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HRS Rule, Page 51626, Section in Entirety Eligible surface waters. Calculate ground water to surface water migration component scores only for surface waters (see section 4.0.2) for which all of the following conditions are met:

  • A portion of the surface water is within 1 mile of one or more sources at the site having a containment factor value greater than 0 (see section

  • No aquifer discontinuity is established between the source and the portion of the surface water within 1 mile of the source (see section However, if hazardous substances have migrated across an apparent discontinuity within this 1 mile distance, do not consider a discontinuity present in scoring the site.

  • The top of the uppermost aquifer is at or above the bottom of the surface water.

Do not evaluate this component for sites consisting solely of contaminated sediments with no identified source.


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