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Waste Characteristics

Although the values for toxicity, ecotoxicity, persistence, and mobility are calculated differently, you will be able to find the values for the most common radionuclides already calculated for you in SCDM

Hazardous waste quantity is based on activity content (curies) and is estimated for only Tiers A and B.

  • The HRS provides a cross-walk to convert activities into pound equivalents:

    • For Tier A, 1 curie is treated as 1,000 pounds of pure hazardous waste.

    • For Tier B, divide cubic yards of wastestream by 0.55 or gallons of wastestream by 110.

    • If a source contains both radioactive and non-radioactive hazardous substances, calculate a source hazardous waste quantity value for the radionuclides alone and for the chemical waste alone, then add the two values for that source.

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