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The Preliminary Assessment and Site Inspection for the Flowing Railroad Site

Discuss within your group the following questions about the Flowing Railroad site. The only information you have about the site is contained in the fact sheet you just read. Your group should answer these questions (space is provided after each question) and select a spokesperson to present your answers.

  1. What are your biggest concerns regarding the site and why?
    • Health concerns (e.g., cancer, neurological disorders) from drinking polluted water, food chain contamination, or breathing air contaminated by the site?
    • Environmental resource concerns, including fish in the Flowing River?

  2. What are the ways in which the contamination can spread? (These are commonly referred to as "routes of migration.")

    • Melting snow?
    • Rain?
    • Humans trespassing on the site?
    • Fish?
    • Wind?
    • Are there other ways?

  3. How would you rank the threats to human health and the environment from this site? Choose from the list of threats below, or come up with your own. What is the rationale for your ranking of the threats?

    • Groundwater, the source of drinking water for the neighboring Town of Ruralville and the nearby City of Utopia?
    • Flowing River, which serves as a source for irrigation and municipal wells, in addition to recreational and subsistence fishing?
    • Soil?
    • Air and wind?

  4. What actions could be taken now?

    • Put up a fence?
    • Provide drinking water?
    • Are there others?

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