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Organizational Chart

JoAnn Chase
(202) 564-0303

Karin Koslow
Deputy Director
(202) 564-0171

Staff: Marissa McInnis, Elias Abunassar, Edna Silver & Edna Geter


Andrew Baca
Team Leader
(202) 566-0185

Outreach & Partnerships Team

Focus Areas: National Tribal Caucus, National Tribal Operations Committee, National Tribal Program Managers, Indian Program Policy Council, Communications, ACCESS, White House Interagency Work Group on Indian Affairs

Staff: Dianne Briggs, Ed Liu, Paige Ingram

Jeff Besougloff
Team Leader
(202) 564-0292

Law & Policy Team

Focus Areas: Indian Law & Policy, Web, WETG Trainings

Staff: Andrew Byrne, Dona Harris, Janice DiPietro


Luke Jones
Team Leader
(202) 564-4013

Grants and Technical Assistance Team

Focus Areas: GAP Online, General Assistance Guidance, PPG Policy, SEE Grants, Tribal Grant Policy Council

Staff: Rodges Ankrah, David Jones, Elvira Dixon



all answers for our future lie in our past. Lakota/Cherokee grandmother


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