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Character Background Sheet: Attorney for FRR Enterprises

Character Background Sheet

Attorney for FRR Enterprises

You are the general counsel for FRR Enterprises which owns the Flowing Railroad Company site and Flow Automations. Your purpose at the meeting is to protect the company's interests. You want to make sure the government and individual residents realize how the cleanup decisions in this case will affect the company and, in turn, the town's tax revenue and all the townspeople employed by the company.

You are concerned because FRR Enterprises already has spent more than $1 million on studies required to determine the extent of contamination at the site, and more bills are on the way. FRR Enterprises also will have to bear much of the cost of any cleanup remedy selected. You want people to understand that the contamination at the site resulted from activities that were legal at the time. You intend to argue that to make the company bear the financial burden for that is unfair, because the company did not do anything wrong. Besides, the Flowing Railroad was not the only business operated on the site, and if FRR Enterprises has to pay, even though they did nothing wrong, so should all the other businesses who operated on the site. FRR should not be penalized just because it is still around.

Although FRR Enterprises is financially stable now, company officials-your bosses- are concerned about the long-term impact of the cleanup since it is hard to predict what the total cost will be.

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