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Benefits of Hiring a Brownfields Job Training Program Graduate

Federal and Local Tax and Hiring Incentives for Brownfields Job Training Program Graduates (PDF) (2 pp, 1.3M, About PDF)

Brownfields Job Training Program Graduates are Skilled Environmental Professionals

EPA Brownfields Job Training grantees implement environmental workforce development programs throughout the country, tailoring their training programs to the needs of local communities. Job Training program graduates have successfully contributed to the green economy since EPA's program began in 1995.

Most Job Training graduates complete training in the following areas:

Examples of additional specialized training, depending on the geographic area, include:

To find qualified Brownfields Job Training graduates near you, please contact your Brownfields Job Training Program Representative in your region, or search for Brownfields Job Training grant recipients near you.

As an additional resource, please visit Brownfields Job Training Programs: 2010 Graduation Dates / Number of Graduates Seeking Employment / Certificates and Certifications / Core Competencies (PDF) (21 pp, 288K, About PDF) Exit EPA to find details on the following information, broken down by EPA Brownfields Job Training grant recipient:

EPA hopes that Brownfields Job Training Environmental Contractors and other potential employers of environmental job training graduates will use this information to determine the availability and resources of graduates in their area.

Please email comments on this website to:Brownfields-Web-Comments@epamail.epa.gov

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