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Determining Areas of Actual and Potential Contamination With Multiple Sources

Potential Contamination

  1. Targets should be assessed for potential contamination based on the nearest source. To determine the nearest source, draw distance categories around the remaining sources (S2 and S3 in this example). All distance categories outside the area of actual contamination (established above) and within the 4-mile TDL are subject to potential contamination.

  2. Aggregate distance categories that are subject to potential contamination for all sources where identical distance categories would overlap.
    • For S2 and S3, the first distance category to be aggregated is the > 1/4 to 1/2.
    • The first distance category to be aggregated for all sources is the > 1 to 2.

  3. Score targets subject to potential contamination based upon the distance category into which they fall.


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