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Character Background Sheet: Local Environmental Activist

Character Background Sheet

Local Environmental Activist

You are a resident of Ruralville and the founder of the local chapter of Everlasting Earth. Everlasting Earth is a national advocacy organization dedicated to preventing pollution and fighting threats to public health and the environment. You are passionate in your belief that polluters should pay to clean up the problems they create.

Your purpose at the meeting is to make sure that no one lets FRR Enterprises off the hook. You believe they have damaged the environment and, as a result, the health of community residents could be in danger. You were one of the first people to learn (from your friend at the bank) about the environmental audit of the Flowing Railroad site. As soon as you heard the consulting firm's findings, you began lobbying to get the town to demand the site be cleaned up; you want the most stringent cleanup standards applied in this case.

You do not believe the town should be concerned with how much the cleanup might cost; FRR Enterprises must be made to pay, no matter what the cost. You also do not believe there is any danger that FRR Enterprises could go bankrupt or that Flow Automations could go out of business as a result of paying for the cleanup. You think the company is just trying to scare people.

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