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Character Background Sheet: Owner of a Farm near the Flowing River

Character Background Sheet

Owner of a Farm near the Flowing River

You own 75 acres of farmland, some of which borders the Flowing River. The farm has been in your family for generations.

Your purpose at the meeting is to get some straight answers about the contamination from the site and how far it has spread. You want to know if it is affecting your crops and what can be done to stop it. You grow several crops and sell them to supermarkets in Ruralville and in several towns throughout the state. You depend on sales to stay in business and to pay your employees.

Your farm has had a number of hardships over the years. First, you lost many of your crops to a severe drought 2 years ago. Then, an electrical storm last June started a fire that burned several acres before it could be stopped. These things have cost you a lot of money. Now, some of your customers are asking you if your crops are contaminated because of what's happened at the Flowing Railroad site.

You feel like your farm's reputation and your whole future is at stake. You intend to let the Mayor and the people from the government know that and demand that they do whatever is necessary to solve the problem.

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