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HRS Guidance Manual, Highlight 8-45, page 290

Checklist for the Resources Factor

For the watershed being evaluated:

1. Is surface water used to irrigate five or more acres of commercial food crops or commercial forage crops? Yes No
2. Is surface water used to water commercial livestock? Yes No
3. Is surface water used as an ingredient in commercial food preparation? Yes No
4. Is surface water used as, or used to supply, a major or designated water recreation area, excluding drinking water use? Yes No
5. If surface water is not used for drinking water within the TDL, is any portion of the surface water designated by the state for drinking water use under Section 305(a) of the Clean Water Act, as amended, or is any portion usable for drinking purposes? Yes No

If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes", assign a resources factor value of 5. If the answer to all questions is "no", assign a resources factor value of 0.


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