Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

2014-15 TRI University Academic Partners

Drew University – Environmental Studies & Sustainability and Public Health Programs

Primary Researcher
Dr. Lisa Jordan, Director of the Drew University’s Spatial Data Center and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies & Sustainability

Project Outcomes

  • Develop three new GIS tutorials that are based upon TRI data
  • Distribute Introductory GIS tutorials to the public as Open CourseWare on DU’s website
  • Implementation of several team-based TRI-related projects for the Advanced GIS course
  • Develop a new online teaching module, using TRI data, for undergraduate public health students

SUNY Plattsburgh - Center for Earth and Environmental Science

Primary Researcher
Dr. Curt Gervich, Assistant Professor of Biology, Center for Earth and Environmental Science

Project Outcomes

  • Continue development of “Toxic Release!”, an eco-educational stakeholder interaction game
  • Improve debriefing that accompanies the game, with a focus on data analytics and visualizations
  • Create a 4-hour community workshop that features both the game and training for EPA’s online TRI tools
  • Collaborate with external environmental education and environmental justice organizations to help disseminate the game

University of California, Los Angeles - Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Primary Researcher
Dr. Magali Delmas, Director of the UCLA Center for Corporate Environmental Performance, Professor of Management

Project Outcomes

  • Issue evaluative ratings of environmental performance of TRI facilities in the Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Lead a workshop with manufacturers to discuss ratings and identify opportunities to reduce toxic chemical releases
  • Use RY 2013 TRI data to develop and update maps and graphs displaying comparative TRI facility performance on a variety of factors