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Black (Hair) Worm Experiment - Student Worksheet

Test Behavior after
4 minutes
Behavior at end
of experiment
Total time from
start of experiment
control pre-test
low dose
medium dose
high dose
conrol post-test


Answer the following questions

(1) Were there obvious behavioral differences between the control groups and the antifreeze-exposed groups? If yes, describe.
(2) Did the concentration of antifreeze in the water influence the degree of behavioral change? If yes, describe.

Was there a safe level of exposure. In other words, was there an antifreeze concentration that did not appear to cause an effect over the 4-minute observation period? How could you tell?


Does the acute (rapid, short-term) effect of antifreeze on the worms indicate anything about what the long-term or chronic (lifetime) effects might be?

(5) Is behavior the only possible measure of effect? Why or why not?
(6) Can you determine from this experiment the cause of death of the worms?
(7) Is it possible that while antifreeze affects the health of worms, it has no effect on humans? (Is it also possible that antifreeze has no effect on worms but adversely affects human health?) If yes, describe.

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