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Questions and Answers

Please note, that these questions are written here for easier reference to answers. For a better understanding of the question, refer back to the paragraph, where that question was presented.

Is a man­made lake eligible surface water body?


Where does the in­water segment begin?

It begins at PPE1

Where does the in­water segment end?

15 miles downstream from PPE2

If the Red River and the Blue/Yellow River meet further downstream, would it be one watershed?

No.    They must meet within the 15­mile TDL

What are the criteria for OR by CA?

Analytical results of sediment, surface water, or sessile, benthic organism samples meet the observed release by chemical analysis criteria specified in HRS Rule Table 2-3.

How can you document OR to SW by DO?

Document evidence that

  1. One or more hazardous substances was seen entering surface water through migration or is known to have entered through direct deposition;
  2. A source has been flooded at the time that hazardous substances were present and one or more hazardous substances were in contact with the flood waters; or
  3. Demonstrated adverse effects support the inference of a release to surface water of a material that contains one or more hazardous substances.

What are the three media you can sample to document an observed release by chemical analysis to surface water?

  1. Surface water.
  2. Surface water sediments.
  3. Tissue from sessile, benthic organisms.

What are three aspects of background and release sediment samples that should be considered to determine if they are similar?

  1. Were they collected from similar surface water body types?
  2. Were they collected in similar flow regimes?
  3. Do they consist of similar soil type?
  4. Were they collected at similar times?
  5. Was the analysis of the samples similar?

When can the TDL be greater than 15 miles?

  1. If there is more than one PPE.
  2. If an observed release sample is collected further than 15 miles downstream of the PPE.


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