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HRS Guidance Manual, Highlight 9-21, page 391

Area of Observed Contamination Assigned Value

Designated recreational areas
Includes areas designed specifically to encourage recreational use.

  • Playground
  • Golf Course (public or private)
  • Baseball field with backstop and maintained basepaths or infield
  • Area with improvements aimed at enabling people to view scenic attractions
Areas regularly used for public recreation
Includes areas used regularly for public recreation but not designated for such use.
  • Open fields where people play frisbee
  • Fields where people play baseball (provided that they are not maintained for such use)
Accessible and unique recreational areas
  • Vacant lot in an urban area
  • Shoreline of stream in an urban area
Moderately accessible areas with some public recreation use
Includes areas used for recreation with some specific improvements that increase accessibility even if these improvements are not made specifically for the areas in question.
  • Undeveloped land along corridors to a recreational area where there are not thousands of acres of similarly undeveloped land (e.g., areas adjacent to a road or trail leading to a public lake or river)
  • Shoreline of public lakes or rivers that can be reached via moderately improved roads (e.g., gravel or dirt)
Slightly accessible areas with some public recreation use
Includes areas used for public recreation but with a few improvements that increase accessibility to the areas. It can also include areas that have nothing unique about them relative to their surroundings.
  • Shorelines of relatively remote public lakes (e.g., lakes that cannot be reached by automobile)
  • Underdeveloped land along corridors to a recreational area where there are thousands of other acres of similarly undeveloped land along the corridor
Accessible areas with no public recreation use
  • Unfenced industrial or commercial site (guarded or not) with no vacant lots, sand piles, or other recreational attractions
  • Abandoned lagoons or other surface impoundments in an industrial area
Areas surrounded by maintained fence or combination of maintained fence and natural barriers
  • Fenced, unguarded industrial or commercial sites
Areas physically inaccessible to public, with no evidence of public recreation use
Includes areas where (1) steps have been taken to absolutely preclude public access to the areas or (2) natural conditions make access physically impossible.
  • Area off-limits to unauthorized personnel at guarded and fenced military base or industrial complexes.


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