
199 02 NJ Chemical Control Elizabeth RS O
200 04 SC Leonard Chemical Co., Inc. Rock Hill S O

National Priorities List - Final Sites - Group 5

RANK EPA RG ST Site name * City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
201 05 OH Allied Chemical & Ironton Coke Ironton RF  
202 05 MI Verona Well Field Battle Creek RFS O
203 01 CT Beacon Heights Landfill Beacon Falls R  
204 04 AL Stauffer Chem (Cold Creek Plant) Bucks D  
205 05 MN Burlington Northern (Brainerd) Brainerd/Baxter FS  
206 03 PA Malvern TCE Malvern D  
207 02 NY Facet Enterprises, Inc. Elmira V  
208 03 DE Delaware Sand & Gravel Landfill New Castle County R O
209 04 TN Murray-Ohio Dump Lawrenceburg S  
210 05 IN Envirochem Corp. Zionsville VRFS O
211 05 IN MIDCO I Gary RF O
212 05 OH South Point Plant South Point D  
213 04 FL Coleman-Evans Wood Preserving Co. Whitehouse S  
214 03 PA Dorney Road Landfill Upper Macungie Twp R  
215 05 IN Northside Sanitary Landfill, Inc. Zionsville F  
216 04 FL Florida Steel Corp. Indiantown D  
217 09 AZ Litchfield Airport Area Goodyear/Avondale F  
218 02 NJ Spence Farm Plumstead Township R  
219 06 AR Mid-South Wood Products Mena F  
220 09 CA Atlas Asbestos Mine Fresno County D  
221 09 CA Coalinga Asbestos Mine Coalinga D  
222 04 FL Brown Wood Preserving Live Oak F  
223 02 NY Port Washington Landfill Port Washington D  
224 02 NJ Combe Fill South Landfill Chester Township R  
225 02 NJ JIS Landfill Jamesburg/S. Brnswck S  
226 03 PA Centre County Kepone State College Boro S O
227 05 OH Fields Brook Ashtabula D  
228 01 CT Solvents Recovery Service Southington V  
229 08 CO Woodbury Chemical Co. Commerce City R  
230 01 MA Hocomonco Pond Westborough R  
231 04 KY Distler Brickyard West Point RF O
232 02 NY Ramapo Landfill Ramapo V  
233 09 CA Coast Wood Preserving Ukiah S  
234 02 NY Mercury Refining, Inc. Colonie D  
235 04 FL Hollingsworth Solderless Terminal Fort Lauderdale D  
236 02 NY Olean Well Field Olean VR O
237 04 FL Varsol Spill Miami R  
238 05 MN Joslyn Manufacturing & Supply Co. Brooklyn Center FS  
239 08 CO Denver Radium Site Denver R  
240 04 FL Tower Chemical Co. Clermont RF O
241 07 MO Syntex Facility Verona VF I
242 08 MT Milltown Reservoir Sediments Milltown R  
243 05 MN Arrowhead Refinery Co. Hermantown R  
244 02 NJ Pijak Farm Plumstead Township R  
245 02 NJ Syncon Resins South Kearny R O
246 09 CA Liquid Cold Oil Corp. Richmond S  
247 09 CA Purity Oil Sales, Inc. Malaga R  
248 01 NH Tinkham Garage Londonderry RS O
249 04 FL Alpha Chemical Corp. Galloway D  
250 02 NJ Bog Creek Farm Howell Township R  

National Priorities Update List - Final Sites - Group 6

RANK EPA RG ST Site name * City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
251 01 ME Saco Tannery Waste Pits Saco R O
252 04 FL Pickettville Road Landfill Jacksonville D  
253 01 MA Iron Horse Park Billerica R  
254 03 PA Palmerton Zinc Pile Palmerton F  
255 05 IN Neal's Landfill (Bloomington) Bloomington VFS  
256 05 WI Kohler Co. Landfill Kohler D  
257 01 MA Silresim Chemical Corp. Lowell RS O
258 01 MA Wells C&H Woburn VF  
259 02 NJ Chemsol, Inc. Piscataway S  
260 05 WI Lauer I Sanitary Landfill Menomonee Falls D  
261 05 MI Petoskey Municipal Well Field Petoskey F  
262 05 MN Union Scrap Minneapolis S  
263 02 NJ Radiation Technology, Inc. Rockaway Township V  
264 02 NJ Fair Lawn Well Field Fair Lawn S I
265 05 IN Main Street Well Field Elkhart D  
266 05 MN Lehillier/Mankato Site Lehillier R O
267 10 WA Lakewood Site Lakewood RS I
268 03 PA Industrial Lane Williams Township F  
269 05 WI Onalaska Municipal Landfill Onalaska D  
270 02 NJ Monroe Township Landfill Monroe Township S O
271 02 NJ Rockaway Borough Well Field Rockaway Township R  
272 05 IN Wayne Waste oil Columbia City RS  
273 10 ID Pacific Hide & Fur Recycling Co. Pocatello RF O
274 07 IA Des Moines TCE Des Moines F  
275 02 NJ Beachwood/Berkley Wells Berkley Township R  
276 02 NY Vestal Water Supply Well 4-2 Vestal S  
277 02 PR Vega Alta Public Supply Wells Vega Alta R  
278 05 MI Sturgis Municipal Wells Sturgis D  
279 05 MN Washington County Landfill Lake Elmo S  
280 09 AZ Indian Bend Wash Area Scottsdale/Tempe F  
281 09 CA San Gabriel Valley (Area 1) El Monte R I
282 09 CA San Gabriel Valley (Area 2) Baldwin Park Area R  
283 10 WA Com Bay, Near Shore/Tide Flats Pierce County R  
284 05 IL LaSalle Electric Utilities LaSalle R  
285 05 IL Cross Brothers Pail (Pembroke) Pembroke Township R  
286 02 PR Upjohn Facility Barceloneta D  
287 09 CA McColl Fullerton RF I
288 03 PA Hernderson Road Upper Merion Twp D  
289 10 WA Colbert Landfill Colbert R O
290 06 IA Petro-Processors Scotlandville VF  
291 02 PR Frontera Creek Rio Abajo D  
292 02 PR Barceloneta Landfill Florida Afuera D  
293 03 MD Sand, Gravel & Stone Elkton R I
294 05 MI Spartan Chemical Co. Wyoming D  
295 02 NJ Roebling Steel Co. Florence R  
296 03 PA East Mount Zion Springettsbury Twp R  
297 04 TN Amnicola Dump Chattanooga D  
298 02 NJ Vineland State School Vineland D  
299 03 PA Enterprise Avenue Philadelphia RS O
300 01 MA Groveland Wells Groveland VRS  

National Priorities List - Final Sites - Group 7

RANK EPA RG ST Site name * City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
301 02 NY General Motors (Cent Foundry Div) Massena F  
302 04 SC SCRDI Dixiana Cayce RFS O
303 07 MO Fulbright Landfill Springfield D  
304 03 PA Presque Isle Erie D  
305 02 NJ Williams Property Swainton R  
306 02 NJ Renora, Inc. Edison Township D  
307 02 NJ Denzer & Schafer X-Ray Co. Bayville D  
308 02 NJ Hercules, Inc. (Gibbstown Plant) Gibbstown D  
309 05 IN Ninth Avenue Dump Gary V  
310 06 AR Gurley Pit Edmondson VRF O
311 01 RI Peterson/Puritan, Inc. Lincoln/Cumberland D  
312 07 MO Times Beach Site Times Beach R O
313 05 MI Wash King Laundry Pleasant Plains Twp S  
314 05 MN Whittaker Corp. Minneapolis S  
315 05 MN NL Industries/Taracorp/Golden St. Louis Park D  
316 01 CT Kellogg-Deering Well Field Norwalk R  
317 01 MA Cannon Engineering Corp. (CEC) Bridgewater RS  
318 02 NY Niagara County Refuse Wheatfield D  
319 04 FL Sherwood Medical Industries Deland D  
320 04 AL Olin Corp. (McIntosh Plant) McIntosh D  
321 05 MI Southwest Ottawa County Landfill Park Township S  
322 02 NY Kentucky Avenue Well Field Horseheads R  
323 02 NJ Asbestos Dump Millington F  
324 04 KY Lee's Lane Landfill Louisville F  
325 06 AR Frit Industries Walnut Ridge VF I
326 05 OH Fultz Landfill Jackson Township R  
327 04 FL Tri-City Oil Conservationist, Inc Tampa RF O
328 05 OH Coshocton Landfill Franklin Township F  
329 03 PA Lord-Shope Landfill Girard Township VS I
330 10 WA IMC Corp. (Yakima Pit) Yakima D  
331 05 WI Northern Engraving Co. Sparta D  
332 01 MA PSC Resources Palmer S I
333 05 MI Forest Waste Products Otisville RF I
334 03 PA Drake Chemical Lock Haven RF O
335 01 NH Kearsarge Metallurgical Corp. Conway S  
336 04 SC Palmetto Wood Preserving Dixianna D  
337 05 MI Clare Water Supply Clare D  
338 03 PA Havertown PCP Haverford R  
339 03 DE New Castle Spill New Castle County D  
340 05 MN Morris Arsenic Dump Morris R  
341 05 IN Lake Sandy Jo (M&M Landfill) Gary R  
342 05 IL Johns-Manville Corp. Waukegan VF  
343 05 MI Chem Central Wyoming Township S  
344 05 MI Novaco Industries Temperance F  
345 02 NJ Jackson Township Landfill Jackson Township D  
346 05 MI K&L Avenue Landfill Oshtemo Township D  
347 10 WA Kaiser Aluminum Mead Works Mead V O
348 05 MN Perham Arsenic Site Perham R  
349 05 MI Charlevoix Municipal Well Charlevoix R I
350 02 NJ Montgomery Township Housing Dev Montgomery Township R  

National Priorities List - Final Sites - Group 8

RANK EPA RG ST Site name * City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
351 02 NJ Rocky Hill Municipal Well Rocky Hill Borough R  
352 02 NY Brewster Well Field Putnam County R  
353 02 NY Vestal Water Supply Well 1-1 Vestal R  
354 05 MN Nutting Truck & Caster Co. Faribault S  
355 02 NJ U.S. Radium Corp. Orange R  
356 06 TX Highlands Acid Pit Highlands R  
357 03 PA Resin Disposal Jefferson Borough D  
358 08 MT Libby Ground Water Contamination Libby D  
359 04 KY Newport Dump Newport D  
360 03 PA Moyers Landfill Eagleville RF  
361 04   Parramore Surplus Mount Pleasant D  
362 01 NH Savage Municipal Water Supply Milford RS O
363 05 IN Poer Farm Hancock County R O
364 05 MI Medblum Industries Oscoda F  
365 06 TX United Creosoting Co. Conroe VR C
366 08 WY Baxter/Union Pacific Tie Treating Laramie D  
367 02 NJ Sayreville Landfill Sayreville D  
368 01 NH Dover Municipal Landfill Dover R  
369 02 NY Ludlow Sand & Gravel Clayville D  
370 05 WI City Disposal Corp. Landfill Dunn D  
371 02 NJ Tabernacle Drum Dump Tabernacle Twp VF  
372 02 NJ Cooper Road Voorhees Township D  
373 07 MO Minker/Stout/Romaine Creek Imperial R O
374 01 CT Yaworski Waste Lagoon Canterbury RS  
375 03 WV Leetown Pesticide Leetown R O
376 04 FL Cabot/Koppers Gainesville RS  
377 02 NJ Evor Phillips Leasing Old Bridge Township D  
378 03 PA Wade (ABM) Chester RFS O
379 03 PA Lackawanna Refuse Old Forge Borough RF O
380 06 OK Compass Industries (Avery Drive) Tulsa R  
381 02 NJ Mannheim Avenue Dump Galloway Township D  
382 02 NY Fulton Terminals Fulton D O
383 01 NH Auburn Road Landfill Londonderry RS  
384 03 WV Pike Chemical, Inc. Nitro VF I
385 05 MN Coheral Mills/Henkel Corp. Minneapolis S  
386 05 OH Laskin/Poplar Oil Co. Jefferson Township RF O
387 05 OH Old Mill Rock Creek RF O
388 07 KS Johns' Sludge Pond Wichita VF I
389 09 CA Del Norte Pesticide Storage Crescent City R  
390 02 NJ De Rewal Chemical Co. Kingwood Township D  
391 02 NJ Swope Oil & Chemical Co. Pennsauken VR I
392 04 GA Monsanto Corp. (Augusta Plant) Augusta V  
393 01 NH South Municipal Water Supply Well Peterborough S  
394 01 ME Winthrop Landfill Winthrop VF I
395 06 AR Cecil Lindsey Newport R  
396 05 OH Zanesville Well Field Zanesville V  
397 05 WI Eau Claire Municipal Well Field Eau Claire D  
398 04 CA Powersville Site Peach County D  
399 05 MI Grand Traverse Overall Supply Co. Creilickville D  
400 05 MI Metamora Landfill Metamora D  

National Priorities List - Final Sites - Group 9

RANK EPA RG ST Site name * City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
401 05 MI Whitehall Municipal Wells Whitehall R  
402 05 MN South Andover Site Andover D  
403 02 NJ Diamond Alkali Co. Newark V I
404 05 MI Kentwood Landfill Kentwood D  
405 05 MI Electrovoice Buchanan D  
406 02 PR Fibers Public Supply Wells Jobos D  
407 05 IN Marion (Bragg) Dump Marion D  
408 05 OH Pristine, Inc. Reading F I
409 05 WI Mid-State Disposal, Inc. Landfill Cleveland Township R  
410 08 CO Broderick Wood Products Denver R  
411 05 OH Buckeye Reclamation St. Clairsville D  
412 06 TX Bio-Ecology Systems, Inc. Grand Prairie R O
413 02 NJ Woodland Route 532 Dump Woodland Township D  
414 05 IN American Chemical Service, Inc. Griffith D  
415 01 VT Old Springfield Landfill Springfield VRF O
416 02 NY Solvent Savers Lincklaen D  
417 03 VA U.S. Titanium Piney River FS  
418 05 IL Galesburg/Koppers Co. Galesburg D  
419 02 NY Hooker (Hyde Park) Niagara Falls VFS O
420 05 MI SCA Independent Landfill Muskegon Heights D  
421 09 CA MGM Brakes Cloverdale S  
422 06 LA Bayou Sorrell Bayou Sorrell F  
423 05 MI Duell & Gardner Landfill Dalton Township D  
424 02 NJ Ellis Property Evesham Township R O
425 04 KY Distler Farm Jefferson County RF O
426 10 WA Harbor Island (Lead) Seattle D  
427 05 WI Lemberger Transport & Recycling Franklin Township D  
428 05 OH E.H. Schilling Landfill Hamilton Township D  
429 05 MI Cliff/Dow Dump Marquette F  
430 10 WA Queen City Farms Maple Valley F  
431 05 WI Scrap Processing Co., Inc. Medford S  
432 06 NM Homestake Mining Co. Milan VF I
433 05 MI Mason County Landfill Pore Marquette Twp D  
434 05 MI Cemetery Dump Rose Center R  
435 02 NJ Hopkins Farm Plumstead Township D  
436 01 RI Stamina Mills, Inc. North Smithfield R  
437 05 IN Reilly Iar (Indianapolis Plant) Indianapolis F  
438 01 ME Pinette's Salvage Yard Washburn R O
439 06 TX Harris (Barley Street) Houston V  
440 02 NJ Wilson Farm Plumstead Township D  
441 03 PA Old City of York Landfill Seven Valleys D  
442 05 IL Byron Salvage Yard Byron R I
443 03 PA Stanley Kessler King of Prussia F  
444 02 NJ Friedman Property Upper Freehold Twp R  
445 02 NJ Imperial Oil/Champion Chemicals Morganville D  
446 02 NJ Myers Property Franklin Township R I
447 02 NJ Pepe Field Boonton R  
448 05 MI Ossineke Ground Water Contam Ossineke D  
449 03 WV Follansbee Site Follansbee F  
450 09 CA Koppers Co., Inc. (Oroville Plant) Oroville S  

National Priorities List - Final Sites - Group 10

RANK EPA RG ST Site name * City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
451 05 MI U. S. Aviex Howard Township S  
452 03 PA Walsh Landfill Honeybrook Township R  
453 02 NJ Landfill & Development Co. Mount Holly S I
454 02 NJ Upper Deerfield Township Slf Upper Deerfield Twp D  
455 06 NM AT & SF (Clovis) Clovis VF  
456 02 NY American Thermostat Co. South Cairo V  
457 04 TN Lewisburg Dump Lewisburg D  
458 05 MI McGraw Edison Corp. Albion V  
459 04 KY Airco Calvert City D  
460 03 PA Metal Banks Philadelphia VF  
461 04 KY B. F. Goodrich Calvert City D  
462 05 MI Organic Chemicals, Inc. Grandville D  
463 01 MA Sullivan's Ledge New Bedford R  
464 02 PR Juncos Landfill Juncos VF O
465 05 IN Bennett Stone Quarry Bloomington S O
466 04 FL Munisport Landfill North Miami D  
467 04 AL Stauffer Chem (Le Moyne Plant) Axis D  
468 02 NJ M&T Delisa Landfill Asbury Park VR  
469 04 SC Geiger (C & M Oil) Rantowles D  
470 05 WI Moss-American (Kerr-McGee Oil Co.) Milwaukee D  
471 05 WI Waste Research & Reclamation Co. Eau Claire D  
472 10 OR Gould, Inc. Portland V I
473 05 MN St. Louis River Site St. Louis County D  
474 05 MI Auto Ion Chemicals, Inc. Kalamazoo V  
475 04 SC Carolawn, Inc. Fort Lawn RF O
476 03 PA Berks Sand Pit Longswamp Township R O
477 05 MI Sparta Landfill Sparta Township S  
478 05 IL ACME Solvent (Morristown Plant) Morristown R  
479 04 FL Hipps Road Landfill Duval County D  
480 04 FL Pepper Steel & Alloys, Inc. Medley RF O
481 01 ME O'Connor Co. Augusta D  
482 05 WI Oconomowoc Electroplating Co. Inc. Ashippin D  
483 05 MI Rasmussen's Dump Green Oak Township R  
484 03 PA Westline Site Westline R O
485 05 OH Powell Road Landfill Dayton D  
486 05 MI Ionia City Landfill Ionia F I
487 08 CO Lincoln Park Canon City D  
488 05 IN Wedzeb Enterprises, Inc. Lebanon   I
489 02 PR GE Wiring Devices Juana Diaz VF  
490 05 OH New Lyme Landfill New Lyme V  
491 02 NJ Woodland Route 72 Dump Woodland Township D  
492 02 PR RCA Del Caribe Barceloneta D C
493 03 PA Brodhead Creek Stroudsburg RF O
494 10 OR United Chrome Products, Inc. Corvallis R  
495 05 MI Anderson Development Co. Adrian D  
496 05 MI Shiawassee River Howell D  
497 03 PA Taylor Borough Dump Taylor Borough R O
498 03 DE Harvey & Knott Drum, Inc. Kirkwood RF O
499 04 TN Gallaway Pits Gallaway RF O
500 05 OH Big D Campground Kingsville D  

National Priorities List - Final Sites - Group 11

RANK EPA RG ST Site name * City/county Response category # Cleanup status @
501 03 DE Wildcat Landfill Dover D  
502 05 MI Burrows Sanitation Hartford D  
503 03 PA Blosenski Landfill West Caln Township F  
504 03 DE Delaware City PVC Plant Delaware City VF  
505 03 MD Limestone Road Cumberland R  
506 02 NY Hooker (102nd Street) Niagara Falls VFS  
507 03 DE New Castle Steel New Castle County D  
508 06 NM United Nuclear Corp. Church Rock F  
509 06 AR Industrial Waste Control Fort Smith F  
510 09 CA Celtor Chemical Works Hoopa R O
511 04 AL Perdido Ground Water Contam Perdido D O
512 02 NY Marathon Battery Corp. Cold Springs R  
513 03 PA Lehigh Electric & Engineering Co. Old Forge Borough RF O
514 05 OH Skinner Landfill West Chester D  
515 04 NC Chemtronics, Inc. Swannanoa D  
516 07 MO Shenandoah Stables Moscow Mills VF O
517 06 IA Bayou Bonfouca Slidell R  
518 03 VA Saltville Waste Disposal Ponds Saltville R  
519 03 PA Kimberton Site Kimberton Borough D  
520 03 MD Middletown Road Dump Annapolis R I
521 10 WA Pesticide Lab (Yakima) Yakima D  
522 05 IN Lemon Lane Landfill Bloomington RS I
523 10 ID Arrcom (Drexler Enterprises) Rathdrum R O
524 03 PA Fischer & Porter Co. Warminster VF  
525 09 CA Jibboom Junkyard Sacramento R  
526 02 NJ A. O. Polymer Sparta Township D O
527 02 NJ Dover Municipal Well 4 Dover Township D  
528 02 NJ Rockaway Township Wells Rockaway V I
529 05 WI Delavan Municipal Well #4 Delavan D  
530 09 CA San Gabriel Valley (Area 3) Alhambra R  
531 09 CA San Gabriel Valley (Area 4) La Puente R  
532 10 WA American Lake Gardens Tacoma V O
533 10 WA Greenacres Landfill Spokane County D  
534 06 TX Triangle Chemical Co. Bridge City RF O
535 02 NJ PJP Landfill Jersey City S I
536 03 PA Craig Farm Drum Parker D  
537 03 PA Voortman Farm Upper Saucon Twp R  
538 05 IL Belvidere Municipal Landfill Belvidere D  

Total Sites Listed: 538.

* = States' Designated Top Priority Sites.

#: V=Voluntary or negotiated response; R=Federal and State response; F=Federal enforcement; S=State enforcement; D=Actions to be determined.

@: I=Implementation activity underway, one or more operable units; O=One or more operable units completed, others may be underway; C=Implementation activity completed for all operable units.

[FR Doc. 84-26979 Filed 10-12-84: 8:45 am]


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