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Waste Characteristics

  • The algorithm for combining the values for the most hazardous substance with the value for hazardous waste quantity for the surface water pathway should already be familiar:

    • Ecotoxicity times persistence times quantity capped at 108. Then the BPFV is brought in and the product capped at 1012. The maximum score for waste characteristics from HRS Table 2-7 on page 51592 is now 1,000, not 100.
    Waste Characteristics Factor Category Value

  • When hazardous waste quanitity is at its maximum value of 1,000,000, be aware that two substances with the same most hazardous value of 5 x 106 may trigger different values for waste characteristics because of the impact of the 108 cap in the calculation. This point was discussed at the end of Section 13.2 of this course.

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