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Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

TRI-CHIP Download Page

Current Version

TRI-CHIP version 2.06 (MSI Installation file, 3.71MB)

System Requirements and Security Settings

  • Approximately 30 MB of free storage space.

  • Microsoft Access 2003 - 2010.

      • If you do not have the required software, during setup of TRI-CHIP a free Access 2007 runtime version will be automatically installed. If your computer security settings prevent the installation, you may manually install the software from the Microsoft Download Center Access 2007 Download: Access Runtime webpage. Exit EPA disclaimer
  • Microsoft Excel for creating full report tables.

      • If you do not have the required software, you will be unable to create full reports, but may still utilize the search features. The free Access 2007 runtime version does not include Excel.
  • Allow VBA code to run. If your security settings disable this code from running, the database will not function.

      • Access 2003 users may see a 'Security Warning' dialog box each time you open the .mdb file, click Open to continue. This warning appears on Medium or High security settings and can be permanently disabled by clicking Tools | Macro | Security and changing the default security level to Low.

Installation Procedure

  1. Click and run the installer package. If this does not work, follow the instructions below.
  2. Right click the download link above and select "Save Target As..."
  3. Select a location and click "Save". Please note the location for the following step.
  4. When the download completes, navigate to the selected location and double click the TRICHIP.msi file.
  5. Select the directory to install the TRI-CHIP system files. Networked drives and folders are not recommended as this will slow the transfer of data considerably when operating TRI-CHIP.
  6. To start the program, select the TRI-CHIP shortcut from the start menu, or double click the TRI-CHIP shortcut on the desktop.

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