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Questions and Answers

How is it decided which tiers to use to evaluate the hazardous waste quantity for a source?

Start at Tier A and determine if there is enough good quality data to evaluate it. If so, determine if the data accounts for all hazardous substances in the source. If they do, stop there. If they do not, continue through the other tiers until one is " adequately determined" or Tier C or D are evaluated.

What if the most hazardous substance at a site is in the smallest source?

The most hazardous substance at a site does not have to exist in every source.

What do you do if the hazardous waste quantity at your site falls close to one of the breakpoints on Table 2-6?

If the site hazardous waste quantity is close to a breakpoint, determine if a small change will make any difference in the site score. If so, be especially careful of the data quality and documentation and determine if the minimum values apply.


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