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Questions and Answers

What information do you need to document about each source?

Location, source type, containment features, hazardous substances, source boundaries and rationale for inclusion.

When writing an HRS documentation package, what are your best sources of "source characterization" information?

Site records (especially business records, manifests, and permits), sampling data, drum labels, oral or written statements concerning site activities, and site investigation log books are all good sources for this information.

If you have questions about how to evaluate a source, where can you find information?

The HRS Rule Section 2.2 provides instructions and a worksheet (HRS Rule Table 2–2) to assist in characterizing sources. Subsection are provided on selected topics as follows:

  • identifying sources — Section 2.2.1

  • associating hazardous substances with sources — Section 2.2.2

  • identifying hazardous substances available to a pathway — Section 2.2.3

The source types applicable to HRS scoring are listed in HRS Rule Table 2–5, the various containment factor tables (e.g., Table 3–2), and Table 6–4. Guidance in interpreting these source types is provided in Section 4.1 of the HRS Guidance Manual (pp. 41–43).


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