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Character Background Sheet: EPA Community Involvement Coordinator (CIC)

Character Background Sheet

EPA Community Involvement Coordinator (CIC)

You are the CIC assigned to the Flowing Railroad site. Your job is to manage all EPA's community involvement activities to provide an opportunity for public participation in the Superfund process.

You grew up in Ruralville but left to go to college. Now you live in the city where EPA's Regional Office is located. You still know a lot of people in Ruralville, and you are eager to help them understand what's involved in cleaning up the site and how the cleanup will-and will not-affect their lives.

Your purpose at the community meeting is to help explain the cleanup options being considered, answer citizens' questions, and listen to community concerns. You have already met most of the people at the meeting because your overall responsibility has been to ensure that the community knows what to expect and how to participate in Superfund decisionmaking. You have been sharing information about the Superfund process with the community and obtaining information from them since EPA's activities at the site began. You've visited with individuals, families, and business owners in the community, written fact sheets about various stages in the process, gathered and distributed information about the site itself and the data EPA collected during its investigation of the site. When the meeting is over and the RPM has made a final decision about how to clean up the site, you will prepare a fact sheet that summarizes the decision and help the RPM respond to comments from the community about the selected cleanup strategy.

You lead the meeting for EPA.

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