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Waste Characteristics

Section 2.4 of the HRS Rule, page 51589:

  • The waste characteristics factor category value is evaluated based on the characteristics of the "hazardous substance potentially posing the greatest hazard for the pathway" and the site hazardous waste quantity.
    • The substance selected must be associated with a source with a non-zero containment factor value.
    • The substance selected doesn't have to be present in each source or be the most prevalent at the site, and can be either associated with a source or in a release.
    • Different substances may be identified in each pathway as the most hazardous substance for purposes of pathway scoring.
  • Different factors determine the identification and evaluation of the potentially most hazardous substance for a pathway.
    • Ground Water Pathway:  toxicity and ground water mobility
    • Surface Water Pathway/Drinking Water Threat:  toxicity and persistence
    • Surface Water Pathway/Human Food Chain Threat:  toxicity, persistence, and bioaccumulation potential
    • Surface Water Pathway/Environmental Threat:  ecosystem toxicity, persistence, and bioaccumulation potential
    • Soil Exposure Pathway:  toxicity
    • Air Pathway:  toxicity and air mobility
  • Special provisions apply to the evaluation of the toxicity and persistence of radioactive substances. HRS Rule, Section 7.2, page 51664 and 51665

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