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Scavenger Hunt Answers

Check your answers to the Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Perform a basic site query: How many deleted sites from the NPL are there in Arizona?

  2. As of February 17, 1998, what was the GRAND TOTAL number of Superfund sites?

  3. What is the email address on the Superfund Homepage?

  4. What year was the Construction Completion list activated?

  5. What does the letter "L" stand for in the ABC's of Superfund, under the Superfund for Kids section?

  6. Name the only common chemical found at Superfund sites that begins with a "Z."

  7. Which Region is Montana a part of?

         Region 8
  8. What does ATSDR stand for?

         Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
  9. What is a ROD?

         Public document that explains which cleanup alternative(s) will be used to clean up NPL sites
  10. How many Centers of Expertise are there in the Office of Emergency and Remedial Response (OSRTI)?

         14 centers
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