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Theme Success Stories

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Success Stories

Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Reduction Theme Story

Value-added Deconstruction in South Bend, IN Generates a $1.4 Million Revenue Stream (PDF) (3 pp, 216K)
(Features South Bend, IN)

January 2009

Expanding Markets and Revitalizing Communities (PDF) (3 pp, 243K)
(Features Worcester, MA)
April 2008

Recycling at Automotive Site Spurs Revitalization (PDF) (3 pp, 193K)
(Features Detroit, MI)
January 2008

A Former California Brownfield Recycled (PDF) (3 pp, 153K)
(Features Emeryville, CA)
EPA 560-F-07-228
August 2007

Coordinated Cleanup Approach Theme Story

In Greenville, SC, Coordinating Resources from two EPA Programs Maximizes Their Effectiveness and Results (PDF) (3 pp, 162K)
(Features Greenville, SC)
March 2008

Cross-Program Theme Story

A Cache of Cleanup Tools: Using a Spectrum of EPA Cleanup Programs to Address a Wide Range of Properties (PDF) (5 pp, 151K)
(Features Oklahoma City, OK, Bellingham, WA, and Houston, TX)
February 2009

Ecological Restoration Theme Story

From Brown to Green: Restoring Ecosystems on Former Brownfields (PDF) (3 pp, 198K)
EPA 560-F-10-210
July 2010

Environmental Insurance Theme Story

Environmental Insurance Helps Ensure Redevelopment (PDF) (3 pp, 714K)
(Features Somerville, MA, and Emeryville, CA Pilots)
EPA 500-F-03-232
July 2003

Greenspace Theme Story

Greenspace Uses for Brownfields Properties: It Is Easy Being Green (PDF) (3 pp, 292K)
EPA 560-F-10-207
July 2010

Green Theme Story

Using "Green" Buildings on Brownfields: Using Innovative Architecture to Improve Performance (PDF) (4 pp, 683K)
(Features Baltimore, MD and Cape Charles & Northampton County, VA Pilots)
EPA 500-F-03-249
October 2003

For EPA's Brownfields Program, "Green" Refers to More than the Environment (PDF) (3 pp, 186K)
(Features Springfield, MO, Omaha,
NE, Lewiston, ME, Houston, TX, and Hennepin County, MN Pilots)
EPA 500-F-03-250
October 2003

How Does Your Garden Grow? Brownfields Redevelopment and Local Agriculture (PDF) (4 pp, 1.3M)
(Features Somerville, MA and Shelton, CT)
March 2009

Choosing "Greenspace" as a Brownfields Reuse (PDF) (3 pp, 261K)
(Features Cape Charles & Northampton County, VA, St. Louis County, MO, Portland, OR, Bridgeport, CT, City and County of Denver, CO, and Providence, RI Pilots)
EPA 500-F-03-248
October 2003

Sustainable Reuse—Ensuring that a Brownfield's Reuse Offers the Greatest Social, Economic, and Environmental Benefit to the Community (PDF) (3 pp, 940K)
(Features Bridgeport, CT, Clearwater, FL, and Tacoma, WA Pilots)
EPA 500-F-03-251
October 2003

Improving Public Health in Brownfields Communities-Success Story

Brownfields and Public Health Are Linked in Many Respects (PDF) (4 pp, 179K)
January 2008

Job Training Theme Story #1

EPA Brownfields Job Training Grants — Building Careers and Cleaning the Environment (PDF) (3 pp, 304K)
EPA 560-F-10-209
July 2010

Job Training Theme Story #2

Second Chances through Brownfields Job Training Grants (PDF) (2 pp, 320K)
EPA 560-F-10-208
July 2010

Lending Theme Story

Innovative Solutions Prove the Value in Brownfields Lending (PDF) (3 pp, 829K)
EPA 560-F-04-265
September 2004

Petroleum Theme Story #2

EPA Grants Fuel the Redevelopment of Petroleum-Contaminated Brownfields (PDF) (2 pp, 943K)
EPA 560-F-10-213
June 2010

Region 9 Success Story

From Brownfields to Green: In Praise of Open Spaces - EPA Region 9 (PDF) (8 pp, 21.2MB)
EPA 560-F-14-214
January 2015

Route 66 Theme Story

Along Route 66, Cleaning up the Reminders of an Historic Road's Former Glory (PDF) (2 pp, 96K)
(Features Flagstaff, AZ and Albuquerque, NM)
February 2009

Water-Related Cleanup Theme Story

Addressing Water Contamination through Brownfields Cleanup and Redevelopment (PDF) (4 pp, 526K)
EPA 560-F-10-212
July 2010

Youth Involvement in Brownfields Theme Success Story

Across the County, Youth Programs Bring the Issue of Brownfields Home (PDF) (3 pp, 100K)
(Features the Our Town Program and the Brownfield Buster Patch Program)
June 2007

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