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Table 5-2 of the HRS Rule (page 51647)

Tier Measure Units Equation for assigning valuea
A Hazardous Constituent Quantity (C) lb C
Bb Hazardous Wastestream Quantity (W) lb W/5,000
Cb Volume (V)    
  Surface impoundment c yd3 V/2.5
  Drumsd gallon V/500
  Tanks and containers other than drums yd3 V/2.5
Db Area (A)    
  Landfill ft2 A/34,000
  Surface impoundment ft2 A/13
  Surface impoundment
ft2 A/13
  Land treatment ft2 A/270
  Piled ft2 A/34
  Contaminated soil ft2 A/34,000

a Do not round to nearest integer.

b Convert volume to mass when necessary: 1 ton=2,000 pounds=1 cubic yard=4 drums=200 gallons.

c Use volume measure only for surface impoundments containing hazardous substances present as liquids. Use area measures in Tier D for dry surface impoundments and for buried/backfilled surface impoundments.

d If actual volume of drums is unavailable, assume 1 drum=50 gallons.

e Use land surface area under pile, not surface area of pile.


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