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Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

TRI Reporting Options

Two reporting options are available for reporting toxic chemical releases under Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) and Section 6607 of the Pollution Prevention Act (PPA). Important considerations for each option are listed below.

Table 1:
Most Preferred Option
Least Preferred Option
Which options are available to submit my TRI forms?
Through TRI-MEweb reporting application
Paper submission
What is the reporting deadline?
Midnight, July 1, 2013
Is this option available on the Web?

Yes, but for TRI reports from RY 2005 to the present

Fillable/printable forms are available in February 2013
What are the advantages?
  • Automated software checks when entering data.
  • Direct data entry into TRI forms.
  • Data pre-populated into current year forms for returning reporters.
  • Two modes to enter data: questionaire format and direct entry format
  • TRI application available to report dioxin releases.
  • Prior year revision/withdrawal capability (RY 2005-RY 2012).
  • Any software updates are automatically uploaded into the application.
  • Facilities file only once and the TRI report is sent to both EPA and the appropriate state or tribe (if the entity participates in the TRI Data Exchange).
  • Submitting hard-copy TRI forms to state, tribe, and EPA does not require computer or Internet connection.
Where do I begin this reporting process option?
Which TRI forms are available under this option?
  • Form R
  • Form A
  • Form R Schedule 1
  • Form R
  • Form A
  • Form R Schedule 1
  • Trade Secret
How do new facilities report to TRI for RY 2012?

New reporting facility will need to open a CDX user account and add the TRI-MEweb application. Select option 2 "Gain access to your facility" to open a new facility account in TRI-MEweb using the following:

  • New TRI identification number (TRIFID), technical contact name and phone number, or
  • Use the facility's 6 digit access key sent out via email in February, or
  • Report as a new facility that has not previously submitted TRI data.
  • New reporting facility will be assigned a TRIFID when the TRI report is received by EPA.
  • The prepaprer wil need to enter "New Facility" on your paper TRI form in the TRIFID field
What should I do if I reported in previous years, but never used TRI-MEweb?
  • Log in to your CDX account with your previous year login name and password. You may need to reset password after 90 days since you last login.
  • Upon entering your access key in TRI-MEweb, your data from the past 5 years will be available in TRI-MEweb, and last year's data will be preloaded in current year forms to expedite your data entry.
  • Enter the TRIFID identification number that was assigned in previous TRI reports for your facility or call the CDX Help Desk to obtain your TRIFID.
What are the benefits for facilities that have used TRI-MEweb in prior years?
  • Your data from the past five years will be loaded into TRI-MEweb, and last year's data will be preloaded (only if TRI form(s) were filed last year) in current year forms to expedite your data entry.
  • All returning certifying officials will need to provide a new CDX ESA in RY 2012. They will also need to meet new electronic reporting security requirements.
  • Fillable/printable forms can be completed on a computer and printed, printes and completed by hand.
Are there any online learning resources for using this option?
What are the restrictions and/or limitations of using this option?
  • Preparers cannot send fillable/printable forms electronically over the Internet to EPA or their state or tribal government. These forms must be mailed.
My facility is located within Indian Country boundaries. Will my forms be sent to the tribe under this option?
  • At this time, most tribes are not participating in the TRI's Data Exchange
  • Facilities that are located within Indian Country boundaries must still mail separate TRI reports to the appropriate tribe. TRI-MEweb helps prepares these forms.
  • List of tribal TRI contacts
  • No, TRI facilities will need to mail a separate TRI report to the tribe in whose Indian Country their facility is located.
  • List of tribal TRI contacts
Can I use this option to submit revisions and withdrawals of previously filed TRI forms?
  • TRI-MEweb can be used to submit revisions and withdrawals of any TRI reports submitted for RY 2005 - RY 2012.
  • TRI forms prior to RY 2005 that require revisions or to be withdrawn will need their corresponding hardcopy TRI form to be mailed to EPA's Data Processing Center
  • TRI forms for prior reporting years are found on the Reporting, Forms and Instruction (RFI) webpage.
How do I certify TRI Forms under this option?
  • A certifying official must have registered their electronic signature agreement (ESA) with EPA, and have an active CDX account before being able to certify the facility's TRI forms to EPA and the state or tribe.

A certifying official must sign all hard-copy TRI-Forms sent to EPA and their state or tribe .

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