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Emergency Management Learning Center

EPA responds to releases of chemicals, hazardous substances, and oil as part of its emergency management program. This section provides information to help you better understand our work.

About Chemicals, Hazardous Substances, and Oil
EPA's emergency management activities and regulations help protect the environment and human health from releases or discharges of oil, chemicals, or other hazardous substances.

Freshwater Spills Symposia
The proceedings from the biennial Freshwater Spills Symposium, where scientists, EPA and government officials, business representatives, and other experts on freshwater oil spills come together to share their knowledge and discuss current issues in oil spill prevention and response.

Nationally Significant Incidents
These activities demonstrate EPA's emergency management program and provide valuable experience so that EPA can better prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies in the future.

EPA’s Response Techniques
EPA and other responders use a wide range of methods to clean up hazardous substance spills. Learn some of the ways that EPA responds to hazardous substance releases.

For More Information

Contact the Emergency Response webmaster to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem.

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