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Character Background Sheet: Local Carpenter

Character Background Sheet

Local Carpenter

You, your spouse, and your 4 children have lived in a rented cottage on the banks of the Flowing River for about a year. The Long Shot Cafe, where your spouse worked as a bartender, closed several months ago. Your spouse has not been able to find another job, so you have been the sole supporter for the family.

You earn money by doing odd jobs around town, but there haven't been many lately. You've had to depend on fishing in the river to feed your family; 3 of 4 main meals a week over the last few months have come from the river.

You have become increasingly frightened and angry over the last few weeks as you have heard more and more rumors about possible contamination of the river. You are convinced that, because you and your family are poor, your welfare will not be considered as the government makes decisions about how to deal with the Flowing Railroad site.

Your purpose at the meeting is to make them listen to your concerns.

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