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Character Background Sheet: EPA Remedial Project Manager (RPM)

Character Background Sheet

EPA Remedial Project Manager (RPM)

You are the RPM assigned to the Flowing Railroad site. Your job is to direct the response effort and coordinate all cleanup activities at the site. You are responsible for coordinating not only with EPA Regional and Headquarters staff, but also with other Federal, state, and local agencies.

although you live and work in the city where the EPA Regional Office is located, many of the sites for which you have been responsible were in small towns and rural areas like this one, so you can empathize with the concerns of the citizens of Ruralville. Your purpose at the community meeting is to tell people about the investigation of the problems at the site and the sort of cleanup options you are weighing as a result. In addition, you want to give them the opportunity to ask any questions and express any concerns they have about the cleanup in general or about specific cleanup options.

When the meeting is over, you will have to make a final decision about how to recommend that the site be cleaned up, balancing the data from your investigation and the other information at your disposal with what you hear in the meeting about what the community thinks. This is not an easy decision to make, because there are a lot of needs and interests you must try to satisfy—the requirements in the law, the needs of the people who live in the community, the wishes of those who run businesses in the community, the interests of FRR Enterprises which is a major employer in the community, etc.

You are responsible for choosing a cleanup option that:

  1. protects human health and the environment
  2. complies with existing Federal and state laws and requirements

Your choice also must:

  1. be effective in the short-term, as well as over the long-term
  2. reduce the toxicity, mobility, or volume of the contaminants
  3. be realistic
  4. be reasonably cost-effective
  5. be acceptable to the community

You will prepare a Proposed Cleanup Plan describing your decision and discussing why you chose to proceed in this way. You will have to present that plan to the same group of people from the community and hear their reactions.

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